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A cosmic punishment

This week a new episode of my short story, “The Loose Damned,” is live on Amazon’s Kindle Vella for fantasy/sci-fi lovers. You won’t want to miss this one. Keep reading to find out why…

It is a story of cosmic proportions. A story about forces of good and evil. A story about rebelliousness, righting wrongs, love, and cosmic punishment.

Michael Vega (Mike) has escaped from hell, and he has broken the space-time rip which shouldn’t be broken doing so. But, unbeknownst to him, the new appointed Reaper and his Hell Snatchers are in close pursuit…

But is Reaper carrying his own twisted motives…?? Haunted by his human memories, Reaper is prone to his own selfishness, his own egomania; and he has a past, a very dark and troubled past…

And what will The Cosmic Council do about about this?? Will they send The demon of Pestilence and Disease to punish and balance whoever threatens the cosmic balance??

Below, a short excerpt of chapter 13.

Titled: “Demon of Pestilence and Disease

“…It was a threatening and ghastly creature. A specter floating tree level, with what seemed to be tattered clothing or skin, and with an obscure aura about him. He appeared fully materialized, bodily present; however, at times he would sway a little side to side and thus look like a hologram leaving projection in the night’s air. He had a face, a tortured, miserable, non-human looking semblance…

“Extremely small, flying beetles and flies were about him and his aura, and these carried a bluish luminescence of their own. This was the infernal demon of pestilence and disease, and he was a bringer of castigations to the guilty. The guilty was sentenced by The Council of The Unseen. The Council of The Unseen had been established, since mankind’s dawn, by the race of The Celestials. The mysterious stranger belonged to this unknown council and extraterrestrial race…

“No one was moving. No one dared move. They all knew right away. Not with exact detail. But they all sensed his origin, and this brought them chills. See, the one called Reaper, Mike and Jenny, were connected. They were, or had been once, humans entirely. And they were linked to each other by a ‘strange deformity’ in their DNA. Human doctors had called it a ‘congenital disease.’”…

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The Portal.


Everything in this life has a purpose


Everything and everyone appearing in our lives, whether is for good or bad, is never a coincidence.  Everything evolves the way is supposed to evolve, nothing lies outside this Universal KNOWING.

Hitler had to convince Germans, get them to follow him and give him power to kill millions, in order for humanity to get to where we are.  Knowledge, learning from the past, evolution to understand oneself, good, evil–all plays a role, whether you like it or not.

The people you meet, the troubles you suffer, the feeling of worthlessness, anxiety, loss of people you love, the anger, the confusion–they are there for a reason.  Finding out why, individually, and growing from it, is how you experience greater evolution and meaning in your life.

If you close yourself to this and so deny the purpose and connection behind ALL things, then it is indeed the moment you lose yourself, and thus you enter a state of confusion where nothing truly matters to you anymore.

Because your mind is the portal either to heaven or hell, to great understanding and life or to ignorance and death.  When your mind denies life’s evolution, when it judges it, when it demonizes it, then you are obscuring your mind and so you cannot enter any heaven but only a hell.




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Between Heaven and Hell.



What creates our experiences in life is our very minds.  The pain of your divorce, the relived tragedies of painful memories, the feelings of not being good enough, the anxiety when you do not have such and such money, the itching desire for possessing somebody, etc.–it is all your mind.

You may, of course, create your own ignorant excuses of why you feel what you feel–i.e., they make me feel like that, I have an inherited mental disease so I am depressed, I am not rich or have a great job so I constantly feel worthless, I am physically unattractive and nobody wants me, my nation’s politics keeps me violent and agitated, etc.

But, you see, by attaching yourself to all these excuses you are feeding the fire, you are increasing the suffering and anxiety, because you are fighting your own struggles, you are denying how you think and feel and labeling it as something wrong to feel, as something evil.  You are saying it is wrong, or even wicked, to feel like that.

In a way of speaking, you are creating demons, you are creating hell, you are creating your own suffering and neglect.  You are doing the opposite of acceptance here.  Can you take a few seconds and ponder this…??

You must accept all that appears in your mind and all that which you feel, ALL of it; for accepting it is welcoming it, which is like making friends with it, making friends with that part of yourself you do not like but respect now.

