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What love is.

So, what is love…??

And what is morality??

Are they different??

Are they one and the same??

Think about it.

Love is not about what you think or feel, but about what you do. True love then is 100% morality, not romantic phrases, not passions and desires, and not just acting on what brings you joy and pleasure. Love is moral character, not what everyone around you does. Love starts in yourself, not in your ego which is always seeking comfortable ways to belong to the crowds around you–whether friends, family, society in general. This desire for belonging is a sickness which dulls humankind. Because love is not taught. Experiences can indeed be taught. Traditions can be taught. That which brings acceptance and pleasure can be taught. But true love is an individual who carries, and is not burdened by, no influence from any source at all.

So, how can someone seek love in another?? If love is in you, presented to your conscience as your own moral character, how can love be out there?? So many people seek it out there, as sex, as relationships, as family, as a career, as money, as prestige, as this and that. This is the sickness. The sickness which makes someone frustrated, obsessive, violent, jealous, depressed, etc. In my book titled, I ALWAYS LOVED YOU – Creatutres of Eternal Love” – , I talk about how love is not of the mind, not of your beliefs, theories, or any influence from family and friends. We are creatures who easily fall trap of the illusion, of the world; however, love, as happiness, is not of the world, and cannot be found there.

While the world has beliefs about love. People making vows and ceremonies. People protesting human and animal rights. People posting nice pictures and videos on social media. You must become love yourself for it to be true in you. How…?? By adopting healthier eating habits. By seeking information on what they do to animals before you eat them. By not jumping from relationship into relationship yourself while expecting to be given love this way. By seeking to be content and truthful with yourself. By going beyond your ego and understanding why you hold beliefs and opinions, philosophies and anxiety in your mind. Liberation from all this means love. Don’t just agree or disagree with these words, but seek more information, expand your mind, seek to understand what morality is and change yourself.

Anatomy and physiology of life Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder.

What brings happiness

So, what is morality?? And what does it take?? Is anybody really above it??

Some people act like they can cruise through life only pursuing their own pleasures.

So, why do people this?? And what is the connection between a good life and a great moral character??

It took me years of personal struggle, trial and error, many losses and tragedies; but I finally understood that no one is really above morality, specially me… Please check out my article “Critique on Morality.” that I think clarifies many things about it… Morality is the highest expression of love and understanding in the human being, because it is about empathy and doing what is healthy and right. Morality has nothing to do with our minds. Our minds may want to vote for this politician, or eat this or that food, or take revenge on somebody because we believe is just; however, these are just constructs and impulses of our minds, and also ways to please ourselves.

Morality goes with truth. The good life is not a life of money, position in society, a big family, traveling, the best education money can give; but it is moral character. Moral character gives us courage to never doubt our choices. With moral character I just follow what is healthy for myself and for others, and I don’t have to second guess myself because this moral character gives me freedom to be myself, my best self, and this makes me truly happy. Happiness comes when I do what is right. If I smoke, I will eventually get sick, maybe even suffer lung cancer. This is what will happen whether I want it or not. If I do not eat right, as I grow and my body changes I will suffer illnesses, obesity, will have many problems to enjoy my life. If I cheat on my loved ones, or embezzle money, or do illegal deals, or any other greedy action, then I will suffer the consequences one way or another, and I will not be happy with myself.

A happy life and moral character go hand in hand, but too often people try to get away with many immoral things while expecting to be truly happy. This is irrational. This is like jumping into the ocean without knowing how to swim, but at the same time expecting to enjoy yourself in the ocean. I think that people quite often live their lives unaware. Awareness of your mental states. That is crucial to live a good life, specially a life which is not bringing you anxiety. Any morality, if it’s true, is about the harmony in our minds. This harmony in our minds only exists if we do what is moral, not what we want but what is based on truth. Only truth brings happiness. So, remain aware of your choices and of what you do at all times. What are the consequences that this will bring me?? Why do I feel the need to do this?? Is anybody or anything pressuring me to do this?? Inquire, transform yourself; and don’t relay on others to know what is moral. Society does not know morality. Only the individual knows it.

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Great intelligence.


Jiddu Krishnamurti Quotes (5)

Your mind chatters, judges, rebels, gets loud, attaches to all thoughts and beliefs, tries to win the argument with another person; and so, it loses intelligence.  Intelligence, great insight and understanding, is not of the mind.  Intelligence comes from the body without the chattering mind, for it comes from intuition.

For the mind to allow intelligence in it, the mind must stop the chatter–i.e., stop the attachment to pursuing something in life, and stop thinking so much all the time.  When the mind does this, it becomes still; and, when it becomes still, it empties itself to allow intuition, pure energy, great intelligence to enter.





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To truly love and feel loved.




In order to truly love, and feel loved, you must accept everything about yourself.  Come to terms with your past, however ugly and unfair.

