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Return to the child.




As children we were more in touch with our innocence, our emotions, and our playfulness to create freely.  We weren’t afraid of expressing ourselves, and we weren’t intimidated or annoyed by people’s opinions of us and of our activities.  Now, this is what we must be now as adults too.  To be ourselves and follow our hearts.

Life begins to make you depressed if the only thing you do is what you must, and you do it also complaining and in a foul mood.  A child-like mind is a mind which has no fear to express itself, and its focus is on playfulness, creativity, freedom and uniqueness, and not on the life of others.  This is something we all must follow, with full heart, with a full connection to ourselves. 

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Its is a good reminder that each person lives in his own world.  Nobody, absolutely nobody, is the same.  Not even your sister, mother, friend, lover, husband.  You need to realize that people go through the roller coaster of emotions like you do.

Some are more conscious and awakened than others.  Some are more simple-minded and stubborn.  Different levels of awareness, consciousness.  So, in order to get along with everybody you meet and not lose yourself, you must stay with yourself.

Realize that your experience is not the same as another, even if you live in the same household. An experience is about your thoughts and feelings, not your environment; so we all have different experiences.

And childhoods are relevant in this as well.  Our past made the way we are.  Accept people for who they choose to be, and if you must then move on; but stay with yourself, do not get absorbed by another person’s drama.




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Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Expressions of Yourself.




All you do in life is a way of expressing yourself, a way to express what you carry inside.  When you get angry, you do it because there is anxiety and some form of suffering in you–provoked or not.

When you love without demands, without expectation, just giving for the joy of giving, you do it because you feel free and joyous inside.  When you do not love like this, it is because you feel some hurt, imprisoned by your arrogance and expectations.

When you stress over money, position, ambitions, you do it because you feel frustrated with your life right now and imprisoned in your image of the future.

All this must be accepted, recognized, embraced in you; because you are all these expressions.  There is really no good and evil, but just expressions of what you are; thus, you choose to filter this through your mind according to your attention.

If your attention remains inwards then you will become harmonious and blissful; but if your attention remains on the world, on competition, on comparison, then you will become agitated and frustrated.

So, understand that all about you is natural, godly, normal; but also understand that all is energy which transforms into modes of expression in life.  You must watch your mind, your feel, to transform into the proper, ethical and moral expressions of yourself.




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Anatomy and physiology of life Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The most precious.




A  woman  is  the  most  beautiful  and  emotional  creature  in  existence,  because  she  is  ruled  and  driven  by  her  strong  emotional  content,  by  her  powerful  intuition  and  sincere  feelings;  but,  she  carries  pain,  much  struggle,  unfairness,  all  of  them  do,  deep  inside  them. 

The  world,  society,  all  industries  and  institutions  of  men  seek  to  transform  women  to  their  standards,  entice  them  and  tie  them  to  their  views,  and  turn  them  into  perfect  ideals  of  aesthetical  beauty.  

But  a  true  woman  must  rise  from  this,  realize  her  place  and  stand  up  to  all  injustice;  so  claiming  herself,  in  the  name  of  herself,  to  finally  be  free  and  embrace  the  beautiful  and  intuitive  creature  she  truly  is.      


“A  smile  and  a  gentleness…”

Your  deepest  thoughts  are  the  treasure  kept.
Your  deepest  feelings  make  you  beautiful.
Oh  beloved,  raise  yourself  above  the  pain,
Quit  your  masks  and  surrender  your  burdens.
There  is  a  smile  and  a  gentleness  inside  you,
Which  others  might  not  be  allowed  to  really  see;
But  it  lifts  you  high  above  and  it  sets  you  free.
So  leave  all  your  anger  and  misapprehensions
From  this  corrupted  world  so  beneath  you,
Allow  the  lover  in  you  to  see  itself  as  I  see  it.

Let  the  world  around  you  crumble  down!
The  tempestuous  skies  be  torn  asunder!
The  men  who  despise  you  be  left  in  oblivion!
When  everything  is  chaos  you  will  forever  glow,
And  realize  that  you  do  not  need  the  masks,
Nor  the  million  ills  and  words  said  against  you;
For  love  is  from  The  Infinite  and  you  are  it.
How  can  the  purest  love  be  not  embraced  within  you…??
To  be  true  to  yourself  is  to  love  who  you  are,
As  you  are,  here,  now,  always  and  forever.






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Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

The basics of understanding.




Understanding is really different for each one of us.  Most people think that they understand something when they create their intellectual beliefs and ideologies; but this just creates the illusion of intelligence, of true understanding, and it designs pride in people.

What drives the human being is emotional, which it is to really take whatever you know to heart; furthermore, this emotional drive makes you change, real and immediate change in your life. This is true understanding. True intelligence. True enlightenment.

