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Steps to Enlightenment.




Stupid is to believe that you are thinking without really inquiring and realizing what you are doing.  Being unconscious is the choice you make, and to wake up, if you truly desire it that is, starts step by step.

Start with health, because if you are not truly healthy then no awakening is possible, no intelligence will flourish, and your brain will not function properly to allow you to see reality as it is.

You need great amounts of energy to wake up from stupidity, to awaken, to enlighten yourself; and so, health brings you that clean, vast energy.  Be honest with yourself:  Are you eating healthy…?? 

Are you consuming fruits and vegetables and adding all the nutrients that your body needs, or are you always choosing unhealthy foods and making excuses??

I choose health above ALL else personally.  I do a quick research on the foods I eat, what nutrients they have, what they do to my body specifically.  Health leads you to feel good about yourself, feeling good about yourself helps you have a clear thinking and confidence for everything you do.

Just following thoughts and imitating others and the way they eat is what being stupid really is.   And don’t eat with your ego, but eat with intelligence.  So, next time you think is difficult to awaken, think that awakening, intelligence, enlightenment, starts with the morality of health.  Stop your pitiful excuses.





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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The Angel of Water.

As the Essenes and Christ himself, I consider the circulation of water in nature to correspond to the circulation of the blood in the body. I personally SEE the face of God in the water and in the food one ingests, as this energy is absorbed in the human system and it becomes you–i.e., it enlightens you or it dumbs you, it heals you or it destroys you.

So it is obvious, the perfection of the organism depends on the quality of the blood (as the quality of the blood is in the water and food), and in like manner the perfection of the physical environment depends upon the quality of the water available.


“The Angel of Water.”

The waters in nature are as the blood in the body,

Blood in the body is as healthy as the food I ingest;

For The Angel of Water is in the blood as in the food,

For The Angel of Water is in the most blissful mood.


The perfect soul lies in the secret of the waters,

As the very growth of the seed lies in it as well;

Thus in this communion I must practice My Art,

Thus keep a prayer for the strength in my heart.


Rivers, rain, sap of trees and plants, and so on;

The Kiss of Life from the angel most high is here.

A shower is the energy of the angel each morning;

The seven-fold blissful rebirth without mourning.


Can you really not see The Angel of Water…??

Is your EYE really so atrophied as the dead…??

This angel is the very reflection of life and bliss;

So I tell you the miracle of God and its Light is this.

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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

The Most Sacred.

How do you see your own body…??  Is your body just a form of getting pleasure and suffering pain…??  Is there more to it…??
Some misuse it as a mere form of entertainment, poison it with all kinds of drinks and foods, find obsessions and lustful desire as sexual promiscuity in the ignorant pursuit of pleasure, etc. etc.; some others condemn it as the vehicle to all kinds of sinful acts, design ways to hide it and punish it through extremely long fasting and through celibacy, etc. etc.
But one thing is for sure, no one treats the human body as it must be treated, as the reflection of the very soul, as the vehicle to this life and to interact in this life…  But how do you express true love to a friend or a partner if not through ways of the body, which it is through holding hands, offering a helping hand, sharing in conversation, looking at each other’s eyes, or even by making love with someone especial….??


The unruly human mind creates this illusion, this ignorance which says that the body is just a means to an end, just a mere tool to be used as we please to satiate all thoughts which appear; thus, people tend to not see their bodies as sacred, they do not consider the human body as a vehicle for goodness and divine elevation.  Is this view really wise though…??  How can the human body reflect your soul, your goodness, if it is mistreated with bad foods, toxic beverages, plastic surgery to feed pure vanity, uncontrolled bouts of lust and passion, etc.

I personally believe my body, including my mind, to be the most sacred vehicle as a condition for my human existence; but, more than a vehicle, I feed it and exercise it properly because it is a reflection of my own divinity, of my own wisdom, of my love and happiness as inner condition at all times. 
To love yourself then, to free yourself, is to treat your whole body as sacred, which is to find great love and balance in the behaviors you carry with it every single day and night you are alive.
Energy is what you are, such energy of existence which is felt by you as you move your body, as you think, as you express love, as you create yourself in any way.  You are not the shell of the atom, you are the content which fuels what you experience daily, what you see in the mirror, who you meet, the way you love, what you think and feel, the health, the illness, the past, the future, the present, and everything around you.  Positive energy strengthens positive energy.  You need to introduce positive energy into your body then, into your mind, into your human experience, and into everything stemming from your individual expression…

“The human body is the best picture of the human soul.” ~ Ludwig Wittgenstein; Austrian-British philosopher. teacher, and writer.


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