This psychological behavior of acceptance begins a transmutation in you, because now you are assimilating and absorbing that which you did not like before, so you get to create it and deal with it under your own terms; otherwise, it is just God and The Devil always fighting in your mind, and this struggle brings you your own hellish experience.

The struggle in your mind between what you currently are and what you should be, or want to be, is what breaks you into fragments, and the fragments are what makes you suffer and feel worthless or like you are not living a happy life.



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Acts of care.


To do everything in love is to deny access to your mind to thoughts of negativity and complaint, to avoid the rule of dark and nagging feelings.  In order to enjoy each moment, one must seek acts of care–acts in which you can put your whole energy and carry them out without frustration and stress.

Loving yourself and your behaviors because you have integrity and you bring out integrity is what matters in life, so you may create better opportunities and better futures for yourself and for others.


Acts of care

Were I a flower to be beauty without fears!
Were I the wind to know life without binds!
What if I were love to exist without tears??
What if you and I stopped telling great lies.

For to find meaning is to seek acts of care,
For in care there is the beautiful flower.
I have seen the immortal beauty to share,
Beyond the petty excuses which devour.

Nearer and sweeter this music draws;
The music in my acts of love expands.
In this one moment I meet Universal Law,
As my moral behavior heavenly stands.

All Nature responds to the eternal call;
The call which carries my attention here.
My behavior of integrity brings it to all;
Anxiety and fear in morals do disappear.51914351_632834247149941_8022915865735331840_n


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The Egg. A reincarnation story.

A beautiful and intuitive void, white light and a glorious spectrum of colors resembling The Mother of all mothers, Mother Earth. He opened his eyes and looked around in a daze, “…Wh–Where am I…??” The voice came from the background, this man looked in corporeal form like anybody would, “Don’t fear, you are surely everywhere and nowhere. You are safe.” Then the man said, “Who are you??” Memories came to him rushing like fierce currents, ” I–I remember a car skidding towards me. Am I…dead…?! Is this the afterlife…??” And the man who looked like anybody answered calmly, “I am that which ‘I AM’ and yet anybody you know, but you never sought after me in the right place, thus you cannot really recognize me now. And, yes, you can call this the afterlife, if you still think death is the end of life. I call it That Moment which Changes Eternally.”

The man then stood up and marveled at the colorful spectra about him–but soon pangs of worry seize him! “What about my wife and child?! I have left them alone! I have to go back!!” Then the I AM smiled kindly and said, “You are truly blessed with a good heart, for you know to put your loved ones before you; and this is the Light of your Soul knocking, and as long as you answer it will always give identity and worth to your life.” The still concerned man insisted, “But what about them?!” The I AM continued, “Come, let us walk through this joyous Eden.” So they did. And the innocent animals were welcoming the man into their perfect land, and the birds sang sacred praises to THE ALL. Them The I AM continued, “To be honest, their grief is passing and their hearts are joyous, because although you did love them you never found a way to show it. They are somewhat relieved that you are free now, and that they are free from the life you had designed for them as well.

A tear rolled down his eyes, but a tear of pure bliss because he truly loved his family and knew they were better without him, “So what now?? Am I going to Hell…??” The I AM smiled again, then looked at him with a blessing, “No. You call this reincarnation–a new opportunity to reach full bliss, a new opportunity to find yourself and ascend to my heights.” The man frowned in thought, then added, “To ascend to your heights…?? Well, tell me, what is the meaning of life then…??” They kept walking, and the I AM soon replied, “Why do you ask me?? Why does everybody ask the same down there?? Don’t you know that of all my Creations man is the only creature still seeking that answer in a thought form. Look around you–” And the man did so. “The innocent animals, the wonderful plants, the silent rocks, the fresh waters, the wise earth beneath your feet. Do you think they are confused and asking questions to themselves about the meaning of life??” The man fell silent, humbled by THE WORD, then said again, “So, where do I go now…??” The I AM said, “You shall see when you come out of the womb, perhaps to the past, perhaps to the future, but always in the present; for the world and all Cosmic Creation is an Egg, and my children come out of that Egg dozens upon dozens of times, and the meaning is always flowing in that Egg, thus in you.” And they stopped walking, and then it all blackened, and then the man was gone into that Egg…

The cycle of life and death is just an illusion of the intellect, of the ego and its aggregates; for there is only transmutation of forms and energy fields, it is all change–i.e., a subtle manifestation of ethereal bodies and essences in the individual while the dissolution of egos and of personalities passes through their final suffering, their final death, to begin again a new, to have a new chance for development.


