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Chasing, becoming anxious about achieving, obsessing, becoming attached and ambitious for something, only ruins your mental peace and your clarity in life.   The way is the inward way.   In life you get everything by detaching yourself from what you desire.

Take for example happiness:  If you chase happiness through money, through sexual and emotional relationships, through fame, through traveling, through any activity, then happiness is not discovered in you, it runs away from your experience.

  Sure, you have moments of pleasure and joy, of excitement and pride; but those die soon, because real happiness is already in you and not in your activities.  Your activities give you wonderful experiences, but these activities pass away in time.  Happiness never dies, because it is constant. 

Or love, for example:  Love is not a product of your relationships with another, sexual affairs, marriage, kids, etc.  Love cannot be chase and grabbed by you, you cannot make it happen by the struggle and demand of your mind.  Love is in you, but you cannot experience it because your mind is always busy chasing something out there.

Greed in chasing after something is what you must kill, so you can become a magnet and attract.  You attract what you become.  The problem is allowing your mind to get envious and desire what others have.  Time is an illusion and you shouldn’t be concerned with it.  Do not run after what you want desperately, and do not obsess about the time in life either; for this makes you a repellent for all things of value to you.





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Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Expressions of Yourself.




All you do in life is a way of expressing yourself, a way to express what you carry inside.  When you get angry, you do it because there is anxiety and some form of suffering in you–provoked or not.

When you love without demands, without expectation, just giving for the joy of giving, you do it because you feel free and joyous inside.  When you do not love like this, it is because you feel some hurt, imprisoned by your arrogance and expectations.

When you stress over money, position, ambitions, you do it because you feel frustrated with your life right now and imprisoned in your image of the future.

All this must be accepted, recognized, embraced in you; because you are all these expressions.  There is really no good and evil, but just expressions of what you are; thus, you choose to filter this through your mind according to your attention.

If your attention remains inwards then you will become harmonious and blissful; but if your attention remains on the world, on competition, on comparison, then you will become agitated and frustrated.

So, understand that all about you is natural, godly, normal; but also understand that all is energy which transforms into modes of expression in life.  You must watch your mind, your feel, to transform into the proper, ethical and moral expressions of yourself.




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Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Understanding people.


People are easily swept off their feet, mesmerized, hypnotized, influenced, excited, robbed of morality and rationality by the world around them because they worship their physical senses and the crooked realities they bring them.

And this, obviously, leads them to be unconscious and to envy greedily, to try to feel superior and put others down.  This you must understand about people, ALL people, including the people you care about, the people you least expect, and perhaps you unconsciously do it as well.

This appears to be a sickness in most people when they do not feel whole inside, so they seek to fill their emptiness to feel better about themselves and their lack of integrity.  Some do it consciously, some others unconsciously; however, it is certainly in all unawakened human creature to do this in their different ways, seeking their own self-gratification.

Because people compete with one another, but they do not know it most of the time; and until they bring illumination into themselves (which it might never happen in most cases), their behaviors and intentions are erratic and concealed to their own awareness.

So, one must understand that they do this, and they act out, and they pity themselves at your expense, because of the great void and unhappiness buried deeply within them.  This is the sick game they play.

And to understand this gives you the depth and insight into all your relationships.  And relationships are the very evolution of situations and people you have to master in your journey to be happy; so you may look into people’s unconscious behaviors and gain patience for your own harmony and illumination.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths.

Into the abyss.

Hell, or the Avernus, has three gates: Lust, Anger, and Greed. 

-Lust takes us to lose consciousness and fall deep into animal character away from all divinity and illumination–godly states which are the very essence of Love. 
-Anger spawns all kinds of agitation in the mind, it clouds judgement, and brings all diseases into our system by lowering the vibrations of our being. 
-But greed is the very nature of what we may call evil.  Greed fills the mind and it makes it want more and more–i.,e., more and better food, more sex, more money, more things, even more knowledge.

Society is built around greed, it cannot survive without it; this works subconsciously so it plants the seeds in the psyche of the ignorant masses, thus nobody thinks they are being greedy.  Being greedy is a sin unto yourself, to your better evolution as a human and spiritual being.  But nobody becomes truly aware of their greediness, do they…??  Do you…??  It is easy to notice the greediness of the world instead of your own, isn’t it…??  The reason why the mind of the human creature must be self-aware at all times, no exceptions.

Pursuing pleasures mindlessly and obsessively is greed, which most of the time will act subconsciously in you; and the only cure for this is a constant self-awareness.  Greed is everywhere you look, even dressed in religious and saintly clothing.  Fear is pursuing these pleasures, and when fear exists in the mind/when the pursuit of pleasure exists in the mind then all love for God and for your true self is gone.



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Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The Pits of Greed.


Greed, lust, ambition, come as a result of feeling, perhaps subconsciously, inferior, or because you desire to show how knowledgeable, how superior, or how passionate you are–and so the state of mind is one of agitation and selfish desire.  You want to reach the pleasure for yourself.  You desire to show your superiority over others.  You feel the need to display your knowledge and prowess for others to see.
It is very human, and it can happen to any of us; however, if allowed to overtake us, these strong feelings or intense emotions can make us their slaves unbeknownst to us, they can blind us, they can drive us somewhere we do not want to be, and they can transform who we truly are.  So, be always aware..

“The Pits of Greed.”

Flames came rushing and took me to hell!
Thou presence into a cage made me dwell:

I felt thy scorching flames in my very existence,
My body cried in agony of a thousand demons,
O as thou remained the hell of my resistance!
Allowed by my choices over those of the soul.
I was once blessed with love and freedom,
Chained not to thy horrors but to individuality
To be my own self with compassion and reason,
Beyond thy cruel pity and thy intense hate
Which cuts my marrow and boils my blood
Whilst keeping my conscience a sealed fate.
But I reach the summit of my lesson now,
In purity and nobility I grow my conscious seed;
For no greater gift in me The One does endow
Than to be rid eternally of The Pits of Greed.



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