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Theater of life.




One of the greatest traps of the human mind, the intellectual creature, is to get caught up into struggle, dilemmas, losses, grief, suffering of all kinds.  You do not make enough money, and this will constantly make you anxious and troubled.

You broke up, or remain in a huge fight with, a significant other,  and you will remain attached to this suffering for a very long time.  You never let go of the loss of your child or other family member, and you allow this to keep you depressed.

You have a mental disease from childhood abuse, and this brings trauma to your present so you allow it to dictate how you live.  This is the dangerous loop of the mind.  It keeps you trapped, enslaved; and you like this.

You like feeling like a victim at times.  It gives you something to which you can hold on.  But this cripples you.  Life must be lived with a little laughter, much more positivity, no attachment at all, and more love and kindness with yourself.




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The basics of understanding.




Understanding is really different for each one of us.  Most people think that they understand something when they create their intellectual beliefs and ideologies; but this just creates the illusion of intelligence, of true understanding, and it designs pride in people.

What drives the human being is emotional, which it is to really take whatever you know to heart; furthermore, this emotional drive makes you change, real and immediate change in your life. This is true understanding. True intelligence. True enlightenment.

So, if you intellectually see the truth of being healthy, the truth of not being attached to anything and to anyone, the truth of real patience, it does not mean you understand anything at all.  This does not mean you are intelligent.  Accumulation of knowledge is not intelligence, understanding, or enlightenment.

The ONLY true understanding is change, which is the core of intelligence, which is sheer enlightenment.  Thinking truth is a mere illusion of the ego that you tell yourself in your own vanity, because it does not create true morality in your daily actions.

Now, one who TRULY understands truth is not responsible for another’s understanding or lack of it.  Each one of us is responsible for our own morality or immorality in action.  I am only responsible for myself, for speaking and behaving with truth; and so, I am not responsible for what you or others understand, or do not understand.




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The Mind of Love.



Love is not man-made or a design of thought, but we must nurture it in our minds as well; and so in order to become understanding and experience its divine essence, its divine origins. To truly love ourselves, and another as well.

The intellect is ruled by concepts, philosophies, beliefs, opinions; therefore, all may form obsessions, stubbornness, goals. This can be good or bad for the evolution of our humanity; but it can certainly never be true love, for the intellect cannot know true love.

So, our minds must see beyond the intellect, beyond personal egos, to actually allow access to true love, to true connection from The Divine into the crudeness of our humanity, into the crudeness of our minds.

From there, it is all a question of keeping the intellect away from love.


The Mind of Love

O, the Mind of Love is gone from man!
Its divine grace and magic trampled.
How do I fly to the heights of heaven
When the intellect has stolen my wings …??
Just know the Father in God is wisdom,
And know the Mother in God is true love;
Both must be One Soul of Light in me,
As my being becomes freedom’s dove.

To rend a hundred veils and just be,
To do away with society and the world,
To acquire liberation from goals of “I”–
This is The Mind of Love of the lovers.
Within a silent mind, beyond petty time;
Within a simple gaze, the whole universe:
It is how The Mind of Love exists truly,
It is how our lives remain a poetic verse.




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Anatomy and physiology of life Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!


What is conscience…??  What is understanding…??  Is understanding the philosophical comprehension of tolerance but then becoming intolerant in your everyday life with the people around you…??  Is understanding to have intellectual knowledge of love but then argue and become stubborn with others…??  Is TRUE understanding the freedom of the soul or conscience….??

What is to be god-like if not to possess great understanding…??  The divinity of things, of existence itself is in a deep understanding of nature and of the great things in life; however, this deep understanding is not based on memory, not based on knowledge–i.e., the past.  Knowledge is intellect you have acquired from the past, and intellect does not give you understanding to actually change your life.  How many people have great knowledge of divinity, love, myths, The Bible, The Kybalion, The Koran, the human mind, etc., and how many people actually are enlightened or awakened because of this….??

Knowledge, as important as it is, is of the mind, of the ego; but it does not change the behaviors of people, unless they apply this knowledge in their everyday behaviors.  Behaviors rich in higher principles, rich in morals and ethics; and this, exactly this, frees the soul, creates a superior human being.  Better, authentic behaviors are one with our soul, because to embody the soul and to free it from our vain egos and intellectual pursuits is to have greater understanding.

So, the excellence of the soul is this, to become us in the flesh through higher principles in our daily behavior, morals and ethics; opposite to this, to have great knowledge and speak it, to vainly read all day and then gloat about it, is indeed to remain asleep. 

To behave in a way that the soul can free itself is to liberate our conscience from the tyranny of the ego.



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