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Potential for happiness.

So, how does one choose what’s important in his life…?? How does one measure happiness?? The essence of happiness. Now, one thing to understand is that pleasure and happiness are two different things. Pleasure is something of the mind and relevant for this society, like money, like the need to form relationships, like a career, like the need to belong to a group. This could be good or bad. Your choice. But a deeper look into happiness tells us that happiness in none of these things. What happens if all these things I have mentioned are taken away…?? How would you feel if there is no money, no relationship with another, no career, no support and validation from a group??

Happiness, on the other hand, is something which exists in you, no matter what you have or do not have. Money cannot give you happiness for example. Money is good, but it can only give you pleasure. The pleasure to buy the food you like. The pleasure to support yourself and your family financially. The pleasure to travel. The pleasure to buy a computer and connect through the internet with millions of people. And all this pleasure is necessary or not in our societies, but it is not relevant to happiness. Just because you have money, a family, a career, or belong to a political or religious group, does not mean you’re happy. Happiness is in you, in your thoughts of inspiration and positivity; however, it has nothing to do with the superficial, even if important to you, achievements in society.

I have written an article which expands on our inner capacity. Please take a read. Hope you find it helpful: Strength. Courage. Passion.

This leads us to Great intelligence. This intelligence is not intellectual. This intelligence is highly moral, of your heart, and it speaks loudly of your inner spirit. Money cannot give you this intelligence. Books, family, religion, politics, cannot give you this intelligence. Because this intelligence is the capacity in you to be happy. Love and happiness. Plain and simple. You may have had a terrible childhood. You may have had a tragic trauma. You may be carrying much distress, loneliness, misery right now; however, the magic to actually be happy despite this still is in you. When you were a child, it was there. But as you grew up, the stress of this society, the stress to make money, the stress to build family life, the stress of disliking other religions and political parties affected you. You, subconsciously, without knowing, allowed it to happen. But you can still recover this if you reach deep within you, but it takes surrendering your anxious mind to your heart.

This one is about a little hope, learning through life, and the strength to do it. Thought it could be relevant as well: Thus Awaken…

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Anatomy and physiology of life Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Illusions of the Dead…




What really goes through your mind as you go shopping, or to a restaurant, or to the movies, or to some other place for entertainment and “collective fun”…??

Do you walk around absorbed by the colorful signs and lost in the unconscious crowds??  Do you truly understand what goes on around you, inside the unconsciousness of the crowds, and inviting you to be one like them??

Personally, I am not against this at all, the pleasure of earthly entertainment is not a “sin” but a thing to enjoy, if you have the chance; however, the problem is that most people’s mind is unconscious and easily corrupted by this.


They forget what is truly important and start believing that popularity and doing all these activities is all there is; and so, they lose themselves, and compete to acquire the money to enjoy these pleasures.

And then, due to their inflated egos, become anxious, prideful, even depressed because they cannot have what others have, and ruled by this society-structured nonsense which has no real value in the progress of the morality of the human being.


…Just something to think about as we live our lives, whoever you are, whatever you are seeking, and wherever you live…





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The Pits of Greed.


Greed, lust, ambition, come as a result of feeling, perhaps subconsciously, inferior, or because you desire to show how knowledgeable, how superior, or how passionate you are–and so the state of mind is one of agitation and selfish desire.  You want to reach the pleasure for yourself.  You desire to show your superiority over others.  You feel the need to display your knowledge and prowess for others to see.
It is very human, and it can happen to any of us; however, if allowed to overtake us, these strong feelings or intense emotions can make us their slaves unbeknownst to us, they can blind us, they can drive us somewhere we do not want to be, and they can transform who we truly are.  So, be always aware..

“The Pits of Greed.”

Flames came rushing and took me to hell!
Thou presence into a cage made me dwell:

I felt thy scorching flames in my very existence,
My body cried in agony of a thousand demons,
O as thou remained the hell of my resistance!
Allowed by my choices over those of the soul.
I was once blessed with love and freedom,
Chained not to thy horrors but to individuality
To be my own self with compassion and reason,
Beyond thy cruel pity and thy intense hate
Which cuts my marrow and boils my blood
Whilst keeping my conscience a sealed fate.
But I reach the summit of my lesson now,
In purity and nobility I grow my conscious seed;
For no greater gift in me The One does endow
Than to be rid eternally of The Pits of Greed.



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The wider view…

“Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best.” ~ Theodore Isaac Rubin; American psychiatrist, and author.

“Life is not easy for any of us.  But what of that?  We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves.  We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained.” ~ Marie Curie; Polish-French physicist and chemist.

Happiness, true happiness, is realized and experienced in the individual by having patience and perseverance, by having diligence and commitment to a cause; that all means struggle through challenges, a deeper understanding, and reluctance to quit.  Self-discipline is paramount through it all since self-discipline means passion to this superior commitment; this is the path to what lasts and to what gives profound meaning to our lives.

Of course, the rest is just fleeting pleasure, it will not necessarily be struggle nor make us get out of our comfort zones.  The lower mind, the animal condition in man will always tell us of the easy pleasures in life, where the ego feels comfortable and gives mere satisfaction to the same ego-centered mind; however, most of the time this does not last and the mind is like in a sugar rush… it is extremely excited and high… but soon afterwards the mind goes back to its normal state and then there is the immediate sugar crash…

But through intelligent planning, analysis, hard and consistent work, and a noble and pure passionate heart, happiness can be experienced, true and constant happiness that is and not mere excitement and pleasure with a disguise to fool us into happiness condition.

