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Will you break free…??

Human society is based upon resistance, it is fear-based–i.e., Christian religions popularize the image of Christ on the cross (it controls the…

What do you think gives you that confidence to stop pleasing others, to gain inner strength, and to begin to see life with fresh eyes…??  What makes life absolutely free and worth living…??
Human society is based upon resistance, it is fear-based–i.e., Christian religions popularize the image of Christ on the cross (it controls the mind with this fear instead of celebrating his life and teachings with a better image), tradition states that rigid education is key to better money and opportunities and that if you are not educated in the system you have poor chances for progress and you are thus neglected by everyone, women are paid and promoted in their jobs less than men, the media urges people to buy everything they sell you no matter what it is and if you do not then you are seen as unpopular and odd, in certain countries women are second-class citizens while men are in absolute control, in certain countries governments do not allow you to live off-the-grid and without using their paid services, etc. etc.

This resistance, this fear, creates the eternal nightmare in man, because the individual cannot liberate himself; for his mind lives in this competition and anxiety, thus he believes pleasure is love and following the masses is being happy.  He loses himself in the ignorance of the mob, he never discovers himself because his attention is allured always on the outside.  Is this the way you live…??  You live in this resistance, you cannot let go of this competition, don’t you….??  Why??

You cannot be, you cannot experience the truth in yourself to better all of your life, you cannot discover life, if you do not allow yourself to let go; thus, the allure of money drives you, the absolute control of your woman is always nagging your mind, the fear of loss of your man makes you a ridiculous puppet, there is no real substance, innocence, creativity, individuality in you anymore.  You have become a robot of society, a pitiful follower; and the worst, you won’t see it and shake yourself into awakening because you want to please others, you are a puppet of society, you read what I write here but your life never changes.  And then you praise yourself with pride and call yourself awakened, don’t you…?? 
Perhaps radical change and true individuality lie in you, but you resist to it because you are full of stupid excuses that you tell yourself everyday…


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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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