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As the swans in the lake…

Why can’t the human world do this…?? Why can’t each one of us wake up and see that…

Ever seen a swan dance, so majestic and elegant, a celebration of their connection and harmony as their hearts beat side by side and their bodies follow the perfect rhythm of the purest and most innocent love…??  This love goes beyond thoughts, beyond desires and ambitions, it has no goals or outcomes but just celebrating life and the bliss of just being together–breathing together, dancing together, feeling together, elevating themselves by allowing love to guide each movement they make together, and just being there is considered the most precious gift…
Why can’t the human world do this…??  Why can’t each one of us wake up and see that love cannot be known by thought, because thought is against love and has created other less “precious” venues of false affection like romance which ends in time, like desires of the flesh which confuse, like the allure of money and power, like wars to “protect” the lifestyle and “freedom” of a nation, like mere words of affection which get taken by the winds of desire and time, and so on and so forth.  Is there any reason to not actually experience love…?? I mean, humans have a higher intelligence to be aware of true love, right…?? So, why do you bend true love to fit your selfish needs and your demanding desires…??
Why do you destroy love and the precious gift it brings you…??  Why do you willingly chain yourself to your ambitions, to your desires, to goals, to particular outcomes to be popular and to be seen by others…??  Men and women are guilty of this abomination, of course; but men most of all and specially, because men tend to be more in their heads, tend to see everything with the intellect, and like I said true love cannot be known by thought or intellect–no matter how mature and caring you think you are, love cannot be known and understood by your intellect.  Women, on the other hand, are more emotional, still confused by thought many times, but more connected to their emotional bodies.
Woman is more divine when it comes to knowing love.  Ignorant and blasphemous men may infect women with their own visions of “love,” trick and control women into following their own pitiful thoughts on “love,” but woman left alone to feel freely may know true love in its innocent and creative nature.  Ever seen that when a woman truly falls in love she leaves everything and is intellectually blind, how she leaves in her emotions and gives her all for love….??  She becomes love, she leaves all thoughts of “can’t” and “impossible” because she only feels love–the essence of it, the very heart of it.  She only dances like the swan in the lake…


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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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