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Deepest desire.

The intellectual creature must raise above simple desires, because this is the origin of the superior creature. One should not be so base as to fall into the abyss of temptations and ignorance, but to practice the transmutation of desires must be the constant key to living; for this is the Great Law, that one given to us to surpass the simple Adam and its “original sin.”
The deepest desire.”


There is nothing more powerful than my desire,
Such is my desire for individual growth and bliss;
And so, however rough the waters of this my life,
However suffocating and violent the storms of fire,
I must awake the great capacities within me hidden.
The desires of the animal cannot reach Divinity,
For this is my inferno–my lack of love and bliss:
These conniving desires must be transmuted.
The divine desire has indeed to be aimed higher
In order to transform the animal into the godly,
And so maintain strong vibration throughout.
As life is nothing but my thought vibrating higher,
Over storms of fire higher and higher a thought.

More intense desire, stronger wish given out;
The recesses of my mind hide the key then,
The levels of vibrating forms, the mental world.
Consciousness is the origin of energy of thought,
And the cosmic forces in me the greater desire–
What are the cosmic forces if not the god in me…??
What is a desire if not the fulfillment of a need…??
My need then must be the need for my better life,
Ascending over the torturing demons of thought;
And life is a thought which must vibrate higher
In order for me to reach the deepest desire yet:
The desire to ascend and become a divine god,
The desire to accept my divine nature eternally.



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The one who listens…


As we live we fear what may happen, and we fear what was long ago, and we fear what we do not understand; therefore, the excuses are many and the fear we have grows and grows.  Maybe new fears appear as we embark on new journeys, in meeting new people, new challenges and situations in our life, frustrations galore due to unresolved issues and dark visions of a future.  We feel like everything is against us, and above all we become impatient because we do not see a way out or even a little bit of progress; but this is not us, whatever we are experiencing is of time, it passes, it is a trick from the mind however real to us. 

Nothing can really hurt you and kill your hopes, “break” you heart and deny you better opportunities for progress; for your mind is the obstacle, and if you tame your mind and do not just react you shall see heaven. 


By saying that you shall see heaven I do not mean that everything will be perfect, obviously; but what I mean is that if you tame your mind you can really get in touch with yourself and find that harmony and silence that you are deep inside.   Once you are born, as you go on growing, your conscious mind develops, experiences that shape your persona, anxiety and stress become you, memories begin fear in you; but as you age only your humanity gets taken like this, that source of eternal energy that is you still lies within, immutable, perfect, wise, intuitive, connected to a higher awareness.  You can feel it when you become silent and meditative, without distractions and without anxious thoughts, can you not…??

Each one of us has this, we are it, beyond whatever we suffer and live; furthermore, you must seek this within yourself and wake up to life, and see that it has much more to offer than frustrations and problems.  When you see darkness remind yourself that light is there as well, it is the same essence or energy; but it is just a matter of how you look at it, either with a busy, overwhelmed and anxious mind, or with a faithful and meditative mind.

Silence your mind by quieting your brain…


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Shall I raise you to the heavens…??

Relationships are about respect and communication, and also both parties must not lose the admiration for one another; furthermore, there has to be that learning capacity, that possibility for growth and further connection as the two evolve together. What is the mature relationship if not a mutual desire for elevation, where two souls meet and ascend together blissfully as one with acceptance and commitment to true love…??

Shall I raise you to the heavens…??

Shall I raise you to the heavens…??
As you radiate your beauty into my very dream
As the glowing stars do tonight under this poet.
Your sweet voice as the murmur of the stream
I hear within my troubled head–this I know it!
Love speaks to me through the cool air tonight,
It tells me you are a fallen goddess of beauty,
Such a vision of wonderful wisdom to my sight;
And I feel angels sing to deliver my very duty,
For I must cherish your beauty and your wit,
Protect your purity as the very gold all my days;
For you inspire and elevate me as holy writ,
You bless my existence as life-giving sun rays.

