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All “God” really is…

Societies have distorted reality and truth of what is, of that cosmic force which gives birth to all life, to all experience; for humanity has given names, thoughts and feelings, expectations and qualities to divinity.  All that humanity knows and understands–the ego-mind, the compulsive feelings and ways to hate and love, the rational and irrational behaviors, etc–has been projected onto something which in reality is pure silence and energy; and as a result of this abomination we have God in many religions, each one of them with their own qualities and different ways of existence.

This gods expect things from you like to follow beliefs and dogmas, need things from you like worship and obedience, and threaten you with hell and various creative forms of torture.  Divine bullying anyone…??

But what if God is just “godliness”, divinity, harmony, morals and ethics in the human creature which exist deep in all of us…??  What if this divinity does not require you to fill your mind with beliefs, rules from religions, rituals of specific worship, and prayers directed to saints created by man…??After all, all love and happiness resides within you, deep inside, which you can access without help from any outside form.

Because divinity is just that, just the development of great MORALS AND ETHICS; for morals and ethics when applied to your life give you wisdom to create your individual path in life, intelligence to make better choices, mental health and harmony to understand yourself and others, and the love to accept the world with its flaws and ignorance without you being absorbed by it.


All God, or divinity, really is then, is a set of virtues that you must develop from within you every day; and so, the word “develop” here means “APPLY,” for without applying this, God, or divinity, does not exist and you are lost as a human being.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Laws of Nature.


What governs Nature…??  Everything and anything in existence works under higher principles or Universal Laws, and all that which happens does so for a reason.  NOTHING is random: 

If you are annoyed by your current life situation, if you fall into depression, if you survive an accident, if you find joy in a relationship, if you have inherited a fatal disease, if you lose someone you love, if the people in a nation or community suffer, if the people in a nation or community prosper, etc.–all this has meaning, but you can see the meaning ONLY if you have “Awakening.”

Why…??  Because Awakening is a liberation of consciousness from the stubborn intellectual mind/ego, such intellectual mind/ego which gets quickly annoyed by situations it does not like; so, what does it do then??, it closes itself to reality and out of suffering it creates stubbornly its own false reality.

A fake reality where consciousness remains asleep or trapped, so the ego creates a escape from what happened–specially when it comes to painful situations or happenings.  So The Laws of Nature, or of God, do not work for the limited understanding of the ego; only an expanded mind with a free consciousness can understand painful situations and find the meaning in them.

Knowledge of The Laws of Nature require that you step away from your intellect and stop your ego from making you feel like a victim; and ONLY then consciousness can be free, and ONLY then you can breathe and welcome challenges and painful situations in your life.

Thus, everything that goes on in your life must be taken with peace of mind and not with condemnation or in anger; for the one entity that remains always blind to The Laws of Nature is your ego, and the suffering and the hatred for any situation you experience comes from your ego–i.e., ego which enslaves the greater understanding of your trapped consciousness.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Two Gods in The Quest for Moral Growth.

What the world and religions call “God” has been an invention of man. Of course, there is a force eternal of Creation as we know it, and that is the entity which gives men and women rationality and capacity for understanding and illumination to see truth beyond ego, and most importantly gives humankind morality and the capacity to further develop that morality to be always better human beings. Now, religions, specially The Christian World, has created TWO Gods to answer morality questions, which also show Christianity’s rigid and restrictive rules and views:

1) We have the God of the early Bible (The Old Testament), the God of Abraham and Moises–and this is a wrathful God, a God that brings revenge and terror on whomever does not obey His Laws (i.e., the Flood and Noah’s Ark, Abraham attempting to kill his own son, etc.).

2) The new testament’s God, the God that Jesus preached or taught to the multitudes, is a God of pure love, of great tolerance, of “putting the other cheek” as Jesus himself taught (which is why The Pharisees did not like his teachings as Jesus threatened the old laws of the first God)–and this is then the evolution of a SUPERIOR God, the evolution of the understanding man has about the world and about what God should be…  So, can you see these two Gods man has created out of his evolving understanding of himself and of the world in which he lives…??

Because man created these two Gods, because The Bible and ancient texts are mere attempts to make men more moral by creating stories and myths that bring hope, faith, and awe to his heart and to the people of the entire world…  And so, this takes us to YOUR individual life.  Are you still attached to stories, myths, beliefs, opinions, rigid and irrational philosophies like the first God….??  Or are you open-minded, always ready to learn about everything and anything, not blinded by your own opinion and pleasures, and ONLY seeking vaster knowledge to turn into a higher moral human being…??

