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What is moral character…?? What is integrity..?? What are true moral values…??

Today, many people fail to realize that attitude, behavior, habit, is everything that makes a better human being. Words are just that: Words. So, let’s say you have great talent for something specifically, and this makes you be proud of yourself and attract people. You are charming. You always say nice things. You always give advise to others. But then you have your other side, such side unfriendly to others, not loving and tolerant with your own family. This makes you a “fake.” See, everything in life is about character, which is about being in touch with your own self; however, you do not have any character, true moral values, if you wear a mask just to deceive people.

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Let us say now that a businessman dresses well, talks well, acts professionally with other people he tries to impress as potential clients. Most people would say that he is a good, mature, honest man; because they see this man nicely dressed, responsible with his business and good with all this people/potential clients. This man is superficial, and here’s why. He then shows another side. He does not treat his wife with respect. He does not spend time with his family. He scoffs at homeless people on the street. He hates people who are not important and wealthy like he is. Would you say this man is a decent human being now..??

So, the point I am trying to make here is that what makes us decent human beings is not how we look to others or how others see us, but it is moral attitude every day. How I talk to my neighbor. The example I give to my kids. The daily habits I practice. Moral character shines in our small day tasks. Do I keep a good attitude in my difficult times or do I become intolerant and hurtful to others. So, whatever you think of yourself, however cool and charming you believe you are, nothing matters if you do not strengthen your moral character.


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Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The man of truth.


You reach truth by forging yourself, not by following society and doing what they are doing.


People do not live by the truth, but they tell themselves that they do.  People drink alcohol, smoke, they become addicted to drugs, to sex, to partying, they become attached and obsessed with other people, with material things also, they eat meats and fill themselves with all types of unhealthy foods.  And yet, they tell themselves that they are highly moral and seeking to be better human beings.  How pathetic is this?!

The man of truth is the ONLY one who is not afraid, the ONLY one who is truly confident, and the ONLY one who illumines his path by himself and without falling into the pleasures and miseries offered by society.

When he speaks his mind, having before analyzed himself and what he claims to know, he does it without prejudice, without anger, without anxiety, and without seeking the approval from others–from family, friends, or from whomever.

When you do something unhealthy for yourself, and when you say or think something negative or unhealthy for yourself as well, you are denying yourself.  Why…??

Because by being egoistical, prideful, and by bringing into your mind fear, confusion, negativity, any type of immorality, you are then denying your true self, the one which resides beyond your petty ego, your corrupted choices, and your self-inflicted sufferings about yourself and the world around you.

So, never worry about people’s reactions, never be attached to that, because that is not your concern; however, your ONLY concern must be your own morality in thought, word, and in action.  Tell and do truth, kindly, respectfully; but firmly, with confidence.

No traditions.  No religions.  No cultures.  No pleasing others.  ONLY truth.  See this fact!  Learn to see the reality of life!





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Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Understanding people.


People are easily swept off their feet, mesmerized, hypnotized, influenced, excited, robbed of morality and rationality by the world around them because they worship their physical senses and the crooked realities they bring them.

And this, obviously, leads them to be unconscious and to envy greedily, to try to feel superior and put others down.  This you must understand about people, ALL people, including the people you care about, the people you least expect, and perhaps you unconsciously do it as well.

This appears to be a sickness in most people when they do not feel whole inside, so they seek to fill their emptiness to feel better about themselves and their lack of integrity.  Some do it consciously, some others unconsciously; however, it is certainly in all unawakened human creature to do this in their different ways, seeking their own self-gratification.

Because people compete with one another, but they do not know it most of the time; and until they bring illumination into themselves (which it might never happen in most cases), their behaviors and intentions are erratic and concealed to their own awareness.

So, one must understand that they do this, and they act out, and they pity themselves at your expense, because of the great void and unhappiness buried deeply within them.  This is the sick game they play.

And to understand this gives you the depth and insight into all your relationships.  And relationships are the very evolution of situations and people you have to master in your journey to be happy; so you may look into people’s unconscious behaviors and gain patience for your own harmony and illumination.



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Creating how you feel.


What builds character…??  What gives man and woman their self-respect…??  What gives you honest integrity and capacity to create a heaven for yourself…?? 

What builds the soul of the human creature, what creates value in him, what gets rid of feelings of emptiness and misery, is unquestionably his behavior in the personal and public life.

His strength of character in difficult or challenging situations is everything, because it makes him feel mighty, because it inspires him to feel that he is strong and truthful within himself.

These boosted feelings of strength and truth that he feels when he behaves with integrity in his life, create great self-respect, great self-love; and so, this evaporates any emptiness or darkness within himself.

