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To truly love and feel loved.




In order to truly love, and feel loved, you must accept everything about yourself.  Come to terms with your past, however ugly and unfair.

Accept that you made mistakes and welcome the lessons.  Accept that others made mistakes or behaved badly towards you, forgive and move on.

Be open emotionally and recognize your own blindness and the fact that you must acknowledge absolutely everything you feel, whether it is miserable or joyful.  Do not fear or escape how you feel.

Understand that you have to create good habits, discipline yourself, in order to have more opportunities in all aspects of life.  Do not limit yourself and feel sad because you see that you cannot be successful at something in particular now.

To love others, to have a great and prosperous relationship and life, you have to love yourself wholly.  This means to know every thought, every feeling, conscious and subconscious, that you have in each moment you are alive.





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