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Your sickness…

You seek for company out there, don’t you…?? But isn’t that the real sickness though, always trying to appease the emptiness you…

Loneliness does not really exist, it is a creation of society, a machination of the ego; and it exists in your mind because your mind has been conditioned so–i.e., man and women form relationships and get married all around you, you must work all day for money, you have to join religious and spiritual collectives and cultures, your family tells you, your tradition tells you.   Your mind is weak and you follow, you feel pressured so you accept what everyone does and says you should do; and then your ego tells you this is love, thus your brain accepts that loneliness is a sickness which can only be healed by being with another–in sex, in friendships, in marriage, in a political group, in a religion, etc.
You seek for company out there, don’t you…??  But isn’t that the real sickness though, always trying to appease the emptiness you feel within you by neglecting your true self and living in frustration like the rest of the mediocre rabble…??  Loneliness is a disease of your mind, and this disease keeps you distanced from true love, from God, and from the truth; and loneliness keeps you chained to sadness also, it steals your creativity and positivity to see life as it is. When you feel lonely you become frustrated because you envy others and you feel worthless or somewhat rejected by others, so your expression suffers, your energy becomes dark and corrupted, you do not shine and attract better opportunities and good people into your path. 
But loneliness comes about and it is popularized because man does not have knowledge of himself; he might be full of book knowledge and desire to love another, but he has not found the expression of himself yet–that freedom which liberates him from always seeking in desperation out there. 
But when you find yourself and practice and accept being with yourself, you begin to love the process because you find out that there is no other person in the world to love but yourself.  This is true love!  And as you discover true love within you, your strength to express and create flourishes, life brightens, and loneliness disappears from your mind.


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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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