There is no worse blindness than the blindness of the man who wishes to remain blind because he believes he has already found the truth.  So, seek rationality and conscience in all you think, feel, and do; and beware, religions and society sometimes will tell you that rationality can be the opposite of faith, that faith is a belief in things not seen and that BLIND FAITH is a requirement for spiritual growth.  Know that they are all trying to deceive you!  Faith can ONLY be manifested when the human creature knows truth, when it has no doubt and confusion; and faith is the CONSTANT search for truth in the rational mind–i.e., a mind given to you for the purpose of spiritual and moral growth.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Creation of God.

In the beginning, some good men, being endowed with higher thinking and rationality, saw that mankind needed guidelines for morality and conduct, because they saw that mankind easily followed animal passions and outbursts of immorality (as it continues today).  So, these good men of rationality started creating stories of superior deities and divinity, such stories which brought awe and respect, faith and a sense of humility into otherwise wild men.
So, as man evolved and its societies around the world did so as well, then came divine writings and myths; from The Sumerians and Egyptians to India and to all of Christianity, these books or writings were known as “Holy” because they indeed transformed the human creature, they brought the sacred unto man–that is, the sacred divinity WITHIN man already.  It guided men and women into ways of morality and love, and that was the purpose of these universal scriptures.

And so, these universal scriptures which took the beast in man and turned it into a better moral creature were called “the stories or messages of God/from God to man.”  God being this sacred entity in man which was reminded to them by these scriptures and the holy messages they carried.  Now, it so happened then that these myths and stories which exulted or sanctified man gained mayor popularity in their cultures and traditions; that is, there was an impact in each country, for all the countries sought some sort of divinity.

And so, man in his ego formed institutions called religions; as they had institutions for material goods all over the world already, and now they had institutions for “spiritual goods” all over the world as well–each religion (institution) adopted its own stories and myths.  But it so happened that as man and society developed, man forgot that these were just stories and myths, and so strict and vain dogmas and rules appeared in religions while making this same man obey them without choice; and religions then became more a dictatorship of the world than a liberation of the spirit inside man.

Now, of course, these stories and myths were written based on something real; for the GREAT creativity of the mind of man does this, it creates based on something it sees and/or experiences in life.  So we can say these scriptures are tremendously important for the higher morality in us, because they bring hope and faith, and belief in the divinity inside us all; however, we must remind ourselves that these are still stories created by man and his imagination, and so we must seek also truth in science and fact–unite the two into one, thus guide your life and fill your body with light…  “The light of the body is the eye; if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” ~ Matthew 6: 22.



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Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Kundalini Awakening: The godly Fire Within.

Ah yes, the old “Kundalini Awakening.”  But what is it…??  Although the term Kundalini is from Sanskrit and is associated with Indian mysticism, Tantra, and Yoga, the word refers to a living element in nature (so, within us, within our nature) and is thus known in all religions by different names.  In Judaism and Kabbalah, it is called Shekinah.  In Christianity, it is the fire of the Pentacost that illuminated the apostles and it is also where Moses acquired The Ten Commandments from God–that is, God gives to each one of us the commandments to purify ourselves and illumination to live better lives in the heights of our mind (mount Sinai) through Kundalini Awakening.  And in Buddhism it is known by many names, such as Candali.

So, Kundalini, the serpent power or mystic fire, is the primordial energy or Sakti that lies dormant or sleeping in the Muladhara Chakra, the centre of the body.  It is called the serpentine or annular power on account of serpentine form in the spine.  It is an electric fiery occult power, the great pristine force which underlies all organic and inorganic matter.  Kundalini then is the cosmic power in individual bodies; and it is not a material force like electricity, magnetism, centripetal or centrifugal force, but a SPIRITUAL POTENTIAL Sakti or cosmic power.  So, in reality it has no form.

The human being wakes all his senses–outer and inner ones–via the cleanse and reanimation of The Third Eye (which is located biologically in the center of the brain, at the height and between the eyes, which is also called the pineal gland).  When the pineal gland is illuminated all the IN-SIGHT and IN-TUITION is enhanced in the person and The Kingdom Of God is seen at the end of the ladder (at the end up the spine, in the awakened conscience of man) by the person who was before sleeping in The Third Dimensional state of existence (the plane of confusion and suffering/the fallen Adam and eve state) and now is awake in The Fourth Dimensional state of existence (the plane of wholeness and bliss/of Adam and Eve in The Paradise and walking with God).


