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The Essence of Deep Understanding.

1- For example, to understand a woman well a man must step outside his analyzing and questioning intellect; for women are…




So, let us explore...


What is the essence of true understanding?? Can a woman be truly, intellectually understood at her core?? What if I filled myself with books from great philosophers and scientists– Can this give me great self-awareness to bathe in the rich waters of understanding?? Can I find illumination beyond the knowledge found in these books??  True understanding goes beyond words, beyond habits, and beyond a great intellect. Take for example, the world’s most famous philosophers, like Nietzsche, Heidegger, Popper, Kant.

Sure, they know big words and have progressed the world in thought. But is humanity really changed inwardly because of it…?? Has most people grasped greater truth in their behaviors or eased themselves into illumination?? Wars keep going, anxiety still rules people, religions still drill the unaware mind of the rabble, crimes and immorality still are the greatest issue of humanity. Why…??

Do people actually live better, morally speaking?? Has intellectual pursuit changed behaviors to the extent of compassion and deep comprehension in the human being?? Or do people just keep asking questions and pondering more and more?? Overthinking is the narcissistic trend, which might be unconscious but still leaves the mark in 90% of the toxic minds out there.


And, even though overthinking is the outcome of a very anxious mind and that it might feel like a normal habit in most people, it is the cause of most illnesses–i.e., psychological and physical illnesses. But one must say that thinking is what help us express ourselves, as through intellect one may figure out how and why we exist, which is a sign of higher capacity for locomotion and self-awareness (intelligence) that other creatures do not possess.  So, one may say that intellect is important, yes, and that analysis of a thought stream is valid; however, the rich substance of understanding life, myself, and others, lives beyond this ego pursuit for more knowledge. More knowledge and analysis, as good as it is for us, brings more questions and not deeper understanding displayed in your behaviors.

And behaviors bring reality if moral and heartfelt, thoughts distort it even if moral thoughts; for when you judge or condemn something or someone you might create a false reality, but when you behave morally in the moment you then create reality/a fact/an action rooted on truth:



1- For example, to understand a woman well a man must step outside his analyzing and questioning intellect; for women are the emotional feminine, they feel deeper and do not react like men do to straight intellect and its aggressive reasoning. When a woman acts out or feels sensitive about something you said or did, she must be treated with kindness and gentleness, with innocence and compassion of thought instead of aggressive reasoning and quick delivery. Like the mind of an innocent child. If you are a good father– What do you do for your child to understand?? …


You humble yourself, stop your rushing mind, sit quietly with her and use kind words to explain, such words which emanate strength and firmness but which also remain safe and reassuring in the child’s mind. Because the mind of the child is sensitive emotionally, for it is the feminine force that rules the child’s mind. The woman is also the feminine force. Remind yourself of that scripture when Jesus says, “You must have a child-like mind to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” Children live in Heaven, they do not respond to the aggressive intellect which lives outside a heavenly state, and neither do women.


2- Or, to understand world peace you cannot use your intellect which seeks for right and wrong, and which compares the good with the bad while brutally punishing what is considered by it as bad. Good and bad are constructs of the mind, of the intellect which seeks reason and order in ourselves and in the world; nevertheless, the world and harmony must be created from a place without judgement and punishment, for if I bring violence and my unique views about morality to you, and try to force them to you, then you will act out and bring the same to me. Chaos brings chaos. Pride brings pride. And my way of doing things may clash with your way of doing things.


–You must quiet your loud and rationalizing mind in both cases, feel more, think less. High understanding then is the denial of the glory of the mind, because the ego seeks and ponders and dissects everything to bring more questions and problems in a loop– How do I do this?? What steps do I take?? Why are things like this?? Why do they not see it my way?? How is your view right??


So, first accept that your mind cannot see the depth of understanding truly, then cultivate a quieter mind, then feel more and guide yourself by intuition, and just be and allow understanding to come to you. High understanding is the essence of a thing, of a man, of a woman, of an action, for high understanding shines behind what you see and interpret about the world and whatever you experience in it.





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