For example, most of the time people get into relationships while confusing a mere attraction to the pleasures of the same relationship with true happiness, and that is because they are fooled by their egos and the feeling it superficially creates in them; however, the feeling of happiness is pure and is not based upon attachment to a face, to an intellect, or to a personality–these things might help, but they do not connect two souls because these things are tied to change (one day they are there, the next day they may not be.

No, happiness is not pleasure.  Happiness is the deeper connection to a person or to an event just for the sake of giving love, for the sake of connecting; it has no reason more than the process of expanding love.   The ego expects love and happiness.  The pure heart just feels a soul connection and gives love because that is what it does… it just gives love… in the process of giving is the happiness experienced.


So, pay attention in your own life and learn to see the difference between true happiness and fleeting pleasure, between what lasts and what doesn’t.  This will guide you towards true success and happiness which is real and thus brings real value to your life, to your superior development.


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Moving forwards…

“The weak can never forgive.  Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”  ~ Mahatma Gandhi.

“We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive.  He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love.  There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us.  When we discover this, we are less prone to hate others.”  ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.; American Baptist minister, spokesperson and leader in the Civil Rights Movement.

Self-love is the beginning of every great and inspirational thought, of every great and inspirational feeling, of every great and inspirational deed; so, if a human being cannot love himself beyond his mundane thoughts and superficial appearance, then he will not be able to experience true happiness and truly love others.

But he will confuse pleasure with true love and thus he will suffer and fail many times in his life, while making the same mistakes over and over again until, and if ever, he learns to develop self-love.

Forgiveness is one of the greatest acts regarding self-love, because it is all about truly freeing your own mind, loving yourself; and once you let go of the hurt from past memories, then your mind is free to embrace self-love and to move on, while you are not tied anymore to hate and anger and you can heal yourself.

Even something as terrible as rape can be forgiven, not forgotten, obviously; but, nevertheless, you can remove the anger and hatred from your mind which is destroying your abilities to move on and be happy, thus you self-love.


I am not saying forgiving the stupidities of people is easy, not even close to that; but I am saying that it is worth it, because it is all about your healthy development and the embrace of greater strengths.

Whatever happened in your life a minute or ten years ago is in the past, and now in your memory; and because it is a memory, you may never forget it, but because it is in fact this memory in thought-form, you can make peace with it.  And so with daily practice, patiently, focused on your own development, you can let go, you can help yourself.
The easiest, most selfish and lazy thing the human being does is to follow his own ego blindly, like a brute with no brains at all; so, to remain attached to anger and hatred, to choose to follow stupid memories and let these thoughts consume you, is to deny the divine opportunities, the inner strength, life has given you to move on and raise above your own flawed mind, thus stupidity and stubbornness, thus a very selfish and pitiful state of mind.  This is of the weak mind, thus also of the weak individual as a whole who cannot even rule over his own mind.
To forgive then is of the strong mind, because to forgive is to see beyond your own lazy ego and reach deep within you for the strength to move on and be happy.  This takes guts and a very tamed mind.  This takes some greater mastery over yourself.
Are you the weak one or the strong one then…??  Are you an inferior human being or a superior one…??


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Discovering the eternal flame.

“He is richest who is content with the least, for content is the wealth of nature.”  ~ Socrates.

“My crown is called content, a crown that seldom kings enjoy.”  ~ William Shakespeare.

Happiness and pleasure are two different things; happiness is what we are eternally (obviously has no beginning and no end), pleasure is what physical life created (has a beginning and end). 
Pleasure, if is chosen wisely, may be something noble to which aspire and seek in life, but we must never confuse pleasure with happiness.


Happiness has no purpose, no quality you can define; therefore, you are happy just because you are content and living in the moment, while you struggle and work you choose to embrace what you are, true and constant happiness.


Now, to acquire nice things and prosperity in your life by noble and inspiring work is great, it is to experience life and go after your goals; however, you must see that this is just pleasure, perhaps something you need to thrive day by day, but never happiness.

So, one reaches true wisdom when one is content and satisfied with the things and successes one has at this moment in life; of course, you may wish sincerely to achieve more, and that is okay as long as you see the difference between pleasure and happiness.
If your mind cannot understand and see this difference, then you are bound to self-destruct and lose yourself in the unhappy pursuit of your own ego which is never satisfied; this means, a life of all fears and vast suffering, a life wasted.

The greatest mistake of humankind is to believe that the outside pursuits will bring happiness to the emptiness they already feel inside; however, this is a deceptive dream and a fool’s paradise, because this is an illusion of their own egos which deceives them and distances them from reality, from the treasure inside themselves.  Buddha has said, “Health is the greatest gift, contentment is the greatest wealth.”  Furthermore, happiness lies in your choices, in your own mind, not in outside pursuits; you embrace happiness by not allowing the world and others to affect your state of mind.

Focus your mind on what you do have right now, and not on what you do not have; because most people in the world are never truly happy, due to following their insatiable egos and focusing on what they do not have–always wanting more, nothing being really enough. 

You must be wiser in order to see through the veil of pleasure; you discover happiness in the pure heart, not in the insatiable and superficial ego.



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