This means a full animation, or RE-animation, of all the senses–intelligence beyond intellect and intuitive wisdom–swallows the whole interaction of the person.  It is when man reaches illumination through the purity and cleanse of the mind, higher morality, and the union of intellect and heart.




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Beware The Seductive Whore.

Finding the hidden truths, allowing your conscience to be illumined, detaching yourself from people and old views and beliefs, must be the goal of every moment you are alive; for that is indeed the great purpose of being alive and developing in this life, and let NO ONE tell you otherwise and sell you their ignorant deceit.  And that is exactly what people around you will seek to tell you, and that is also what any institution in your society will seek to tell you; and that is, that you should worship Jesus, or Buddha, or such and such prophet or priest, or the scriptures, or your hard-earned money, or even people you love.

But paradise, truth, love in its divine essence, is not meant for ANY KIND of worshiper; for worshipers are worshipers because they are attached to the ignorant philosophy of superiority and inferiority.  The worshiper feels inferior to the worshiped, so the ego creates this illusion which creates a brutal duality; therefore, inferiority and superiority are born, the victim seeks a liberator (whether another human being or an object), the slave seeks someone or something to free him.  This process of worshiping confuses the mind, hides the truth, buries the Innermost inside you under thick layers of beliefs and under thick layers of fear/victimization.

The problem is that when you feel like a victim you feel depressed and frustrated, chained to situations and to a very crude human nature where you do not see a way out; hence, the distortion of reality, the loss of truth, and the dictatorship of fear in you.  This feeling of inferiority in you is something that society–its religions, its politics, its academic education, its commercial agendas, etc.–wants desperately, because when you are held hostage by confusion and fear then your mind is naive and easily corrupted and controlled–so you buy unnecessary and unhealthy items, you seek worshiping religions and men of nice titles, you listen to any garbage music they make without caring what it does to your mind, etc. etc.

The only freedom is in questioning everything, in dissecting all they give you, because in this your mind will expand and find truth; and in this you will leave the seductive darkness of attachment–i.e., attachment to people, attachment to ideologies, attachment to institutions, attachment to ALL material things.


To worship has been distorted and made something stupid and vulgar, as men and women take objects like money or politics or religions and also ideals like the scriptures and things which man says and become seekers of this; however, to truly worship is to seek your inner self through health and applying ideas and philosophies which can purify your mind and heart, so your actions in the world are of higher morality as a better human being.  Truth is always the goal, not the feeding of the ego through comforting beliefs and ideas; follow the truth wherever it leads you, destroy your illusions, seek The Kingdom of God/Illumination of your conscience.  This indeed we can call the true art of worship.


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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

All with Him. All without Him.

Balance is key.  Not a fanatic of anything.  Fanaticism brings the mind its own dictatorship.  When the mind is in dictatorship then you are not seeing clearly but blinded by your own delusion and imagination, overtaken by your own passions.  To know God is to know yourself, and to truly know yourself is to understand that you need balance–not a saintly nut and not an atheist revolutionary either.

Look at Jesus, he was not a religious nutjob full of beliefs and illusions like today’s people; but he was an Enlightened man who understood that being a fanatic destroys the mind and steals the expansion of sacred knowledge from the whole of existence, and knowledge of what you truly are.

Everybody now-a-days is a fanatic of some kind, and they follow illusions of being this or being that; but everybody is somehow guided by scriptures and religions, deeply and subconsciously influenced even if they are not religious per se.  There is not thinking for yourself, there is no expansion of mind but a repetition of what others say.  When it comes to God, idiots make it a especial entity to worship higher than their own spirit.

When it comes to Atheists, idiots believe that what they see is what is.  Jesus did not have any fanaticism, nor did Buddha; to know godliness, divinity, the eternal that is balance, and so that is what they had.  People needs balance, reality, not self-righteous “piety” and illusions of a God entity which makes them more self-absorbed fanatics and subconsciously prideful.




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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The blindness of groups.

Protestants, Catholics, Intellectuals, Mormons, Atheists. Muslims, Democrats, Revolutionaries, Republicans, Military, and so on and so forth.  Each one of these groups lives in their own little world, thus their own little vision, their own little rules, their own little philosophy of life.  All this creates division and ignorance, because each group can only understand and see the content of their own little world (creates ignorance), and because each group divides itself from the rest as they believe strongly that they are right and the others wrong (superiority and inferiority complexes are built/the creation of right and wrong in division).