Shall I raise you to the heavens…??
I hear your light footsteps and I weaken,
For my heart is yours as I belong to you;
To my surprise you send me a beacon,
Your loveliness as never before I knew.
Love is the rising essence which unites,
O It covers us in feathers of golden dust!
I shall take you to the greatest heights,
We shall fly together in heavenly wind gust.


“Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses.”  ~ Ann Landers; American advice columnist and writer.


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Through Hell to reach Heaven.

Do you realize that resisting pain or some form of suffering makes it even worse….??  Running away, distracting itself, and ignoring any form of suffering is what your mind does usually, doesn’t it…??
The Universe or Life is ruled by lower and higher planes of thought, conscious states, realms of consciousness, where there is suffering (hell) or true bliss (heaven); but the wild nature of the human mind, the grandiose ego, is always rebelling against these laws and thus always falling into hellish visions tied to this time and space.
The human mind falls into suffering, into the chaos that it brings by choosing the lower planes of existence, so its experience is hell; however, how interesting is it that the mind chooses to dwell in this lower consciousness and, at the same time, it tries to run away from it–by acquiring more beliefs, by praising more gods and saints, by more relationships, by seeking more material wealth, etc.–thus bringing more suffering and blindness into its own hell.

But how can the mind elevate itself to higher planes then…??  Consciousness is not of time and space, but the mundane human mind is; thus time and space keep the mind in lower conscious states, but the mind seeks love and happiness still, it is our nature to seek that experience, and the illusion tells the lower mind that it can be found in time and space.  It is a vicious cycle because this mind needs love and happiness, it desperately seeks it, but in running away from the suffering it remains in time and space; so, the only way to reach higher planes of thought is to embrace your suffering, your painful memories, your shame, your anger, etc..

When doing this, by embracing your pain, you come to the individual realization that you are elevating yourself over all the suffering, thus your consciousness actually elevates; because now you are living and accepting your present Now without past or future thoughts ruling you.  You are now accessing higher planes where time and space do not rule over your thinking and feeling; for you are using The Higher Universal Law against The Lower Universal Law… you are using true Alchemy… and you are reaching and dwelling in beautiful heaven…

“Rather follow the example of the wise, which the same authority states, ‘Use Law against Law; the higher against the lower; and by the Art of Alchemy transmute that which is undesirable into that which is worthy, and thus triumph’.”  ~ Three Initiates, Kybalion, A Study of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece



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Do you see life for what it is…??

Isn’t a thought of misery what makes life miserable…??  And isn’t a thought of joy what makes life joyful…??  Are thoughts how you experience life then…??
Your life is indeed seen through the screen of your mind, and whether that screen is filthy or not is what you will experience in life; so, life in its nature, as it happens around you, is neutral, neither positive nor negative, but the color of your screen, or depending on how clean or filthy it is, is what shall make the difference of your unique experience.  Can you understand this…??

And certainly life can become a hell when our thoughts disturb us and get the worst reactions from us, but we may say that this is the extremely powerful illusion of our egos, which choose how to see life.  Because the mind sees life in terms of time, thus past and future, what was and what will be but never what actually is; for what actually is right now is added flavor by a thought of the past pressuring you or a thought of a future making you anxious.  If you are actually absorbed in the present, without thoughts from the past or the future, you are fine and without stress, are you not…??

The present moment, not 1 second before and not 1 second after but the very Now, is devoid or absolutely free of time and fear and all its forms of stress; furthermore, this Now is where your very existence is, is where happiness and love can be found within you, and this Now is the origin of all what life is.  The Now is life.  The past and future are not life, but they are constructs of your mind, of your ego and its screen…   Ask yourself:  “Have I ever actually lived the past or the future…??  Or have I lived always the present moment, the Now, and my mind designs the illusion of past and future…??  …Think about it deeply…

And so, to master life, to really enjoy life no matter the situation, you must see life as a lesson to deeper understanding, something to experience and to free you from thinking too much; which is what creates regrets and all stress in the first place, thinking too much and getting lost in your thinking… 

Remind yourself then that life is to be experienced and understood.  No more and no less…

“Be happy for this moment.  This moment is your life.” ~ Omar Khayyam; Persian mathematician, astronomer, and poet.

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