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How to help another.




Relationships are what life is–i.e., relationship with yourself and your life, relationship with each experience, relationship with the earth, relationship with another human being, etc.

And when it comes to relationship with another, it can be difficult; so, one thing to remember is that each one of us is different, and require different treatment as our experiences shaped us differently–psychologically, emotionally, physically.

The first impulse of any decent and compassionate person is to help another, but one must always stop the desire rushing in the mind and ask oneself how to properly help; because, as I said before, each one of us requires different treatment.

So, to do this, you must practice the art of quietly observing people, without judging them, without guessing what they feel or think; but just be there, observing, learning about them.

And listen to your intuition.  Most of the time people tend to try to help another in the same way they would help themselves, but we are all different; so we may differ in what we need as well.

Sometimes just listening to intuition is what we need to know how to help another.  Sometimes is easier than what we think it is, because quite often it is about connecting to people by listening and just being there.  Emotional connection is EXTREMELY important to connect with another and so help another.





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