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The True Revolution is here!


Great ideas.  Empathy.  Self-development.  Freedom to love and be happy without influences from society.  The capacity for great understanding of oneself and of life.  Enlightenment. 

All these occur in a mind which thinks for itself, which does not seek validation from society, which does not attach itself to beliefs and ideologies of any kind, and which looks inwardly and fixes itself daily its own weaknesses and flaws instead of blaming the world out there.

My non-fiction book is here, “LEAVING THE HERD.  The Revolution Begins.”  E-book and now paperback.  It seeks to destroy mediocrity and inspire individuality in your mind.

PART 1:  Existential pain.  Why do we suffer??  Life’s purpose as individuals.  Subconscious programming.  Integrity and development of virtues.  How does religion control the mind and what is its agenda??  The distortion of Christ’s teaching.  Self-esteem and self-observation.  And much more.

PART 2:  The morality of society versus the morality of the individual.  Moral leadership.  Mental disruptions, trauma, misery.  Self-awareness and self-discipline.  What is keeping mankind out of heaven??  Inner moral compass.  The growing mind and parenting.  The woman’s morality in a decaying society of men.  Mental issues and vibrations.  And much more.

And check out my book on love and intimacy, emotional intelligence and successful relationships.

Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Core of existence.


-Life is a myriad of things.  The phenomena of existence is wonderful yet mysterious.  But we lead our lives through our minds.  We know love in relationships through our minds.  What is love…??  Why decrease of self-esteem??  How to increase my presence, magnetism??  These and more are questions which may plague the mind from time to time.

-That is why to be positive, healthy, with goals, understanding that we are going through our own unique journeys of discovery, is vital for existence in this plane, for a good and productive life.  I have spent years and years asking these questions and more, trying to discover myself and access a deep understanding of existence.

-I have written a book about just this journey.   To intimacy with oneself, so to be intimate with others.  Because there are too many fights and too much suffering in relationships, in our own self-talk, in our own lives in general.  My book is about enlightening the mind into becoming a magnet for success in any aspect of our lives.


Non-fiction book about the dimensions of love, the feminine force, enlightenment, and other topics.  “I ALWAYS LOVED YOU – Creatures of eternal love.”

Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The dimensions of love.

How to understand love…??  Why the frustration??  What takes to love and be loved??  The world is confused.  The world loves with jealousy, anger, frustration, even trying to tolerate.  But the mind does all this prejudiced scheme.  Love is something else, isn’t it…??

If you are looking for a good and motivational read in these times of isolation, and for serious awakening into a more joyful life, I recommend, “I always loved you. Creatures of eternal love.”

This non-fiction work has been inspired by my own experiences. It is about the essence of love. How it is not what society believes. How we can make it better in our understanding. How to better our morals and behaviors towards loved ones.

It is written, or divided, in Two Parts:

1- The first part is about self-love. And about the meaning and purpose of existence. Also about the nihilistic mind and how it operates arrogantly as a philosophy in our heads. It goes in deep into people who feel empty, and lonely, and frustrated with love. The confusion brought on by relying too much on society’s influence.

2- The second part is about relationships with another. Romance. Attraction. Natural magnetism. And about the feminine. Men and women as romantic partners. Why life and women test the masculine and men.

And many other topics to bring enlightenment to your life.


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Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Nature of mind.



Keep positive.  Keep calm.  Seek your growth by cultivating a mind that is not anxious.  If the mind is anxious, then you won’t enjoy life.  If the mind is agitated, then you will not be able to go deep into life and find solutions to your unrest.

The nature of our minds is to always run, to always direct one way or the other; but in this very running we distortion clarity.  And we need clarity to find solutions and see reality as it is.  So it is rational and illuminating to remain self-aware of our own minds all the time, right…??  What do you think??


Get my non-fiction book of love and enlightenment, “I always Loved you – Creatures of eternal love.”

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Anatomy and physiology of life Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Life’s purpose.




Your life is the product of your mind and the habits it transforms into daily behaviors.  If your mind has to worry about something, be focused on something, practice something as habit, let it be your own self-development in all aspects–beginning from the right nutrition and exercise.

Demand the best for yourself, the best life, the best blessings, by actually creating the best yourself.  And do not seek excuses like “I am too old and set in my ways,” and “The people around me does not support me.”  If you seek to be a better person, begin from leaving those stupid excuses you carry everywhere you go.

The road to being an awakened individual, a greater human being, a person of high moral values, is not as easy as saying so or reading scriptures.  Become better by adopting better, greater, more inspiring, and healthier habits.  Life’s purpose is not doing for others.  Life’s purpose is giving a great example to others by becoming yourself better in your habits. 





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Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Do the work yourself.




Being the best you can be can get confusing at times.  Being highly ethical and moral is something to really pay attention in the way you think, feel and behave daily.

You can be better than what you are right now, always, no matter your circumstance; but you need to recognize your own ego and the excuses you use daily.

