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Moral values

As I narrate my new audiobook and edit the same book as I go, I am reminding myself of the essence of morality and moral values:

“But let a man not be falsely conscious as the unscrupulous lawyer, for this so-called “man of law” is not always truly moral. He might not be a bringer of any human law, as he seeks to be recognized in his profession as a “winner” instead of as an example of morality. “Or, let a man not be leaning on his arrogance as the crooked police officer, who becomes a filthy Nazi unto himself by bullying others, causing much human suffering, and degrading his own badge. Ask yourself: What business has a real man in life if not morality itself…?? ~The True Revolution Begins.

So many people do what’s moral as long as it benefits them and their hidden selfishness. Don’t think about others, but think about your own morality as you read this: If you are into politics, who do you support and why?? Are you attached to the wrong others did to you and never actually looking at your own fault?? Are you attached to your own beliefs so much that you can’t see the truth outside it?? Do you look down on others, on anyone at all?? Look at yourself and change. Don’t remain arrogant and immoral. What blocks mankind from feeling true love and happiness in life is attachment to their own selfish immaturity/immorality.

And this, of course, affects all of us. Nobody is the exception. And whoever thinks himself as the exception, shows himself his own arrogance and attachment to his own image. Being moral, having and displaying moral values, morality, is not about doing what billions of people do around the world, and is not following what feels good to you. It is about doing what is right, even if it doesn’t fit with your ego and your desires. And one who can see this without excuses, and then apply it in daily behavior, is the one who is truly awakened. So, we must understand there’s no true morality in us unless we leave our attachment to opinions, to beliefs, to traditions in our family, to philosophies of groups. See this and become better by changing ways of thinking and behaving.

This nonfiction work expands the mind into freedom from society and its mores. Because it is about growing in understanding, seeking that which is true and incorruptible in us, and letting go of the harmful and unhealthy patterns which push us away from individuality and love.

Anatomy and physiology of life Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

What love is.

So, what is love…??

And what is morality??

Are they different??

Are they one and the same??

Think about it.

Love is not about what you think or feel, but about what you do. True love then is 100% morality, not romantic phrases, not passions and desires, and not just acting on what brings you joy and pleasure. Love is moral character, not what everyone around you does. Love starts in yourself, not in your ego which is always seeking comfortable ways to belong to the crowds around you–whether friends, family, society in general. This desire for belonging is a sickness which dulls humankind. Because love is not taught. Experiences can indeed be taught. Traditions can be taught. That which brings acceptance and pleasure can be taught. But true love is an individual who carries, and is not burdened by, no influence from any source at all.

So, how can someone seek love in another?? If love is in you, presented to your conscience as your own moral character, how can love be out there?? So many people seek it out there, as sex, as relationships, as family, as a career, as money, as prestige, as this and that. This is the sickness. The sickness which makes someone frustrated, obsessive, violent, jealous, depressed, etc. In my book titled, I ALWAYS LOVED YOU – Creatutres of Eternal Love” – , I talk about how love is not of the mind, not of your beliefs, theories, or any influence from family and friends. We are creatures who easily fall trap of the illusion, of the world; however, love, as happiness, is not of the world, and cannot be found there.

While the world has beliefs about love. People making vows and ceremonies. People protesting human and animal rights. People posting nice pictures and videos on social media. You must become love yourself for it to be true in you. How…?? By adopting healthier eating habits. By seeking information on what they do to animals before you eat them. By not jumping from relationship into relationship yourself while expecting to be given love this way. By seeking to be content and truthful with yourself. By going beyond your ego and understanding why you hold beliefs and opinions, philosophies and anxiety in your mind. Liberation from all this means love. Don’t just agree or disagree with these words, but seek more information, expand your mind, seek to understand what morality is and change yourself.

Book reviews Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Without masks.

What is moral character…?? What is integrity..?? What are true moral values…??

Today, many people fail to realize that attitude, behavior, habit, is everything that makes a better human being. Words are just that: Words. So, let’s say you have great talent for something specifically, and this makes you be proud of yourself and attract people. You are charming. You always say nice things. You always give advise to others. But then you have your other side, such side unfriendly to others, not loving and tolerant with your own family. This makes you a “fake.” See, everything in life is about character, which is about being in touch with your own self; however, you do not have any character, true moral values, if you wear a mask just to deceive people.

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Let us say now that a businessman dresses well, talks well, acts professionally with other people he tries to impress as potential clients. Most people would say that he is a good, mature, honest man; because they see this man nicely dressed, responsible with his business and good with all this people/potential clients. This man is superficial, and here’s why. He then shows another side. He does not treat his wife with respect. He does not spend time with his family. He scoffs at homeless people on the street. He hates people who are not important and wealthy like he is. Would you say this man is a decent human being now..??

So, the point I am trying to make here is that what makes us decent human beings is not how we look to others or how others see us, but it is moral attitude every day. How I talk to my neighbor. The example I give to my kids. The daily habits I practice. Moral character shines in our small day tasks. Do I keep a good attitude in my difficult times or do I become intolerant and hurtful to others. So, whatever you think of yourself, however cool and charming you believe you are, nothing matters if you do not strengthen your moral character.


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Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!


I am all about greater understanding, empathy, intelligence. Not intellectuality. Intellectuals can rise in society because this one is superficial, but in life to know true love and happiness intellectuality cannot help. Intellectuality is a burden, because it makes you stubborn, desperately seeking answers and meaning, it creates the anxiety and the need to belong to groups.

Intelligence, on the other hand, makes you lose stubbornness, it makes you more compassionate, full of understanding of your own actions and its consequences. Intelligence loosens your grip to philosophies and rigid concepts. And intelligence is only adopted by an individual, not by groups.

