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Discover yourself.

If you do this, you will explore yourself, illumine yourself truly, and you will discover that life is…

What is it that keeps you frustrated and bitter in some situations in your life…??  Why is it that you are anxious and easily manipulated into anger and all sorts of distractions from the people around you and the media–thus from society…??  You pay attention to others and follow what your family, your friends, your religions, your traditions have taught you, don’t you...??  Are you truly free this way…?? 
 Finding yourself, discovering your unique values and shaping them into great behaviors which bring true acceptance and love into your life is exactly why you are here, on earth, endowed with your physical mind and body.  Careers, money, beliefs, religiousness, family traditions, and others, might be important to you–and that goes with each person’s views.  But, no matter the age you have, the gender you are, the place where you live, you are you and not what others expect from you or what society says you should be.

What keeps you frustrated and anxious, reactive and always complaining and arguing, is not the situations or the people but your mind and the discipline you allow it to have; thus, the discipline you must allow your mind to have is the attention inwardly directed, because when your attention is directed inwardly then you have no desire to focus on the things that stress you outwardly and you are not distracted by what is around you–even if people are not loving and friendly around you.  You must discover this by finding your unique values and talents in anything and in everything you do–in mopping the floors, in reading or studying, in your job, in the small details of your relationships, etc. etc. 


If you do this, you will explore yourself, illumine yourself truly, and you will discover that life is these moments; opposite to this, society tells us that life is the big things like a career which gives you good money and position, and also things like getting married and having a bunch of kids–all lies (which might have some importance, but little at best) which take you to forget about yourself and the small activities in life. 
And it is in the small activities where you find the eternal values and higher awareness to discover yourself, and so when you truly discover yourself your attention falls inwardly; thus, self-love grows and nothing bothers you anymore, because you are now focused on yourself where only true love and freedom to be unique fills your mind–meaning that your mind has no place for stress, anxiety, or anger anymore.


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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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