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To truly love and feel loved.




In order to truly love, and feel loved, you must accept everything about yourself.  Come to terms with your past, however ugly and unfair.

Accept that you made mistakes and welcome the lessons.  Accept that others made mistakes or behaved badly towards you, forgive and move on.

Be open emotionally and recognize your own blindness and the fact that you must acknowledge absolutely everything you feel, whether it is miserable or joyful.  Do not fear or escape how you feel.

Understand that you have to create good habits, discipline yourself, in order to have more opportunities in all aspects of life.  Do not limit yourself and feel sad because you see that you cannot be successful at something in particular now.

To love others, to have a great and prosperous relationship and life, you have to love yourself wholly.  This means to know every thought, every feeling, conscious and subconscious, that you have in each moment you are alive.





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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Without complaining and cursing.




Allow yourself to just be one with your life, which is to accept things as they are and do the best you can in your situations; but do not fear change or be upset about how things turn out to be, detach yourself from expectations and feelings of anxiety.

If you have problems, challenges, things you do not like, then stop complaining about them in your mind and going back and forth trying to control them. The human mind suffers because it is attached to memories and to expectations.

Life’s experiences are for you to live them, but not for you to obsess and fear them; they are meant to bring a lesson to you, whatever that is, and thus you can improve your life and strengthen your mind.

If you complain and say, “My life is hard. My life is terrible. My life is not going anywhere good,” then you are denying yourself the capacity for improvement; because what you say in your mind, your self-talk, will attract better or worse.

Your mind creates your experience of life, how you feel about it; so, make sure you are thankful, positive, without complaining and cursing your experiences.





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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!



Remove all expectations, demands, fixations, attachments to life, to people, to the future; and this will actually bring true harmony to your mind, freedom, and it will attract all that which is good and nurturing for your development.

If you seek someone, then stop seeking, direct your mind to something else, work on yourself, free your mind from the burden of obsession; and so, it shall be that whenever it happens it will happen for you with someone especial and which cares.

If you desire happiness, do not seek it, free your mind from this nonsense. Happiness is not a goal, is not an outcome of something, is not a byproduct of an activity; but happiness is in you, and you can only experience it if your mind stops seeking it and turns inwardly to truly feel it.

Success or failure must not stress your mind.  Things happen in life, period.  When you accept this, you become a magnet for positive vibrations which attract likewise.  When you do not accept this and fill your mind with obsession to seek and obtain, you become frustrated, anxious, and a magnet for the same.

Learn to be neutral in life.  Do not expect, obsess, and put all your energy into a desired outcome.  Do not deny what you want either, have desires but do not be attached to them.  Flow with what is, adjust to whatever happens, work with what you have right now.  That way your mind is free and clear, insightful and intelligent.




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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

If you stay…




Love is not something you force, design to your whim, or manipulate; for the mind, the ego, seeks this.  Love is something which cannot be explained, something which unites people, something which does not seek to judge or control.

To love is not to judge, it is to accept somebody else as they are; so, you either walk away or you stay with them, but if you stay you accept them and nurture their growth alongside you.

Trying to “fix” people, trying to force them into doing what you think is right, trying to influence the outcome of any relationship is a political move, it is competition, it is to seek control–and it is NOT love.

That is why a human relationship, ANY human relationship actually, is a “leap of faith” as they say.  You get into a relationship with the best desires to progress together, with your lover, with your family, with your friends, with whomever.

But you do not know what is going to happen next, because love for us is something we build each moment, with each decision, with each behavior.  Something bothers you now about the other person, you must accept it then; we all have flaws.

Something appears to be hurtful to you, you must communicate your feelings and explain it; be direct, honest, but do not try to force people.  You either show care and love each moment, or you opt for walking away and doing exactly what you want; however, you do not try to control or judge if you stay.




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Accept your human condition.




The human mind in survival mode is when our ego suffers, because of a loss, because of embarrassment, because of lies, because of this and that.  And this suffering, evidently, brings about the need (attachment) to escape it.

This happens whenever one suffers, attachment, this nagging need to change into joy or happiness our experience; however, this reaction to suffering is not conducive to the development of the human condition.

And the human condition must be accepted in each one of us, just as it is, pleasant or unpleasant; for your responsibility is not to force your human condition but to accept it, because in acceptance there is your strength, your wise development, the rich essence of moral values growing within you.

So, do not make yourself anxious, overwhelmed by stress and screaming survival mode, whenever you suffer or stand in front of a difficult situation; but welcome whatever you experience, do not complain and try to run away as fast as you can, be strong and allow your life to open your inner eye of understanding.

The worst you can do in life is to deny a situation by forcing change or by fearing it, even if it is extremely painful to you.  Forcing something is bullying something into change; life, as you, do not respond well to violence or bullying.

You must become one with your challenges, losses, difficult situations, thus in order to remain aware and anchored to life so to find the answers to move forward and create better futures.


Fear to suffering is your enemy.

Love brought into your suffering is what you must seek and so befriend.





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Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Coming to terms.




Whatever you feel is your own making, because whatever you feel has been created by a stream of thoughts you chose, perhaps thoughts you chose out of a bad situation; nevertheless, you chose that thought and you chose how you feel right now.

Quite often people get into certain situations, or accept the behavior of other people, or endure such and such suffering because they expect it or that person to change–i.e., they expect the apple tree to stop giving apples and give oranges instead.

When you are nurturing flowers in your garden you do not expect the weeds around them to just disappear on their own just because you wished it so, right??  If the weeds choke the flowers or if the weeds bring you some form of suffering, then it is your own fault; for you were expecting the weeds nature to change and adjust to your naive wishes.

So, the expectation was the thoughts you followed in your ignorance, and no one can be blamed for that but you; for it all happens in your mind.  Life is about this, about knowing yourself and your psychology, coming to terms with and understanding your own thinking process.  Why…??

