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What brings happiness

So, what is morality?? And what does it take?? Is anybody really above it??

Some people act like they can cruise through life only pursuing their own pleasures.

So, why do people this?? And what is the connection between a good life and a great moral character??

It took me years of personal struggle, trial and error, many losses and tragedies; but I finally understood that no one is really above morality, specially me… Please check out my article “Critique on Morality.” that I think clarifies many things about it… Morality is the highest expression of love and understanding in the human being, because it is about empathy and doing what is healthy and right. Morality has nothing to do with our minds. Our minds may want to vote for this politician, or eat this or that food, or take revenge on somebody because we believe is just; however, these are just constructs and impulses of our minds, and also ways to please ourselves.

Morality goes with truth. The good life is not a life of money, position in society, a big family, traveling, the best education money can give; but it is moral character. Moral character gives us courage to never doubt our choices. With moral character I just follow what is healthy for myself and for others, and I don’t have to second guess myself because this moral character gives me freedom to be myself, my best self, and this makes me truly happy. Happiness comes when I do what is right. If I smoke, I will eventually get sick, maybe even suffer lung cancer. This is what will happen whether I want it or not. If I do not eat right, as I grow and my body changes I will suffer illnesses, obesity, will have many problems to enjoy my life. If I cheat on my loved ones, or embezzle money, or do illegal deals, or any other greedy action, then I will suffer the consequences one way or another, and I will not be happy with myself.

A happy life and moral character go hand in hand, but too often people try to get away with many immoral things while expecting to be truly happy. This is irrational. This is like jumping into the ocean without knowing how to swim, but at the same time expecting to enjoy yourself in the ocean. I think that people quite often live their lives unaware. Awareness of your mental states. That is crucial to live a good life, specially a life which is not bringing you anxiety. Any morality, if it’s true, is about the harmony in our minds. This harmony in our minds only exists if we do what is moral, not what we want but what is based on truth. Only truth brings happiness. So, remain aware of your choices and of what you do at all times. What are the consequences that this will bring me?? Why do I feel the need to do this?? Is anybody or anything pressuring me to do this?? Inquire, transform yourself; and don’t relay on others to know what is moral. Society does not know morality. Only the individual knows it.

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Discovering the eternal flame.

“He is richest who is content with the least, for content is the wealth of nature.”  ~ Socrates.

“My crown is called content, a crown that seldom kings enjoy.”  ~ William Shakespeare.

Happiness and pleasure are two different things; happiness is what we are eternally (obviously has no beginning and no end), pleasure is what physical life created (has a beginning and end). 
Pleasure, if is chosen wisely, may be something noble to which aspire and seek in life, but we must never confuse pleasure with happiness.


Happiness has no purpose, no quality you can define; therefore, you are happy just because you are content and living in the moment, while you struggle and work you choose to embrace what you are, true and constant happiness.


Now, to acquire nice things and prosperity in your life by noble and inspiring work is great, it is to experience life and go after your goals; however, you must see that this is just pleasure, perhaps something you need to thrive day by day, but never happiness.

So, one reaches true wisdom when one is content and satisfied with the things and successes one has at this moment in life; of course, you may wish sincerely to achieve more, and that is okay as long as you see the difference between pleasure and happiness.
If your mind cannot understand and see this difference, then you are bound to self-destruct and lose yourself in the unhappy pursuit of your own ego which is never satisfied; this means, a life of all fears and vast suffering, a life wasted.

The greatest mistake of humankind is to believe that the outside pursuits will bring happiness to the emptiness they already feel inside; however, this is a deceptive dream and a fool’s paradise, because this is an illusion of their own egos which deceives them and distances them from reality, from the treasure inside themselves.  Buddha has said, “Health is the greatest gift, contentment is the greatest wealth.”  Furthermore, happiness lies in your choices, in your own mind, not in outside pursuits; you embrace happiness by not allowing the world and others to affect your state of mind.

Focus your mind on what you do have right now, and not on what you do not have; because most people in the world are never truly happy, due to following their insatiable egos and focusing on what they do not have–always wanting more, nothing being really enough. 

You must be wiser in order to see through the veil of pleasure; you discover happiness in the pure heart, not in the insatiable and superficial ego.



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