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The Seashell.

And it was the seashell found under the sun, Yes, listened I the whisper–O misery undone!

Ever feel lonely and seek distractions out there, solutions to this nagging feeling…??  When the seeking is pointless, which you must see; for the seeking can only exacerbate the illness brooding in you, thus create more desire over and over again as it consumes your very soul–i.e., your sane rationality, your honest hopes, your vital dreams, your own affections…


The seashell.”

I found a seashell in the fair sands
Gleaming under the warmest light;
In it I found the whisper I thought lost,
In it I discovered what I had tossed.

The seeking had been the dark abyss,
It had polluted my soul in darkness;
I had lost myself in the empty desire
Of a capricious nature–indeed so dire.
O how barren what I saw in the world!
Loneliness, frustration, anger held me;
For I truly observed my own reflection,
So I cried all the time without affection.
But O how blind and lost in the senses!
You were there all along, patiently waiting,
Gleaming under the very warmest light,
Blessed by Divinity–such glorious sight.

I finally stopped the search and contemplated
The many tears in me–the suffering, the misery;
Whatever held me hostage was my choosing,
I stubborn was in my desire–how confusing!
There was no end to the allure of the rabble,
Empty words of romance and promises broken;
Society had me as I desired what they had,
But I saw through the vain deceit–I am glad!
And it was the friendship with my very tears
The one which liberated my trapped soul;
And it was the seashell found under the sun,
Yes, listened I the whisper–O misery undone!




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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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