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A simple walk under The Sun/The Son.

It is a material miracle. A perfect spiritual and physical sphere. From esoteric mysticism or…



If you were to place a material God, or find a material God, on anything in nature, what would it be…??  Give a face to God, a Material Source you can see and enjoy without religions, without mystical or spiritual knowledge.  Wouldn’t it be The Sun above us…??  Its arms reach us day and night, hot or cold; for certainly you do know that you are alive right now because of its great energy.  You are able to love another in a relationship, to think, to feel, to work, to move at all, due to The Sun’s energy which has been transmuted in you, through you.

It is a material miracle.  A perfect spiritual and physical sphere.  From esoteric mysticism or knowledge we know that The Sun is just as is this planet, The Earth, with four kingdoms or basic creative elements: The sun has fire, water, air, and earth–i.e., it has a mineral, plant, animal and human kingdom.  Now, we must remember that with the fall of Adam and Eve humankind descended, a great involution, into The Third Dimension–i.e., from The Forth to The Third Dimension.  So, of course, our science only sees and studies the physical from the 3-D dimensional level and understanding, so it is obvious that the information they gather of our Sun would be purely physical.

But The Sun is more than a dead, physical planet of simple chemistry, and ancient peoples knew this and is why they worshiped it, and even much of the mystical, spiritual sciences have The Sun as The Great Being of Existence.  And so should we, perhaps not worship it; however, The Sun must become of much importance in our lives, as Physical and Spiritual (life energy) Being.  People seek God and meaning in churches, in relationships, in books; but they miss the very Source of Energy, the Sun/Son which has been given to us since the beginning of time–i.e., as I see it, a source of identity, of life, of love, bliss and freedom.



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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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