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Just stay…

People tends to focus on the outcome of something instead of…

What are you seeking…??  Where are you seeking…??  Why are you being superficial and living in the comfort of your own dreams instead of actually changing and becoming aware of everything you do…??
Many people look for love, for God, for spirituality, for freedom, in books and scriptures, in rituals and prayers, in preachers and saints, even in money and higher positions in society; however, all this is irrelevant, they are missing the point and just going around in circles, being superficial and aggrandizing their own egos.  God, love, and the rest I just mentioned is not found in a particular activity, or in some spiritual height or achievement, or even in some relationship with another; but it is found in each moment, in each activity, in every behavior you have, in every breath you take.

Is there a reason you are miserable, unhappy, or even a little hurt right now…??  Because if you think that there is in fact a reason, then you should observe the activities of your ego and find out why you choose to fill your mind with fear; and, furthermore, fear only fills your mind and confuses you because you are not aware, and because you constantly seek love and divinity elsewhere.  You must begin focusing on everything you do, every activity, insignificant or not; be aware of eating, of walking, of working, of all you do.  Keep a meditative mind all the time.

People tends to focus on the outcome of something instead of focusing on each moment, savoring and enjoying each moment, being there whether they want to be or not; in this process is where you find God, love, and the rest.  Because all these are one, and so it is a process of existence, a behavior, a higher awareness of the present.  The present is not of time, but the future and the past are; therefore, do not let your mind wander off and seek into the future, but stay with what you are doing in the Now.

The human mind tends to wander off into all sorts of distractions, it seeks everything outwardly and it also relives the past and imagines the future.  But this is living a dream which has gone and which is not here; none of it is real.  The only reality is the awareness of what we do in the present, because in the present you find all that is truly important to give you love and happiness.



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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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