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All with Him. All without Him.

Balance is key.  Not a fanatic of anything.  Fanaticism brings the mind its own dictatorship.  When the mind is in dictatorship then you are not seeing clearly but blinded by your own delusion and imagination, overtaken by your own passions.  To know God is to know yourself, and to truly know yourself is to understand that you need balance–not a saintly nut and not an atheist revolutionary either.

Look at Jesus, he was not a religious nutjob full of beliefs and illusions like today’s people; but he was an Enlightened man who understood that being a fanatic destroys the mind and steals the expansion of sacred knowledge from the whole of existence, and knowledge of what you truly are.

Everybody now-a-days is a fanatic of some kind, and they follow illusions of being this or being that; but everybody is somehow guided by scriptures and religions, deeply and subconsciously influenced even if they are not religious per se.  There is not thinking for yourself, there is no expansion of mind but a repetition of what others say.  When it comes to God, idiots make it a especial entity to worship higher than their own spirit.

When it comes to Atheists, idiots believe that what they see is what is.  Jesus did not have any fanaticism, nor did Buddha; to know godliness, divinity, the eternal that is balance, and so that is what they had.  People needs balance, reality, not self-righteous “piety” and illusions of a God entity which makes them more self-absorbed fanatics and subconsciously prideful.




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The Pits of Greed.


Greed, lust, ambition, come as a result of feeling, perhaps subconsciously, inferior, or because you desire to show how knowledgeable, how superior, or how passionate you are–and so the state of mind is one of agitation and selfish desire.  You want to reach the pleasure for yourself.  You desire to show your superiority over others.  You feel the need to display your knowledge and prowess for others to see.
It is very human, and it can happen to any of us; however, if allowed to overtake us, these strong feelings or intense emotions can make us their slaves unbeknownst to us, they can blind us, they can drive us somewhere we do not want to be, and they can transform who we truly are.  So, be always aware..

“The Pits of Greed.”

Flames came rushing and took me to hell!
Thou presence into a cage made me dwell:

I felt thy scorching flames in my very existence,
My body cried in agony of a thousand demons,
O as thou remained the hell of my resistance!
Allowed by my choices over those of the soul.
I was once blessed with love and freedom,
Chained not to thy horrors but to individuality
To be my own self with compassion and reason,
Beyond thy cruel pity and thy intense hate
Which cuts my marrow and boils my blood
Whilst keeping my conscience a sealed fate.
But I reach the summit of my lesson now,
In purity and nobility I grow my conscious seed;
For no greater gift in me The One does endow
Than to be rid eternally of The Pits of Greed.



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