Accept that you made mistakes and welcome the lessons.  Accept that others made mistakes or behaved badly towards you, forgive and move on.

Be open emotionally and recognize your own blindness and the fact that you must acknowledge absolutely everything you feel, whether it is miserable or joyful.  Do not fear or escape how you feel.

Understand that you have to create good habits, discipline yourself, in order to have more opportunities in all aspects of life.  Do not limit yourself and feel sad because you see that you cannot be successful at something in particular now.

To love others, to have a great and prosperous relationship and life, you have to love yourself wholly.  This means to know every thought, every feeling, conscious and subconscious, that you have in each moment you are alive.





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In love in life.




Life is the greatest exploration, the ultimate joy and glory; however, without actually paying attention and seeing life for what it really is, it can become a burden to be alive–a struggle, a constant suffering.

Now, to pay attention and see life for what it is you must have a mind of gratitude, because such a wondrous mind is full of love and understanding, even in the midst of challenges and misery around you.

A mind of gratitude clears thinking from negatives and from dark thoughts.  Negatives and dark thoughts could be your complaining, your constant stress and frustration, your empty and lonely feelings, your expectations and envy.

Gratitude is a state of mind which makes you less serious about what happens around you, and it brings you an inner peace and love for living each day.  Living each day with gratitude then strengthens your capacity to love yourself as you are in life, and to love another as they are in life.

Being grateful is something you choose each moment, and so it is not something you just wait and expect to happen in your life.  You make gratefulness happen in life.  You make yourself happy in life.  You make yourself be in love in life.





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How to help another.




Relationships are what life is–i.e., relationship with yourself and your life, relationship with each experience, relationship with the earth, relationship with another human being, etc.

And when it comes to relationship with another, it can be difficult; so, one thing to remember is that each one of us is different, and require different treatment as our experiences shaped us differently–psychologically, emotionally, physically.

The first impulse of any decent and compassionate person is to help another, but one must always stop the desire rushing in the mind and ask oneself how to properly help; because, as I said before, each one of us requires different treatment.

So, to do this, you must practice the art of quietly observing people, without judging them, without guessing what they feel or think; but just be there, observing, learning about them.

And listen to your intuition.  Most of the time people tend to try to help another in the same way they would help themselves, but we are all different; so we may differ in what we need as well.

Sometimes just listening to intuition is what we need to know how to help another.  Sometimes is easier than what we think it is, because quite often it is about connecting to people by listening and just being there.  Emotional connection is EXTREMELY important to connect with another and so help another.





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The basics of understanding.




Understanding is really different for each one of us.  Most people think that they understand something when they create their intellectual beliefs and ideologies; but this just creates the illusion of intelligence, of true understanding, and it designs pride in people.

What drives the human being is emotional, which it is to really take whatever you know to heart; furthermore, this emotional drive makes you change, real and immediate change in your life. This is true understanding. True intelligence. True enlightenment.

So, if you intellectually see the truth of being healthy, the truth of not being attached to anything and to anyone, the truth of real patience, it does not mean you understand anything at all.  This does not mean you are intelligent.  Accumulation of knowledge is not intelligence, understanding, or enlightenment.

The ONLY true understanding is change, which is the core of intelligence, which is sheer enlightenment.  Thinking truth is a mere illusion of the ego that you tell yourself in your own vanity, because it does not create true morality in your daily actions.

Now, one who TRULY understands truth is not responsible for another’s understanding or lack of it.  Each one of us is responsible for our own morality or immorality in action.  I am only responsible for myself, for speaking and behaving with truth; and so, I am not responsible for what you or others understand, or do not understand.




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Better than a lover can.




So, love, that force which connects us all, the essence which makes us at some deep level realize that we all know each other from before, is a given; however, it is the mind of likes and dislikes the one that separates us and finds excuses to believe that we do not belong together.

So, when it comes to romantic feelings, our minds choose to see the negativity or the positivity in the relationship.  The behaviors of a person could bring either that negativity or positivity as well, but we choose if to give those behaviors real importance or not.  And it is a very personal decision.

Still, one must be able to keep the mind of likes and dislikes in peace and clear from any anger and anxiety in order to judge if to forgive those behaviors or not.  Most of the time, people tend to jump to conclusions and judge immaturely and impulsively, without patience, without stepping back and observing the whole picture.

To do this, to step back, breathe and calm yourself in order to make the right decisions, one must be not just the significant other, the lover, but also the friend who understands and supports.  Friendship, unattached and understanding, is vital to make any relationship work, specially a romantic one.

A friend can see your flaws and weaknesses and understand you better than a lover can.  A friend cares enough to sit down quietly and listen without judging you.  A friend gives you the space and the time you need to develop yourself intellectually and emotionally.





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A creative and intelligent mind.


