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Love Like A God.

And so, this is your obstacle, you see this “love” love through this ignorant screen. But, you…

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Do you truly love, or do you just read about love, see others love, and so repeat it like a parrot…??  How do you love…??  If you love like a corrupted and flawed human your love will be vain, superficial, you will hate, envy, become violent at times, become controlling, attached and desperate; therefore, live like a human, experience, discover, learn, find the right path for yourself.  But remember love is not human, true love is above the tyranny of the physical senses which bring violence, judgement and flaws, for true love is divine so do not lower it to your humanity; but when you love, love like a god, because love is the power of a god when is divine and true, and this true love has no flaws, no despair, no envy, no judgement.
And you may be saying right now:  “Easy to say!  How do you love like a god being a flawed human…??  It all comes down to self-love, to embracing the power and gift of being alone with yourself.  You see, love is an essence of purity, it really is above all our human weaknesses and ignorance; but the problem is that you see people around you “love,” you see the idiotic example of society, and their love is a disease–i.e., they break up and get back together over and over again after a desire vanishes and then desire is felt again, they argue and become violent, they get into nasty and vindictive divorces, men have multiple wives in some countries displaying merely control and desires of the flesh, kids are produced from couples just like toys in a factory, etc. etc.  You see this and think is true love, do you not…??
You say to yourself that even though they do this, hate each other at times and then become passionate with each other again, they truly display love, right…??  And so, this is your obstacle, you see this “love” love through this ignorant screen.  But, you must understand, these flawed people “love” like this because it is all they know, they do not know that love is silence, that love is meditation; furthermore, this means that love is a state of innocence and purity untainted by thought. Love is known only to a god, the rest only attempts to “love” with their egos because they live superficially and never meditate; so a god is a human being who has awakened to truth, such truth which is ‘silence brings intuition, instinct, love, harmony, wisdom’ to the human mind.
And the human mind needs indeed silence of meditation because it is always chattering and hates being alone, it fears aloneness; and fear you must embrace lest you fall into the abyss of fear…  If the mind has any fear, then love is not…


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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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