So, if you intellectually see the truth of being healthy, the truth of not being attached to anything and to anyone, the truth of real patience, it does not mean you understand anything at all.  This does not mean you are intelligent.  Accumulation of knowledge is not intelligence, understanding, or enlightenment.

The ONLY true understanding is change, which is the core of intelligence, which is sheer enlightenment.  Thinking truth is a mere illusion of the ego that you tell yourself in your own vanity, because it does not create true morality in your daily actions.

Now, one who TRULY understands truth is not responsible for another’s understanding or lack of it.  Each one of us is responsible for our own morality or immorality in action.  I am only responsible for myself, for speaking and behaving with truth; and so, I am not responsible for what you or others understand, or do not understand.




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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The Essence of Deep Understanding.




So, let us explore...


What is the essence of true understanding?? Can a woman be truly, intellectually understood at her core?? What if I filled myself with books from great philosophers and scientists– Can this give me great self-awareness to bathe in the rich waters of understanding?? Can I find illumination beyond the knowledge found in these books??  True understanding goes beyond words, beyond habits, and beyond a great intellect. Take for example, the world’s most famous philosophers, like Nietzsche, Heidegger, Popper, Kant.

Sure, they know big words and have progressed the world in thought. But is humanity really changed inwardly because of it…?? Has most people grasped greater truth in their behaviors or eased themselves into illumination?? Wars keep going, anxiety still rules people, religions still drill the unaware mind of the rabble, crimes and immorality still are the greatest issue of humanity. Why…??

Do people actually live better, morally speaking?? Has intellectual pursuit changed behaviors to the extent of compassion and deep comprehension in the human being?? Or do people just keep asking questions and pondering more and more?? Overthinking is the narcissistic trend, which might be unconscious but still leaves the mark in 90% of the toxic minds out there.


And, even though overthinking is the outcome of a very anxious mind and that it might feel like a normal habit in most people, it is the cause of most illnesses–i.e., psychological and physical illnesses. But one must say that thinking is what help us express ourselves, as through intellect one may figure out how and why we exist, which is a sign of higher capacity for locomotion and self-awareness (intelligence) that other creatures do not possess.  So, one may say that intellect is important, yes, and that analysis of a thought stream is valid; however, the rich substance of understanding life, myself, and others, lives beyond this ego pursuit for more knowledge. More knowledge and analysis, as good as it is for us, brings more questions and not deeper understanding displayed in your behaviors.

And behaviors bring reality if moral and heartfelt, thoughts distort it even if moral thoughts; for when you judge or condemn something or someone you might create a false reality, but when you behave morally in the moment you then create reality/a fact/an action rooted on truth:



1- For example, to understand a woman well a man must step outside his analyzing and questioning intellect; for women are the emotional feminine, they feel deeper and do not react like men do to straight intellect and its aggressive reasoning. When a woman acts out or feels sensitive about something you said or did, she must be treated with kindness and gentleness, with innocence and compassion of thought instead of aggressive reasoning and quick delivery. Like the mind of an innocent child. If you are a good father– What do you do for your child to understand?? …


You humble yourself, stop your rushing mind, sit quietly with her and use kind words to explain, such words which emanate strength and firmness but which also remain safe and reassuring in the child’s mind. Because the mind of the child is sensitive emotionally, for it is the feminine force that rules the child’s mind. The woman is also the feminine force. Remind yourself of that scripture when Jesus says, “You must have a child-like mind to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” Children live in Heaven, they do not respond to the aggressive intellect which lives outside a heavenly state, and neither do women.


2- Or, to understand world peace you cannot use your intellect which seeks for right and wrong, and which compares the good with the bad while brutally punishing what is considered by it as bad. Good and bad are constructs of the mind, of the intellect which seeks reason and order in ourselves and in the world; nevertheless, the world and harmony must be created from a place without judgement and punishment, for if I bring violence and my unique views about morality to you, and try to force them to you, then you will act out and bring the same to me. Chaos brings chaos. Pride brings pride. And my way of doing things may clash with your way of doing things.


–You must quiet your loud and rationalizing mind in both cases, feel more, think less. High understanding then is the denial of the glory of the mind, because the ego seeks and ponders and dissects everything to bring more questions and problems in a loop– How do I do this?? What steps do I take?? Why are things like this?? Why do they not see it my way?? How is your view right??


So, first accept that your mind cannot see the depth of understanding truly, then cultivate a quieter mind, then feel more and guide yourself by intuition, and just be and allow understanding to come to you. High understanding is the essence of a thing, of a man, of a woman, of an action, for high understanding shines behind what you see and interpret about the world and whatever you experience in it.





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Your responsibility.




You must worry, concern, work on yourself, develop integrity in all things, become healthier, react less and control your emotional outbursts, etc.

