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Leading a better life

Failure is not a fact

The very thought of defeat shouldn’t be in your mind. Defeat is failure, which makes it a belief in your mind. A belief is something you choose, and that you might start thinking is a fact. But beliefs are not facts. They are thoughts, feelings, things they have introduced in your mind and that you have chosen as reality.

You see others with great success, and you might feel bad about yourself. You might think that you’re lost, or doing the wrong things, or not capable. But all this overthinking you do is what leads to believing in failure. Failure does not exist outside the mind. It’s not a real thing. In life, you learn, if your mind sees the lessons, if you are positive and strong enough mentally. That’s it. You learn.

Become adventurous

Life is about exploration, and about self-discovery; and all this requires your commitment, your passion, and most importantly your positivity. There cannot be positivity in your mind if there is the thought of fear, the thought of defeat, the thought of failure and self-victimization. This is for all of us, because the thought of defeat can creep in all of our minds.

Now, if life is about exploration, then you must become adventurous. I don’t mean to go bungee jumping, or to go parasailing, or to climb a tall mountain. No, I mean to become adventurous in your mind, in your points of view, in your capacity to be open-minded to new ways, to new strategies, to new horizons.

About that positive self-talk

If something is not working out for you, do not just give up, do not just give in to your thoughts of failure or any fear. First step, stop looking at the life of others, and stop comparing your life to theirs. Second step, seek information, great knowledge, different points of view from many sources.

Whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish, learn whatever you have to learn; and learn it better so you can keep going and modify whatever you have to. Because it’s all about, again, passion and commitment; but, above all, is about that mental positivity, about that positive self-talk, and about not accepting those thoughts of fear.

It took me years and years to learn this, to put it into real practice; but I can tell you that this is the most important thing you can learn in life. To strengthen yourself. To lift yourself up. To lead yourself through the troubles of life. And to remain positive to help others with their own troubles.

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Leading yourself

Leading yourself is critical in the life of the adult, because we all have difficulties; however, leading yourself means guiding yourself through it without expecting others to magically fix your problems. Don’t wait for the right politics, or for the right economy.

Don’t wait for the right situations to arrive. Don’t expect people to change their attitude towards you. Don’t wait for your brain to gain focus by itself. Come up with new ideas. Seek new knowledge. Open yourself to new habits and lifestyles. In short, lead yourself through it and become your own hero.

Becoming your own hero

If you follow me here, or in any of my social medias, or even in my author’s blog, then you know that I’m all about becoming your own hero. Even my nonfiction writing aims to this. Because in your life you can choose to be your villain, and so complain and do nothing, maybe blame your problems on somebody else.

Or you can rise up and be your hero, and so lead yourself, maybe commit mistakes but learn and become better in your journey. That’s how the greatest among us lead themselves through a life of success. And, remind yourself, success is Now, in how you feel Now.


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The better man.

What’s the essence of love?? ‘Empathy.’ Compassion for those around us. The better person connects through compassion, not intellect, not overthinking. Too much thinking leads to judging too much.

The person who seeks wisdom is always opening his heart to life, to people, to all creatures. Don’t let your past dictate the measure of your love in the present. That’s all we have, love and compassion; because if we don’t then we have the opposite, hate and pride.

Leading yourself.

It’s not about leading others, but about leading yourself. And we truly lead ourselves by moving on and opening our hearts. Opening our hearts to new experiences, to new people, to new habits, to new places. Being compassionate with yourself then is allowing yourself to love, so you can move on, and you can build the new, and you can be an example to others so they may lead themselves as well.


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In order to better your life…

Everything and anything that enters the mind must be studied, discovered, analyzed and recognized as true or untrue. Does it come from tradition?? Is it a belief, an opinion, a pattern of thinking and feeling that has been created by other people for me to follow blindly??

Do I have real facts that I can prove for it?? Is it rational, logical, real; or is it just my thought and desire for it?? Is it based on anger, frustration, loneliness, lack of identity?? Is it actually helping me grow in the understanding of myself and life, or is it just another illusion believed by billions of empty souls around the world?? Ask yourself all this without making excuses.

Society, and all its systems around the globe, creates illusions to keep on feeding the ego and its emptiness. The economy. The way one should feel and act in certain situations. Traditions. Cultures. The many religions. Politics and its superiority complex. The way everything is romanticized. Fanaticism in all level. Every reality is replaced or buried by a quick illusion that makes people feel less empty.