Simply measure people by character, not by words, not by the money they make, not by the position in society. Asleep idiots, men and women, fall fascinated by the allure of this superficiality, and we then have the chaos, the division, the dull minds in the world.  

One needs to let go of trying to fit in and honor one’s group.  Waking up to this is about seeing with the eyes of truth, because no real beauty and love can exist in people who cannot leave their egos and measure others by empathy, by character, by a greater human spirit. Life is simple, because it is about letting go of ego.

Letting go of ego is about detaching yourself from groups, from beliefs, from opinions. Letting go is about freedom. Freedom to become an individual. Not a republican. Not a democrat. Not a liberal. Not a Christian. Not a Buddhist. Not any other group which divides. Letting go is about being an individual who does not seek a fake identity by following and becoming part of a group.


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“I ALWAYS LOVED YOU.” A book about love and relationships.

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Anatomy and physiology of life Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Illusions of the Dead…




What really goes through your mind as you go shopping, or to a restaurant, or to the movies, or to some other place for entertainment and “collective fun”…??

Do you walk around absorbed by the colorful signs and lost in the unconscious crowds??  Do you truly understand what goes on around you, inside the unconsciousness of the crowds, and inviting you to be one like them??

Personally, I am not against this at all, the pleasure of earthly entertainment is not a “sin” but a thing to enjoy, if you have the chance; however, the problem is that most people’s mind is unconscious and easily corrupted by this.


They forget what is truly important and start believing that popularity and doing all these activities is all there is; and so, they lose themselves, and compete to acquire the money to enjoy these pleasures.

And then, due to their inflated egos, become anxious, prideful, even depressed because they cannot have what others have, and ruled by this society-structured nonsense which has no real value in the progress of the morality of the human being.


…Just something to think about as we live our lives, whoever you are, whatever you are seeking, and wherever you live…





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Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Steps to Enlightenment.




Stupid is to believe that you are thinking without really inquiring and realizing what you are doing.  Being unconscious is the choice you make, and to wake up, if you truly desire it that is, starts step by step.

Start with health, because if you are not truly healthy then no awakening is possible, no intelligence will flourish, and your brain will not function properly to allow you to see reality as it is.

You need great amounts of energy to wake up from stupidity, to awaken, to enlighten yourself; and so, health brings you that clean, vast energy.  Be honest with yourself:  Are you eating healthy…?? 

Are you consuming fruits and vegetables and adding all the nutrients that your body needs, or are you always choosing unhealthy foods and making excuses??

I choose health above ALL else personally.  I do a quick research on the foods I eat, what nutrients they have, what they do to my body specifically.  Health leads you to feel good about yourself, feeling good about yourself helps you have a clear thinking and confidence for everything you do.

Just following thoughts and imitating others and the way they eat is what being stupid really is.   And don’t eat with your ego, but eat with intelligence.  So, next time you think is difficult to awaken, think that awakening, intelligence, enlightenment, starts with the morality of health.  Stop your pitiful excuses.





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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Realize your worth.




What is to be selfish…??  Is selfish to love yourself and respect yourself??  Is selfish to desire to be recognized for your moral values, honesty, and good, heartfelt emotions by others??

Perhaps the world does not understand what selfishness really is, so you must ponder what it means individually to you.  Really study yourself, your intentions, your ideas, your emotions, your worth, and discover if you deserve better in your life.

Because when it comes to your joy, love and happiness, harmony and peace of mind, no other person, even if it is a loved one, can truly give it to you.  You must be brave, rational, conscious, and give it to yourself.  Can you find it within yourself to do that now–not later, but NOW…??

If you do not, if you keep making excuses, if you maintain yourself attached to neglectful treatments from others, then it means you do not know love, it means you do not know happiness, it means you have lost your identity, and it means you are against life itself–i.e., against your true self.

Your true self is life, it is joy and value and it recognizes itself; so, you must train your mind and ego to see this, to realize your worth, to analyze your current understanding of love, and to wake up from self-pity and self-inflicted suffering.

If you are not happy in life, if your mind is anxious and frustrated with others and with situations around you, then you are neglecting yourself, forgetting your identity and value.  And you have to work on making better that situation in your mind, create your experience, realize your worth and adjust your surroundings and people to your own standards.




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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Enlightening yourself.




When the supermarket clerk tallied up my groceries, I was $12 over what I had on me.  I began to remove items from the bags, when another shopper handed me a $20 bill.   “Please don’t put yourself out,” I told him.

“Let me tell you a story,” he said.  “My mother is in the hospital with cancer. I visit her every day and bring her flowers.  I went this morning, and she got mad at me for spending my money on more flowers.

She demanded that I do something else with that money.  So, here, please accept this.  It is my mother’s flowers.”  – Leslie Wagner, “Peel, Arkansas.”



So, the lesson or take here is that there are too many paths to be unkind or to remain distant to others, unaware to better ways to be gentle and kind to others; however, the path less taken or less used is the path a conscious individual must take.  So, whenever there is a chance for kindness and gentleness, take it.

Do not hesitate and wonder if it is popular or unpopular to demonstrate kindness and gentleness in a particular moment; for in this courage to immediate action lies your moral values as a human being.  You see, your moral values are born from within you and they are manifested not in your thinking, but in your behaving, daily, in the normal and simple things in life.

So, in order to change your community, your society, your nation, your world, you must use the goodness in you, in those simple moments in life, for example, when you are walking down the street and see a person in need.  Because it is about developing your character, so you shine in value and integrity as a person, and so you become an example to follow.

And so you find truth, and value, and meaning, and strength inside you, through your actions, in the creation of yourself as a better human being; to thus bring more love into your life, more joyful states of mind, more positivity, and more opportunities in every aspect.





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