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The enemy you must conquer.

Life is a miracle, but this miracle hides in you and not outside you. This miracle hides in your heart, not in your mind. Your mind develops frustration, and fears, and this and that. But your heart is pure and it hides the miracle of life. That is why one must live life making decisions from the heart, from compassion, from love, from a place of positivity and joy.

Transform your troubles, your stress, you heartbreak into inspiration where your heart may flourish. Because society already pressures us and influences us, and this is the opposite of freedom. Freedom is living from your heart and choosing to see life as the miracle, even though your mind may tell you differently. The enemy you must conquer is your mind, the prejudice, the arrogance, the envy, the frustration, etc.


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Anatomy and physiology of life Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

All you think, feel, and do every day.




Life itself is a miracle, but you must not let your mind make you anxious and disturb you to see that miracle.  Never let yourself down, to feel lonely, to feel depressed for any reason; but feel life as it is, control your suffering, your self-pity.

Love is everywhere and anywhere in life.  Love, joy, harmony, affection, success, it is all within you; and you can experience it at any time in your life.  All you have to do is to stop attaching yourself to your overthinking and expectations, obsessive desires and self-pity.

The grass is always green.  The sun always shines.  As long as you control your mind, and your mind does not control you.  Love is not about your desires fulfilled and personal opinions.  Love is about your commitment to feel positive and healthy in all you think, feel, and do every day.





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Anatomy and physiology of life Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder.

Where the miracle lies.




Love is the deepest connection to another being, to our lives, to ourselves; and once you decide to connect you must not pretend or play, but take the journey of discovery seriously.

And what this connection is, at any level, is a journey to know one another, a commitment throughout it, and something which speaks of your inner values.

The feeling of connection will never fade, and it will even spark and swell in you again, if you keep your attention on it, without allowing your mind to interfere with arrogance and self-pity.

Unconditional love is this attention kept without the tyranny of your changing mind.  Love, deep connection to life, to one another, is a commitment, a phenomenon which never changes it course.

Only the mind changes course.  Truly understand this, and you can understand what unconditional love is.  Truly understand this, and you can understand where the miracle of love lies.





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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The Miraculous Birth.




What is to be free and a better human being…??  And what is to be spiritual…??  And what is to be highly conscious in life…?? 

They are the same, even though ignorance in the world, beginning by religions, tell you differently.

Being spiritual has no relation with The Bible or with any religion or “sacred” text.  Being spiritual is something that you carry inside, whether you are a saint or a murderer; however, to experience that intelligence, goodness or spirituality that you are, you must focus on creating it in your mind, or in becoming conscious/aware of it.

Hitler was not aware of it.  Pedophiles, even “religious” ones, are not aware of it.  Trump is not aware of it.  Many people are not aware of it, because they allow their environments and activities to reveal a “spiritual identity.”

So, people reads The Bible.  Or go to their damned churches.  Or listen to Sadhguru or any other.  And this means they are spiritual and conscious…??

Being spiritual, conscious, aware, is about integrity, morals and ethics through your daily behaviors, because exactly this changes your inner state, your mental state to a liberated and heavenly state–i.e., a state in which you create yourself and your life due to your higher integrity.

And that is when the superior human being is born, the intelligent creature who feels whole and does not lean or seeks his identity in his environment–in his religion, in his so-called “sacred” texts, in his lies and beliefs.

The greatest miracle in life is indeed to realize this and become integrity in all you do–i. e., realize that by eating meat you help kill the environment, realize that any lie tears relationships apart, realize that religions cannot bring salvation or truth, realize that love is not a desire, realize that all politics are games of power, realize that society will change when you start by changing yourself, realize that you are responsible for all that happens to you, etc. etc.






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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Find the hidden miracle.

Future love, future happiness, future freedom–these do not exist more than just imaginations and machinations of your ego.  “I will be thankful when I have this.”  “I am so close to being happy.”  “A little more work and I’ll achieve my goal.”  These and more are false manifestation of our ego.

Life is now and it is to enjoy now, not to suffer for what you do not have or have lost and want to recuperate.  Accept your life as it is now, whether your ego labels it pleasant or unpleasant; and enjoy what you have now, do not follow dreams and neither fall into memories of past losses.

If you do not accept your life as it is now, then you will suffer more anxiety and live on psychological suffering, which will manifest on physical suffering as illnesses.  There are people in the world who are homeless and have less than you; but they still live happily in the moment day by day.  There are people in the world who have lost more than you and have suffered much more than you; but they, nevertheless, do not allow depression to bring them down.


Now, this is wisdom; to celebrate your life each day, each moment, because life is now.  So, whatever you lost, you lost.  Whatever is gone, is gone.  And whatever will be, will be.  Learn to wisely live with it.