In consequence, people follow their abominations with a smile, claiming to have the truth and attached to their blind stupidity. Each group does this without even understanding. But only learning to think for yourself will help you see through this abomination.

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Don’t follow. Lead yourself.

Have no fear of being yourself. There is no normal. There is no oddity. There is no way to be. We have been influenced to believe that this is the case, that we should be this or that. But people are different. We carry different hurts, different pasts, different experiences. So, the strength, the confidence, the attractive quality does not lie in pretending to be something we’re not, or in falling in intimidation of others for being so-called “normal.”

But everything is really about saying how you think and feel. No fear of messing up. No fear of not being understood. Because any fear you have, even if you think you hide it well, it becomes your burden. This fear becomes an overactive imagination, and overthinking, and anxiety. And as long as this anxiety rules your mind, you remain a slave, you become subconsciously paranoid, and you begin feeling less than others while losing respect for yourself.

And life is really about becoming better morally, learning more, changing to better habits, new dreams, great accomplishments which bring us joy. Self-confidence is required for all this. To gain self-confidence, you have to improve the respect you have for yourself; and this can only be accomplished when you are not feeling less than others, and when your mind is not anxious or trying to be this so-called “normal” like the rest. No, in this life you create yourself; and you lead yourself without letting others influence you. You learn to love by loving as yourself, not by copying others. You learn as you go, by exploring yourself and by becoming active in what you want. Ignore the rest, and do it yourself.

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But this particular story begins when he comes back from hell.  Perhaps he comes back for love.  Maybe for rebellion. 

But, even though you will encounter themes like heaven, hell, and aliens, my real intention here is to help us ponder this life, Creation, and the resurrection of each one of us in our life’s journey.
Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Standing up. Being unique.

What is the most important job of all as an individual who thinks for himself…??  What is not found in the herd mentality??


Without personal or individual leadership, you never fulfill yourself; thus you become another follower, another copy, another cog in the machine we call society.  Billions of people around the world follow religions, politics, worship celebrities and men of history.  Each person plays the game of “I’m inferior, you’re superior.”  Why…??  What makes a human feel worthless, empty, needy, looking outwardly to find a false sense of meaning in the world??


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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

That which makes you light up.


How would you find that which makes you unique…??  How would you define your specific purpose…??  Don’t say “My purpose, what makes me unique is to be love and be happy.”  Everybody says that.  And don’t even think of saying “My purpose, my destiny is to get married, have kids, and be a grandma or grandpa.”

That is not your specific value or purpose, that is not what you must find as an individual; for life is YOUR journey to discover yourself, something which makes you unique as a human being.  So, what is it that makes you unique specifically…??

Being love, being happy, being successful as an individual, does not have anything to do with society’s designs–i.e., with college, money, religion, marriage, philosophies you have read and follow, etc.  Although, this is what they teach famously in societies today.  “Discover yourself and your life by following the paths which are common and which we offer,” they say.

Thus, people become followers, they arrange their lives around a set of beliefs and ideas, and they become like everyone else, drones, robots, computer programs; however, in their enslaved minds they believe they are indeed unique and especial.  But, of course, they become one with sheep without knowing it.

I am talking about the mind much more than a mere activity out there.  The human mind is the tool you must use to inquire and find out what makes you especial, unique, of individual value; and you must discover yourself every day, discover the ways you become better, explore your talents and skills.

All measuring to higher and higher ethics and morals.  This is how you are love and happiness, by discovering this in yourself daily; hence, this process of discovery looking within you makes you stand out and be a true individual.

So you become wiser about yourself and about where you are going in life.  So you create yourself and stop following the crowd, and thus you find your uniqueness to shine in your very character in whatever you think and feel, and even in whatever you do in the world.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Discover yourself.

What is it that keeps you frustrated and bitter in some situations in your life…??  Why is it that you are anxious and easily manipulated into anger and all sorts of distractions from the people around you and the media–thus from society…??  You pay attention to others and follow what your family, your friends, your religions, your traditions have taught you, don’t you...??  Are you truly free this way…?? 
 Finding yourself, discovering your unique values and shaping them into great behaviors which bring true acceptance and love into your life is exactly why you are here, on earth, endowed with your physical mind and body.  Careers, money, beliefs, religiousness, family traditions, and others, might be important to you–and that goes with each person’s views.  But, no matter the age you have, the gender you are, the place where you live, you are you and not what others expect from you or what society says you should be.