See, heaven is a state within you which makes you feel whole and truly happy with yourself, with your life in general; and for this you must dedicate your time to behave with integrity in ALL you do, which means to discipline your mind to think in moral values for yourself and in your behaviors towards others.

You project into the world what you are inside, or how you feel inside; therefore, if you feel lazy, or empty, or miserable, or lonely, or immoral, then you will project that same state into your behaviors as well.  And so, your life will always be what you bring into it.

Your life then is a mere reflection of what you are, how of you feel within; hence, it is pointless for you to complain and act out whenever your life turns out depressing or your situations challenging, for your inner states create your outer experience of life.

Your inner states then are managed and kept well nurtured when you choose self-discipline in your actions, through behaviors of integrity, even if you do not feel like it.  Doing good, honest, and noble actions will create that love and happiness you need in order to feel a much better inner state constantly.




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So, I think that to understand what intimacy really is, one must go to the origins of it.  What is to be intimate…??  Where is this substance of intimacy created…??  Is it part of love, or a creation of society…??

Let’s see, love is deep connection and understanding, and it is dwelling within you; and to experience it in your everyday life you must make it conscious, you must create and bring this love into your mind.

Now, intimacy, being that love is intimacy itself, is also within you.  Intimacy then has nothing to do with sex, or a relationship with another.  Of course, you can bring intimacy into a relationship with another; however, intimacy, being love, must be first cultivated and developed within yourself, consciously in your mind.

Do you know why people have sex, get into relationships, get married, and still have problems which lead to separations, trust broken, and lots of pain…??  No intimacy.  And the problem is that they never developed intimacy within themselves first.

How can you truly love another if you do not know love….??  How can you cherish and respect another if you do not cherish and respect yourself first…??  How can you be truly intimate with another if you do not know intimacy…??  People fail in creating love within themselves, so they cannot, even if they try, truly love another.

Getting in touch with your emotions, integrity in character, accepting and respecting yourself–this creates intimacy in your mind.  Seeking love and happiness outside yourself because you feel empty and needy inside–this creates lack of intimacy, lack of love, and suffering which you bring to another in a relationship.





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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The Miraculous Birth.




What is to be free and a better human being…??  And what is to be spiritual…??  And what is to be highly conscious in life…?? 

They are the same, even though ignorance in the world, beginning by religions, tell you differently.

Being spiritual has no relation with The Bible or with any religion or “sacred” text.  Being spiritual is something that you carry inside, whether you are a saint or a murderer; however, to experience that intelligence, goodness or spirituality that you are, you must focus on creating it in your mind, or in becoming conscious/aware of it.

Hitler was not aware of it.  Pedophiles, even “religious” ones, are not aware of it.  Trump is not aware of it.  Many people are not aware of it, because they allow their environments and activities to reveal a “spiritual identity.”

So, people reads The Bible.  Or go to their damned churches.  Or listen to Sadhguru or any other.  And this means they are spiritual and conscious…??

Being spiritual, conscious, aware, is about integrity, morals and ethics through your daily behaviors, because exactly this changes your inner state, your mental state to a liberated and heavenly state–i.e., a state in which you create yourself and your life due to your higher integrity.

And that is when the superior human being is born, the intelligent creature who feels whole and does not lean or seeks his identity in his environment–in his religion, in his so-called “sacred” texts, in his lies and beliefs.

The greatest miracle in life is indeed to realize this and become integrity in all you do–i. e., realize that by eating meat you help kill the environment, realize that any lie tears relationships apart, realize that religions cannot bring salvation or truth, realize that love is not a desire, realize that all politics are games of power, realize that society will change when you start by changing yourself, realize that you are responsible for all that happens to you, etc. etc.






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Value in relationships.



Each one of us, as human creatures in this physical life, seeks to feel acknowledged and valued by the people who surrounds us; for we all have a need for love and happiness in our very personal experiences, and such means we all need to feel respected and cherished by what we think, feel and do.

The core, the great vitality and purpose of life is to develop ourselves in regards to relationships–i.e., relationships with ourselves and with others; friendships, romance, family, acquaintance, and discover the deep connection between each one of us and the world.

This tells us that relationships must be developed strongly, based on a deep love and understanding, that respect towards each other’s different points of views and personalities must be understood and even celebrated.  Because we can all learn from each other–from the good and the bad.

But a human relationship may be fragile if it is not taken seriously, if it is not based on patience and understanding, respect and commitment to growth; therefore, no matter what impulses, what psychological temptations, what outbursts of anxiety we feel at a given moment, honesty and integrity must guide and build our character.