Everybody is right and everybody is wrong, which means the truth is clouded, distant from their conscience.  They create their own truth through their own beliefs, through their own stubborn and fixed philosophies, through their own close-minded interpretations of life, through the games they create for themselves–each ignorant and asleep group creates the idea which gives pleasure and boosts the egotism of that specific group.  And this selfishness and INVOLUTION from conscious illumination they do not see, or even understand, but surely ignore; for they are like pigs wallowing in their own filth, and like the pig they ignore that they are wallowing in filth, because to the pig the filth is heaven/its own truth.

What is the problem…??  The problem is their morals, their characters, their comprehension of love, of life, and of each other.  If each group stays in their own beliefs, ideas, philosophies, illusions, then there is no chance of seeing and understanding the big picture–each group is living in a room and never actually experienced other rooms, thus they have learned that each their own rooms are the best and true rooms.  And love is just what they believe it is–i.e., “I love only MY people and the rest is not my concern,” “I love only MY nation and the rest not so much,” “MY political party is true and right so the rest is not.,” “I love only people who believe in MY God because the rest are too stupid to see MY truth,” etc. etc.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The Angel of Sun.

The ancients had a very different, spiritual and personal view of The Sun and its mighty light/energy. They recognized that God, that eternal essence of Creation, acted through The Sun; and rightly so, The Sun gives nourishment to our bodies and minds, even though most people forget this as they go about their business.

Nothing could take form, be accomplished, and manifest without The Radiant Sun; and that is why it is one of the most sacred angels. People tend to create their own angels out of people, individuals like them; however, how foolish is this, when that which gives you life should be given the utmost importance in prayer and in all manner of worship and study.


“The Angel of Sun.”

Oh, Angel of Sun, The Power and Force of God,
The bathing energy of The Timeless Mighty One,
It is in the vibrations of The Divine Law of Growth
Where I do keep in earnest love plighted troth.

Oh, Angel of Sun, who defeats the Dark One,
Who commutes with the divine spirit of truth,
You make universal things and creatures whole,
You bring clarity to my mind, heart and soul.

Oh, Angel of Sun, with you I enter The Eternal,
That which has been endowed in my very bones,
That which gives me ancient wisdom without bind;
For you’ve been here since the very dawn of time.

Oh, Angel of Sun, you bathe The Earthly Mother
And bless The Sacred Word of The Holy Father;
Thus your rays are gold and you bring The Fire
Of The Sacred Essence in man’s very own spire.

Oh, Angel of Sun, you guard The Tree of Life
Which lies in the very depths of every man.
And in your very presence all becomes pure,
And in your mighty wisdom I the path endure.




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A simple walk under The Sun/The Son.



If you were to place a material God, or find a material God, on anything in nature, what would it be…??  Give a face to God, a Material Source you can see and enjoy without religions, without mystical or spiritual knowledge.  Wouldn’t it be The Sun above us…??  Its arms reach us day and night, hot or cold; for certainly you do know that you are alive right now because of its great energy.  You are able to love another in a relationship, to think, to feel, to work, to move at all, due to The Sun’s energy which has been transmuted in you, through you.

It is a material miracle.  A perfect spiritual and physical sphere.  From esoteric mysticism or knowledge we know that The Sun is just as is this planet, The Earth, with four kingdoms or basic creative elements: The sun has fire, water, air, and earth–i.e., it has a mineral, plant, animal and human kingdom.  Now, we must remember that with the fall of Adam and Eve humankind descended, a great involution, into The Third Dimension–i.e., from The Forth to The Third Dimension.  So, of course, our science only sees and studies the physical from the 3-D dimensional level and understanding, so it is obvious that the information they gather of our Sun would be purely physical.

But The Sun is more than a dead, physical planet of simple chemistry, and ancient peoples knew this and is why they worshiped it, and even much of the mystical, spiritual sciences have The Sun as The Great Being of Existence.  And so should we, perhaps not worship it; however, The Sun must become of much importance in our lives, as Physical and Spiritual (life energy) Being.  People seek God and meaning in churches, in relationships, in books; but they miss the very Source of Energy, the Sun/Son which has been given to us since the beginning of time–i.e., as I see it, a source of identity, of life, of love, bliss and freedom.



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