If you do not do the work, if you do not recognize your own faults daily, in each moment, then, no matter what you read and what you believe, you will not develop yourself in awakening and as a better human being.

Don’t ask others!  Don’t ask me!  Do not lean on any teacher!  Do not lean on any book!  Analyze yourself, no matter how old and awakened you think you are.  Lead yourself through life knowing, as a fact, that you deeply understand all your dark corners.





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Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

The basics of understanding.




Understanding is really different for each one of us.  Most people think that they understand something when they create their intellectual beliefs and ideologies; but this just creates the illusion of intelligence, of true understanding, and it designs pride in people.

What drives the human being is emotional, which it is to really take whatever you know to heart; furthermore, this emotional drive makes you change, real and immediate change in your life. This is true understanding. True intelligence. True enlightenment.

So, if you intellectually see the truth of being healthy, the truth of not being attached to anything and to anyone, the truth of real patience, it does not mean you understand anything at all.  This does not mean you are intelligent.  Accumulation of knowledge is not intelligence, understanding, or enlightenment.

The ONLY true understanding is change, which is the core of intelligence, which is sheer enlightenment.  Thinking truth is a mere illusion of the ego that you tell yourself in your own vanity, because it does not create true morality in your daily actions.

Now, one who TRULY understands truth is not responsible for another’s understanding or lack of it.  Each one of us is responsible for our own morality or immorality in action.  I am only responsible for myself, for speaking and behaving with truth; and so, I am not responsible for what you or others understand, or do not understand.




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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths.

Experiencing your own Enlightenment.




Whatever and whoever you find offensive, bothersome, irritating around you is indeed due to the way you feel inside, the way your chaotic mind is, the way you understand and love yourself; because what you find as experience out there is what you feel as experience in you.

The world, existence, your experience lies in you, and that is not something romantic and philosophical; for your mind truly creates everything, and it all filters through the mechanics of your brain.  Nothing exists but what your mind allows you to see, touch, think, feel, experience.

So, when you are annoyed, hurt, irritated by people, it is a by-product of your inner state, a reflection of your truest and deepest self.  And the more you attend or focus on someone’s flaws, weaknesses, things you do not like, the more you create your own flaws, weaknesses, irritations, etc.

At the end, it all comes down to your inner state of mind, how you feel about yourself, how much or not you love yourself, how harmonious or not you experience yourself.  It all, everything you think you experience coming from outside, comes really from you, it is a reflection of you, literally so.

So, to understand the world, your surroundings, people, environments, nature, then understand yourself.  To love all existence, love yourself entirely.  If you can truly understand and realize this daily, then know that you are blissfully experiencing your own Enlightenment.





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Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Steps to Enlightenment.




Stupid is to believe that you are thinking without really inquiring and realizing what you are doing.  Being unconscious is the choice you make, and to wake up, if you truly desire it that is, starts step by step.

Start with health, because if you are not truly healthy then no awakening is possible, no intelligence will flourish, and your brain will not function properly to allow you to see reality as it is.

You need great amounts of energy to wake up from stupidity, to awaken, to enlighten yourself; and so, health brings you that clean, vast energy.  Be honest with yourself:  Are you eating healthy…?? 

Are you consuming fruits and vegetables and adding all the nutrients that your body needs, or are you always choosing unhealthy foods and making excuses??

I choose health above ALL else personally.  I do a quick research on the foods I eat, what nutrients they have, what they do to my body specifically.  Health leads you to feel good about yourself, feeling good about yourself helps you have a clear thinking and confidence for everything you do.

Just following thoughts and imitating others and the way they eat is what being stupid really is.   And don’t eat with your ego, but eat with intelligence.  So, next time you think is difficult to awaken, think that awakening, intelligence, enlightenment, starts with the morality of health.  Stop your pitiful excuses.





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Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Destroy Your Illusions.




As the mind interprets, philosophizes, labels and names, the actual KNOWING, the neutral and unbiased understanding of the essence of a thing, of a person, of all essential information, is lost.

When you see the beautiful sky, for example, and you mentally start judging its appearance, then you are focusing on the labeling and interpretation; thus, your mind is no longer free to KNOW the sky and to understand it. The words in your mind distort reality.

Another example, when you are stressed and anxious about a situation or issue in your life, your mind is clouded and busy trying to form ideas and desperately seek solution; thus, your mind is intellectualizing everything you experience, you become fearful, and so you cannot see the reality of it all but you get taken captive by your own thinking.

And when you see your loved one and you are angered and frustrated with the person for something which happened, what do you see?? Do you see that person as a monster which made you suffer?? Are you seeing clearly?? Are you judging that person based on this past you think about, or based on the present??

The mind can actually be stable and observe reality, see things and people and situations clearly; however, the content of it, the ego of it, is what will influence that “reality” you are seeing.

So, you must make sure you correct your own distortions–i.e., destroy your illusions to see and understand clearly, and so reach what they call “Enlightenment” or “Illumination.”





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