What keeps you frustrated and anxious, reactive and always complaining and arguing, is not the situations or the people but your mind and the discipline you allow it to have; thus, the discipline you must allow your mind to have is the attention inwardly directed, because when your attention is directed inwardly then you have no desire to focus on the things that stress you outwardly and you are not distracted by what is around you–even if people are not loving and friendly around you.  You must discover this by finding your unique values and talents in anything and in everything you do–in mopping the floors, in reading or studying, in your job, in the small details of your relationships, etc. etc. 


If you do this, you will explore yourself, illumine yourself truly, and you will discover that life is these moments; opposite to this, society tells us that life is the big things like a career which gives you good money and position, and also things like getting married and having a bunch of kids–all lies (which might have some importance, but little at best) which take you to forget about yourself and the small activities in life. 
And it is in the small activities where you find the eternal values and higher awareness to discover yourself, and so when you truly discover yourself your attention falls inwardly; thus, self-love grows and nothing bothers you anymore, because you are now focused on yourself where only true love and freedom to be unique fills your mind–meaning that your mind has no place for stress, anxiety, or anger anymore.


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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Open your Eyes and lead.


That which is not of service to your personal improvement must be allowed to go, especially if your ego feels comfortable doing it and it is keeping you distracted and distanced from maturity and higher conscience.  What is true love if not the understanding that you must come first…??  You desire to be able to truly love someone, you desire to find a job you love or develop love for your current job situation, you desire to feel healthier, you desire to feel more tolerance and compassion for others, etc. etc…??  It is an inside job, because all your experiences are you, because all the people with whom you interact daily are you, because all that which you think and feel is you.  So you start from you, you awaken to your own higher conscience, you realize that to find love and God in the world and inside yourself you must wake up and lead yourself into a better life. 

But your problem is that you cannot see it yet, because you think that the most important thing is to carry the burden of others, that it is to love and take care of others first.  You have been poisoned by stupid writings and ignorant people, you believe this to be spiritual when in reality is not–but it is just the game of feeling like the idiot martyr, like the nonsense story of the crucifixion of Jesus which you and most people do not truly understand.  This is how poor and pitiful your understanding of love is, and this is why the self-proclaimed “spiritual” people are not spiritual at all.

Love is the greatest essence, the most magnificent and creative force of all bliss; however, you must understand that true love must be built first to be experienced as a human being.  People who kill themselves, people who create wars, people who eat unhealthily and without discipline, people who deceive others–Why do you think they act this way…??  Because they haven’t built true love inside them.  They just go around spreading joy, or pain, to the world and taking care of others, or hurting others, while ignorantly thinking that this is divine, or even right to do, that this is doing the job of God or some bullshit their egos invent.  But they indeed lack the understanding of true love, for true love is something you build within yourself, you fill yourself with love and then your example, your love expands.

Would you take eating advice from a fat person…??  Would you take relationship advice from a couple who lives arguing and is intolerant to each other…??   Would you marry a person who desires to cut herself or kill herself because she hasn’t found true love inside her yet…??  If you would, then you are one of these people who do not understand what love truly is…  Do you want to really know what love is…??  Do you want to be filled with it blissfully…??  Work on yourself first then.  Not later.  Now…


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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Beware of The Master!

How aware are you of the truth you know, or of the source of knowledge you have, or of the life you lead…??  Are you really independent, free, and individual in the way you think and act…??  Are you your own Master…??

The human mind seeks answers, solutions, revelations, greater experiences from outside itself; therefore, it enjoys clinging and attachment to whatever it is comfortable to its ego.  Are you aware of this yourself…??  This is why most people falls trap of becoming followers, slaves to religions, to certain men (spiritual or not), to traditions, to collective beliefs, to institutions, and to all the rest of the philosophies and techniques which encase the mind into a blinding pattern.

Do you realize that if you lean and find a false sense of security in something outside of yourself, then your mind becomes attached to it and you lose higher meditation, reality, conscience, and you begin seeing life through that which you follow so closely…??  And you start losing yourself in this method, in this Master, in this philosophy, in this man or god; thus, you distance yourself from self-love because now you live your life not as an individual who is free and conscious, but you live as someone who depends on someone else for love, happiness, for awakening, and for truth.

But truth can only be found in yourself as an individual experience; so, you cannot read about it, or hear it from someone else, or experience it through someone else’s story, but your mind must be absolutely free so you can inquire within yourself and discover it for yourself, without expecting, without blind faith, without clinging, without any attachment, and without any fear whatsoever.

Be aware of this at all times…


“Work out your own salvation. Do not depend on others.”  ~ Buddha.


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