  But, do you know what is under your control…?? Do you know what builds your experience of love and happiness…?? The wisdom is Now, the happiness is Now, the choices are Now; so, however you choose to live your life, remind yourself that there is only Now.

So, you must find the joy, the good side of things now, whatever you experience seek in there something good; for there is ALWAYS something, for he is wise who finds the hidden joy in the moment.  Find the hidden miracle.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

A simple walk under The Sun/The Son.



If you were to place a material God, or find a material God, on anything in nature, what would it be…??  Give a face to God, a Material Source you can see and enjoy without religions, without mystical or spiritual knowledge.  Wouldn’t it be The Sun above us…??  Its arms reach us day and night, hot or cold; for certainly you do know that you are alive right now because of its great energy.  You are able to love another in a relationship, to think, to feel, to work, to move at all, due to The Sun’s energy which has been transmuted in you, through you.

It is a material miracle.  A perfect spiritual and physical sphere.  From esoteric mysticism or knowledge we know that The Sun is just as is this planet, The Earth, with four kingdoms or basic creative elements: The sun has fire, water, air, and earth–i.e., it has a mineral, plant, animal and human kingdom.  Now, we must remember that with the fall of Adam and Eve humankind descended, a great involution, into The Third Dimension–i.e., from The Forth to The Third Dimension.  So, of course, our science only sees and studies the physical from the 3-D dimensional level and understanding, so it is obvious that the information they gather of our Sun would be purely physical.

But The Sun is more than a dead, physical planet of simple chemistry, and ancient peoples knew this and is why they worshiped it, and even much of the mystical, spiritual sciences have The Sun as The Great Being of Existence.  And so should we, perhaps not worship it; however, The Sun must become of much importance in our lives, as Physical and Spiritual (life energy) Being.  People seek God and meaning in churches, in relationships, in books; but they miss the very Source of Energy, the Sun/Son which has been given to us since the beginning of time–i.e., as I see it, a source of identity, of life, of love, bliss and freedom.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The Miraculous (not immaculate) Conception.

Sages, Divine Prophets and Healers, true God men, Holy Masters, and all men and women of highly divine understanding must be born untainted, born in the environment and embrace of true, respected, sacred and deep love–i.e, the deep bond between a man and a woman without ties to lustful thoughts but a real motivation through the sexual act guided by pure love.  When man and woman join in the sexual act, their flesh and minds do not connect only but their consciousnesses/their divine energies as well do; this means, that in the single moment of Divine Creation in the womb when the seed (sperm cell) gives the spark of life (meeting the ovum) the two consciousnesses of the woman and man in the act meet and give birth to the new consciousness (the baby’s) out of the mentioned two:  The spark of great understanding, the power of a being, the greatest capacity is designed in this single moment then.  The very Cosmic Creation of a human being happens in this single moment of miraculous conception.

The story in The Bible:  “And in the sixth month, the angel Gabriel was sent from God unto a city of Galilee, named Nazareth, to a virgin espoused to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David; and the virgin’s name was Mary.  And the angel came in unto her, and said, Hail, thou that art highly favored, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women. And when she saw him, she was troubled at his saying, and cast in her mind what manner of salutation this should be.  And the angel said unto her, Fear not, Mary: for thou hast found favor with God.  And, behold, thou shall conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son, and shall call his name Jesus.  Then said Mary unto the angel, how shall this be, seeing I know not a man? (meaning she never had sex before).  And the angel answered and said unto her, The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee: therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God.”

Now, in ancient times, the entire human species conceived their children by the will and grace of the Holy Spirit; back then, there was no pain in childbirth–meaning that true love and divinity guided the sexual act of man, no lust and perversion for the ordinary sake of orgasm.  Later on, humanity fell from the Grace of God (due to Adam and Eve).  But Mary had been following the path of chastity and holiness, and therefore she was surprised when the angel announced that she would conceive a son.  By her example she taught the path of chastity.  Now, it is important to remember that most people in this day and age, for them marriage had become a license to fornicate. Men and women were multiplied merely by animal pleasure, not caring one bit about the Holy Spirit and true love.  But, as mentioned, Mary was chaste and got married truly in love with a man of the same high consciousness, so the symbolism is that the Holy Spirit (true, untainted love) gave them a saint and divine being from the heavens because their sexual act was unblemished by carnal lust and any perversion of the mind.

An immaculate conception is one of no touch, one of no sex, no semen and ovum divine creation; and this is what everybody in the religious world and also with a religious mind interprets–the surface of the story.  But the story goes beyond the simple interpretation of the ignorant mind, it is a symbolism for the sacredness of the sexual act and pure, untainted love; thus miraculous, one that really knows the union between woman and man as divine.


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