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But as the child grows his mind must develop freely, without your confusion and your particular beliefs, without your…

Human beings are born to learn to express themselves, to be individuals and learn from their own mistakes; they have been given the great gift and opportunity to know pleasure and to know pain, to know happiness and to know misery, to know heaven and hell.  And it is indeed the greatest gift to know them both in order to experience life; this heaven and hell make up physical existence.  But still there are parents, lovers, friends, religions, and others, who try to show you the way or “sculpt” you into their own visions, who try to put you in a box while they instruct you in what is right and what is wrong.
They profess their own love and happiness unto you, their own way to do things–which from their points of view is honest and truthful.  But still, these are their own experiences pushed upon you; and when they push and you accept their views, as loving and well-intentioned they might be, you become a program, a follower and a slave, unable to experience your own life, just another pitiful cog in the machine of society and not an individual.  An individual is born from individuality, and such is the state of your own free self, is it not…??

Your child’s life is not yours, but only your life is yours.  You may say to yourself, “I created him, and he exists because of me.”  No, in fact you merely allowed the environment and welcomed his divine entrance, you did not actually create life.  If you are a woman your womb served as sacred doorway between this realm and the purely conscious one; but, as strongly as you feel the connection, still the life’s essence is not yours.  If you are a man your only contribution to life was your seed, which did not cost you anything and so your only real worth is the title “father.”  But as the child grows his mind must develop freely, without your confusion and your particular beliefs, without your meddling into affairs which do not belong to you.

Love, happiness, God, truth–these are in each individual and have to be discovered by each individual…  Sadhguru, the wise yogi and mystic, when asked about the nurturing and parenting of his daughter said that he never allowed himself or anybody around him to teach and instruct his daughter with bias and opinions, beliefs and ideas; but that he makes sure that his daughter’s mind remains unattached and empty from society–including religious beliefs, all traditions, general views, and any judgement or discrimination made in the world…  Thus the human mind remains sacred and empty, able to wake up and fill itself with the wisdom of the sage…


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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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