Creativity, or the essence of creativity, what fuels the creative process, is not of the busy mind or of the ego; but it comes from beyond that, and in order to tap into it, or in order to access it, one must quiet the mind.  And how do you quiet the mind…??

By observing an introspective or meditative life, a life that is not always busy and noisy, in an environment which offers calm and focus.  When the environment and the body surrender to this quietude as a daily practice, then the brain alters, changes its structure and functioning, and so it access this creative essence easily.

This creative essence is intelligence, it is the purity beyond the noise of the mind, to thus understand life and yourself.  Because that is what intelligence truly is:  Creativity in its purest essence, not only to create art, but to understand life at a deeper level.

The anxious and stressed mind, frustrated and busy, cannot access this pure creativity; for what fills it escapes harmony and calmness, and in doing so creates a psychological environment of pure suffering.  And how can intelligence live in this hostile environment…??




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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The Essence of Deep Understanding.




So, let us explore...


What is the essence of true understanding?? Can a woman be truly, intellectually understood at her core?? What if I filled myself with books from great philosophers and scientists– Can this give me great self-awareness to bathe in the rich waters of understanding?? Can I find illumination beyond the knowledge found in these books??  True understanding goes beyond words, beyond habits, and beyond a great intellect. Take for example, the world’s most famous philosophers, like Nietzsche, Heidegger, Popper, Kant.

Sure, they know big words and have progressed the world in thought. But is humanity really changed inwardly because of it…?? Has most people grasped greater truth in their behaviors or eased themselves into illumination?? Wars keep going, anxiety still rules people, religions still drill the unaware mind of the rabble, crimes and immorality still are the greatest issue of humanity. Why…??

Do people actually live better, morally speaking?? Has intellectual pursuit changed behaviors to the extent of compassion and deep comprehension in the human being?? Or do people just keep asking questions and pondering more and more?? Overthinking is the narcissistic trend, which might be unconscious but still leaves the mark in 90% of the toxic minds out there.


And, even though overthinking is the outcome of a very anxious mind and that it might feel like a normal habit in most people, it is the cause of most illnesses–i.e., psychological and physical illnesses. But one must say that thinking is what help us express ourselves, as through intellect one may figure out how and why we exist, which is a sign of higher capacity for locomotion and self-awareness (intelligence) that other creatures do not possess.  So, one may say that intellect is important, yes, and that analysis of a thought stream is valid; however, the rich substance of understanding life, myself, and others, lives beyond this ego pursuit for more knowledge. More knowledge and analysis, as good as it is for us, brings more questions and not deeper understanding displayed in your behaviors.

And behaviors bring reality if moral and heartfelt, thoughts distort it even if moral thoughts; for when you judge or condemn something or someone you might create a false reality, but when you behave morally in the moment you then create reality/a fact/an action rooted on truth:



1- For example, to understand a woman well a man must step outside his analyzing and questioning intellect; for women are the emotional feminine, they feel deeper and do not react like men do to straight intellect and its aggressive reasoning. When a woman acts out or feels sensitive about something you said or did, she must be treated with kindness and gentleness, with innocence and compassion of thought instead of aggressive reasoning and quick delivery. Like the mind of an innocent child. If you are a good father– What do you do for your child to understand?? …


You humble yourself, stop your rushing mind, sit quietly with her and use kind words to explain, such words which emanate strength and firmness but which also remain safe and reassuring in the child’s mind. Because the mind of the child is sensitive emotionally, for it is the feminine force that rules the child’s mind. The woman is also the feminine force. Remind yourself of that scripture when Jesus says, “You must have a child-like mind to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” Children live in Heaven, they do not respond to the aggressive intellect which lives outside a heavenly state, and neither do women.


2- Or, to understand world peace you cannot use your intellect which seeks for right and wrong, and which compares the good with the bad while brutally punishing what is considered by it as bad. Good and bad are constructs of the mind, of the intellect which seeks reason and order in ourselves and in the world; nevertheless, the world and harmony must be created from a place without judgement and punishment, for if I bring violence and my unique views about morality to you, and try to force them to you, then you will act out and bring the same to me. Chaos brings chaos. Pride brings pride. And my way of doing things may clash with your way of doing things.


–You must quiet your loud and rationalizing mind in both cases, feel more, think less. High understanding then is the denial of the glory of the mind, because the ego seeks and ponders and dissects everything to bring more questions and problems in a loop– How do I do this?? What steps do I take?? Why are things like this?? Why do they not see it my way?? How is your view right??


So, first accept that your mind cannot see the depth of understanding truly, then cultivate a quieter mind, then feel more and guide yourself by intuition, and just be and allow understanding to come to you. High understanding is the essence of a thing, of a man, of a woman, of an action, for high understanding shines behind what you see and interpret about the world and whatever you experience in it.





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