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The one who listens…

Nothing can really hurt you and kill your hopes, “break” you heart and deny you better opportunities…


As we live we fear what may happen, and we fear what was long ago, and we fear what we do not understand; therefore, the excuses are many and the fear we have grows and grows.  Maybe new fears appear as we embark on new journeys, in meeting new people, new challenges and situations in our life, frustrations galore due to unresolved issues and dark visions of a future.  We feel like everything is against us, and above all we become impatient because we do not see a way out or even a little bit of progress; but this is not us, whatever we are experiencing is of time, it passes, it is a trick from the mind however real to us. 

Nothing can really hurt you and kill your hopes, “break” you heart and deny you better opportunities for progress; for your mind is the obstacle, and if you tame your mind and do not just react you shall see heaven. 


By saying that you shall see heaven I do not mean that everything will be perfect, obviously; but what I mean is that if you tame your mind you can really get in touch with yourself and find that harmony and silence that you are deep inside.   Once you are born, as you go on growing, your conscious mind develops, experiences that shape your persona, anxiety and stress become you, memories begin fear in you; but as you age only your humanity gets taken like this, that source of eternal energy that is you still lies within, immutable, perfect, wise, intuitive, connected to a higher awareness.  You can feel it when you become silent and meditative, without distractions and without anxious thoughts, can you not…??

Each one of us has this, we are it, beyond whatever we suffer and live; furthermore, you must seek this within yourself and wake up to life, and see that it has much more to offer than frustrations and problems.  When you see darkness remind yourself that light is there as well, it is the same essence or energy; but it is just a matter of how you look at it, either with a busy, overwhelmed and anxious mind, or with a faithful and meditative mind.

Silence your mind by quieting your brain…


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By thegodwithinblog

“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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