Because your thinking process designs how you feel and what you experience–i.e., a “broken heart,” depression, joy, misery, jealousy, happiness, excitement, anger, etc.; it is all your thinking process and the thoughts you entertain daily.




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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Between Heaven and Hell.



What creates our experiences in life is our very minds.  The pain of your divorce, the relived tragedies of painful memories, the feelings of not being good enough, the anxiety when you do not have such and such money, the itching desire for possessing somebody, etc.–it is all your mind.

You may, of course, create your own ignorant excuses of why you feel what you feel–i.e., they make me feel like that, I have an inherited mental disease so I am depressed, I am not rich or have a great job so I constantly feel worthless, I am physically unattractive and nobody wants me, my nation’s politics keeps me violent and agitated, etc.

But, you see, by attaching yourself to all these excuses you are feeding the fire, you are increasing the suffering and anxiety, because you are fighting your own struggles, you are denying how you think and feel and labeling it as something wrong to feel, as something evil.  You are saying it is wrong, or even wicked, to feel like that.

In a way of speaking, you are creating demons, you are creating hell, you are creating your own suffering and neglect.  You are doing the opposite of acceptance here.  Can you take a few seconds and ponder this…??

You must accept all that appears in your mind and all that which you feel, ALL of it; for accepting it is welcoming it, which is like making friends with it, making friends with that part of yourself you do not like but respect now.

This psychological behavior of acceptance begins a transmutation in you, because now you are assimilating and absorbing that which you did not like before, so you get to create it and deal with it under your own terms; otherwise, it is just God and The Devil always fighting in your mind, and this struggle brings you your own hellish experience.

The struggle in your mind between what you currently are and what you should be, or want to be, is what breaks you into fragments, and the fragments are what makes you suffer and feel worthless or like you are not living a happy life.



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Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder.

Learning from imperfections.


Survival is competition, isn’t it…??  I mean, survival means struggle, it means I will beat you and be better than you, it means I will come up ahead in an argument or in this or that.

And that is why surviving never brings happiness or love to anyone and, of course, not to any relationship. 

When people desire to live together, get along with each other, enjoy life and enjoy themselves together, survival instinct has to be replaced by a mentality of pure love to understand and accept each other.

It is a given that no person is the same as the other, people are different, minds and feelings are diverse.  It doesn’t matter how similar their minds and lifestyles are, they indeed have differences in some aspect of life and living.

So, your mind has to be prepared to accept and love, to understand the meaning of your relationship with another, whether a family member or a romantic partner, whether a friend or a neighbor who just moved. 

This is the pathway towards learning in life.



And to learn from one another you must appreciate one another, such being appreciating the differences of one another.  This does not mean absolutely loving every aspect of the other person, but it does mean accepting and respecting the other person entirely, even when you do not agree in something together.


No one is perfect, but we can still learn from imperfections.




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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

To make someone else truly happy.




Beyond the laughter this photo can give us, this is actually true as well.  Demodex brevis is a type of mite that lives in the oil glands of human hair follicles; it is actually healthy in moderation, but with accumulation one can develop Rosacea and other diseases.

But still, why feel lonely though…??  Loneliness, in all its concepts and names, is really something which society invented.  The sole fact of comparison taught by society designs the thoughts and feelings of loneliness in you.

You see people on TV forming relationships, you hear of marriage here and there, your family tradition is having a big family perhaps, you have been told growing up that that is what you must do.  So you envy, and compare, and feel without value without another, and suffer this illusion designed by society.

You are slave to all this because there is no self-love active in you.  Until you accept that, you will feel miserable and compare your life to the life of others.  This is not being an individual.

An affair, love, relationship, passion for living, must first be developed in you, with you.  I know that you must read that often, but it is actually the basics in better living, the essence of physical life which is relationship.  But not with another, with yourself; learn to be alone with yourself, accept the way you think and feel, embrace your strengths and weaknesses, thrive in silence.

After that has been assimilated in your mental state, you can actually become love and happiness, then brighten your character and naturally attract others without confusing love with attachment.

And now you can actually love another with wisdom and understanding, and without any desperation, prejudice and attachment.  And because you are experienced and truly understand love now, as you have already become love and mastered relationship within yourself, you are ready to make someone else truly happy.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Find the hidden miracle.

Future love, future happiness, future freedom–these do not exist more than just imaginations and machinations of your ego.  “I will be thankful when I have this.”  “I am so close to being happy.”  “A little more work and I’ll achieve my goal.”  These and more are false manifestation of our ego.

Life is now and it is to enjoy now, not to suffer for what you do not have or have lost and want to recuperate.  Accept your life as it is now, whether your ego labels it pleasant or unpleasant; and enjoy what you have now, do not follow dreams and neither fall into memories of past losses.

If you do not accept your life as it is now, then you will suffer more anxiety and live on psychological suffering, which will manifest on physical suffering as illnesses.  There are people in the world who are homeless and have less than you; but they still live happily in the moment day by day.  There are people in the world who have lost more than you and have suffered much more than you; but they, nevertheless, do not allow depression to bring them down.


Now, this is wisdom; to celebrate your life each day, each moment, because life is now.  So, whatever you lost, you lost.  Whatever is gone, is gone.  And whatever will be, will be.  Learn to wisely live with it.




  But, do you know what is under your control…?? Do you know what builds your experience of love and happiness…?? The wisdom is Now, the happiness is Now, the choices are Now; so, however you choose to live your life, remind yourself that there is only Now.

So, you must find the joy, the good side of things now, whatever you experience seek in there something good; for there is ALWAYS something, for he is wise who finds the hidden joy in the moment.  Find the hidden miracle.



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