All can be reconciled in a relationship but a deep break of trust, because the first to be kept is your own self-respect and value; but by allowing lies, cheating, disrespect from others, you are certainly disrespecting yourself and devaluing yourself–which sooner or later will take you to self-loathing by adopting feelings of paranoia and confusion, and so a sure self-destruction.



So, know that no matter the situation or the disease (in the case of somebody whose excuse to lie and cheat is some mental one) or the excuse somebody gives you for any reason, your self-worth, the love to yourself comes first; therefore, you must do what you must in order to keep your mental peace and harmony.  Walking away without looking back is often what will give you your peace and harmony back, so do not hesitate on doing this; for it is about your ABSOLUTE happiness and integrity/loyalty towards yourself.




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Acts of care.


To do everything in love is to deny access to your mind to thoughts of negativity and complaint, to avoid the rule of dark and nagging feelings.  In order to enjoy each moment, one must seek acts of care–acts in which you can put your whole energy and carry them out without frustration and stress.

Loving yourself and your behaviors because you have integrity and you bring out integrity is what matters in life, so you may create better opportunities and better futures for yourself and for others.


Acts of care

Were I a flower to be beauty without fears!
Were I the wind to know life without binds!
What if I were love to exist without tears??
What if you and I stopped telling great lies.

For to find meaning is to seek acts of care,
For in care there is the beautiful flower.
I have seen the immortal beauty to share,
Beyond the petty excuses which devour.

Nearer and sweeter this music draws;
The music in my acts of love expands.
In this one moment I meet Universal Law,
As my moral behavior heavenly stands.

All Nature responds to the eternal call;
The call which carries my attention here.
My behavior of integrity brings it to all;
Anxiety and fear in morals do disappear.51914351_632834247149941_8022915865735331840_n


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A Powerful Personality.




The character, the morals and ethics, the integrity of someone shines in his personality, in the way he moves about things in his life, in the way he interacts with others and in the handling of situations.  Personality shines brightly in the better behavior and attitude towards others and towards life situations.

This is opposite to what many people believe, that personality is mostly in your intentions and thoughts, and in your words and personal life philosophies.  Of course, all this is also important, as thoughts, intentions, words, philosophies of life, are the origin and the glue of the better person and society; but, however, they DO NOT create your actual personality.

Your personality, as stated, is shown and strengthened in your daily behaviors; therefore, if you think kindness and say kindness, then you also have to live kindness through better behaviors.  Higher morals and ethics only exist if the personality is shining brightly in better behaviors.

Now, a good personality based on true integrity must not be rigid.  You cannot be attached to one way of being or behaving, leaving out the better understanding and tolerance of others different from you; so, the superior or better personality must be able to adjust to different environments and to different people, different lifestyles, different views and even behaviors different from yours.

This way of seeing life and universally behaving, without rigidness, without any attachment to your own ways of thinking and behaving, allowing tolerance and understanding towards others, brings power to your very presence, it attracts opportunities and people to your better personality.

You enter a room and you shine, you approach people and they immediately feel your persona, you become attractive in deeper ways, and your character makes you more able to accept your own life and that of others with love and openness, without getting frustrated easily, without stressing yourself easily and without any rigidness whatsoever.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Baseless grounds.

The way we treat others is the way we treat ourselves.  The way we understand others is the way we understand ourselves.  Judging others then is a reflection of ourselves, the kind of persons we are, the characters we have; therefore, you can never know a person by what others tell you of that person, as you can never know yourself by listening to the petty voices in your mind.

You know yourself by the honest feelings behind your daily actions, not by the voices in your mind.  You know others by seeing their actions yourself, not by what others have said of them.

You may listen to the voices in your head, which are influenced by the gossip and opinions of others, and this may even make you feel like you can judge or know a particular person; however, this is not so in reality, because you can only know a person by actually knowing that person and the way they behave.

Your imagination, calculation, ideas, thoughts about someone, are just baseless and ignorant even if you have heard about such person; unless you actually talk to that person and know that person’s feelings and behaviors.

Being quick to judge is one of the big mistakes which lead people to ruin any possible relationships or advancement in relationships of any kind.  Have you ruined any possible relationship like this…??

Wars, racism, prejudice, intolerance and much more exist due to not really understanding one another, and so judging based on what someone says, on someone else’s deed, or in the past of that particular person.

There is no ethical and moral compass in this deluded behavior of the egoistical mind.  In judging people without actually knowing them no integrity exists in you.

So it is that one must be aware of this, and not enter the petty game of gossip and baseless accusation others play.


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