That is your only responsibility in life, because when you are successfully doing this, taking care of awakening yourself, then you can consciously do for others.

There are people out there, even among you, who are always trying to control others, looking at others, judging others; however, what is really needed is self-observation, judging and transforming yourself daily.

Strive for perfection. You cannot ever attain perfection in this life, obviously; nevertheless, if you seek perfection your mind will be centered on your innermost and in making yourself healthier, more moral, less egoistical, and you will be observing yourself through the eyes of pure wisdom constantly.

If you do this then you will not be centered on others, and judging others, and stressing about others; for your mind will be at peace, looking inwardly, without the anxiety the world brings, and so harmonious to make better decisions in life.

To feel deep and care about others is one thing, but to believe yourself to be not the problem and to judge others without judging yourself is utterly pompous and ignorant. Many people do this nonsense. Do you??

The moment you say that you do not do it, you are automatically believing yourself not to be the problem and so finger-pointing at or blaming others. So, look inwardly, past your own sanctimonious thoughts, and study yourself, whether you are 20 or 90 years old.




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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

The brooding storm.

Anger, desperation, anxiety, blinds you and leaves your mind weak and crippled.  It is like a storm of smoke or heavy fog has filled the mind.  You are at the mercy of the storm, lost and without seeing better direction.

This is why the mind must become a sacred place, the sanctum sanctorum, the harmony and reason you need; therefore, in your problems, arguments, life challenges, you can trust your mind to give you reason and strength.

In a world where everyone becomes angry, violent, unconscious, attached to beliefs and points of view easily, you must rise up and become better than this world, so you can face life and its events with poise and understanding.

If you are to be the best fighter, your own hero, the confident and faithful character of your life, then you must rule your mind and not allow it to fill you with anger and frustration whenever something or someone does not agree with you or with your way of seeing things.


All that is needed in life is a mind that is filled by peace and harmony, so that the best strategies and solutions may be clearly seen with wisdom and reason.  No need for anger and frustration, is there…??

Your mind will react to situations the way it has been programmed to do so, so if you must practice a better way, a more focused and reasonable mental program to fight your battles, you must stop procrastinating and begin now changing the way your mind operates.





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Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!



So, I think that to understand what intimacy really is, one must go to the origins of it.  What is to be intimate…??  Where is this substance of intimacy created…??  Is it part of love, or a creation of society…??

Let’s see, love is deep connection and understanding, and it is dwelling within you; and to experience it in your everyday life you must make it conscious, you must create and bring this love into your mind.

Now, intimacy, being that love is intimacy itself, is also within you.  Intimacy then has nothing to do with sex, or a relationship with another.  Of course, you can bring intimacy into a relationship with another; however, intimacy, being love, must be first cultivated and developed within yourself, consciously in your mind.

Do you know why people have sex, get into relationships, get married, and still have problems which lead to separations, trust broken, and lots of pain…??  No intimacy.  And the problem is that they never developed intimacy within themselves first.

How can you truly love another if you do not know love….??  How can you cherish and respect another if you do not cherish and respect yourself first…??  How can you be truly intimate with another if you do not know intimacy…??  People fail in creating love within themselves, so they cannot, even if they try, truly love another.

Getting in touch with your emotions, integrity in character, accepting and respecting yourself–this creates intimacy in your mind.  Seeking love and happiness outside yourself because you feel empty and needy inside–this creates lack of intimacy, lack of love, and suffering which you bring to another in a relationship.





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Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

What you owe to yourself.



I knew someone who used to keep how he really felt bottled up inside, he was filling himself with all these unexpressed feelings and thoughts; but at some point he would feel overwhelmed due to all this toxic storage deep inside, and so like a balloon with too much air he would end up bursting into anger and anxiety.

This system of behavior was really bad for his own character development, for his mind and his overall health; and, furthermore, this really damaged his relationships and destroyed greater opportunities in life–i.e., his financial and societal opportunities, as his understanding of family values and tolerance of himself and of others.

And the worst, he would lose it whenever he would burst into these unexpressed emotions, his mind would get so angry and anxious that all love and understanding would leave him.  He would lose himself in that moment.

He would really hate himself afterwards though, because he was a really nice guy with really lots of love buried deep to share with others.  He just did not know the right way to share this love.


And this can happen to any of us, if there is no self-awareness.  Self-awareness means in this case to know that you must express yourself to free yourself.

You have to share your thoughts and feelings with people; do not keep them inside just because you think they are negative or because you think people won’t like to hear them.

Be honest, but not cruel.  Transform your words and feelings accurately into direct truth.  Speak your mind, be firm in your personal convictions and loyal to yourself.  You owe that much to yourself.

And you also owe that much to others if you want to walk the ethics-and-morals path, and if you want your character to develop mightily in your life.



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