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Greed in chasing after something is what you must kill, so you can become a magnet and attract.  You attract…


Chasing, becoming anxious about achieving, obsessing, becoming attached and ambitious for something, only ruins your mental peace and your clarity in life.   The way is the inward way.   In life you get everything by detaching yourself from what you desire.

Take for example happiness:  If you chase happiness through money, through sexual and emotional relationships, through fame, through traveling, through any activity, then happiness is not discovered in you, it runs away from your experience.

  Sure, you have moments of pleasure and joy, of excitement and pride; but those die soon, because real happiness is already in you and not in your activities.  Your activities give you wonderful experiences, but these activities pass away in time.  Happiness never dies, because it is constant. 

Or love, for example:  Love is not a product of your relationships with another, sexual affairs, marriage, kids, etc.  Love cannot be chase and grabbed by you, you cannot make it happen by the struggle and demand of your mind.  Love is in you, but you cannot experience it because your mind is always busy chasing something out there.

Greed in chasing after something is what you must kill, so you can become a magnet and attract.  You attract what you become.  The problem is allowing your mind to get envious and desire what others have.  Time is an illusion and you shouldn’t be concerned with it.  Do not run after what you want desperately, and do not obsess about the time in life either; for this makes you a repellent for all things of value to you.





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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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