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Thus Awaken…

You have to see through your pain and turn it into a strength, wisdom, experience which can shape you into a better, more prepared…


Do you realize why pain, confusion, temptation, anxiety, and all suffering exist in your life…??  Can you understand that what truly gives rich value to life is that same exact pain and suffering which you feel…??

As a human being one may only experience happiness, joy, love, and all harmony if one has struggled with their opposites first, learned from their opposites with an open mind.  Awakening only comes after you have seen this and experienced it yourself, because physical existence carries both opposites and these both make physical life.  A mother’s deep love and unique bond to his son or daughter wouldn’t be as strong as it is if in childbirth the pain was not extremely unpleasant and even life-threatening; therefore, a part of her has been ripped out, she feels it, thus she remains deeply connected to her kid her whole life, even in great distance…  And life wouldn’t be appreciated without loss or death.  As you suffer the great loss of a loved one, there is a lesson being imparted to you in the quiet corners of your mind; therefore, after you grieve or mourn you must surrender to this quiet corner in your mind where the voice of suffering may turn into the voice of wisdom.

One of the passages in the Bible says that it is easier for the poor to enter the ‘house of God’ (‘awakening into wisdom’) than for the rich.  This means that the poor, due to lack of all societal and financial means, may go through much more pain than the rich, thus his mind might turn all his suffering into wisdom/into an awakening.  So whatever you go through, remind yourself that all suffering, all failures, all misfortunes, all diseases have a purpose; and you mustn’t doubt this, because such doubt brings you more confusion and suffering.  You have to see through your pain and turn it into a strength, wisdom, experience which can shape you into a better, more prepared person; for this is the purpose of all your suffering, and by embracing it, by overcoming it, you grab the scepter of power.
Buddha.  Jesus.  Muhammad.  Lao Tzu.  Osho.  This is how the sage becomes the sage.  No sage or wise man is born a sage or wise man.  He becomes awakened by learning from his own pain; but he must be prepared to see through his pain instead of just complain and moan about it.


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