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What is moral character…?? What is integrity..?? What are true moral values…??

Today, many people fail to realize that attitude, behavior, habit, is everything that makes a better human being. Words are just that: Words. So, let’s say you have great talent for something specifically, and this makes you be proud of yourself and attract people. You are charming. You always say nice things. You always give advise to others. But then you have your other side, such side unfriendly to others, not loving and tolerant with your own family. This makes you a “fake.” See, everything in life is about character, which is about being in touch with your own self; however, you do not have any character, true moral values, if you wear a mask just to deceive people.

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Let us say now that a businessman dresses well, talks well, acts professionally with other people he tries to impress as potential clients. Most people would say that he is a good, mature, honest man; because they see this man nicely dressed, responsible with his business and good with all this people/potential clients. This man is superficial, and here’s why. He then shows another side. He does not treat his wife with respect. He does not spend time with his family. He scoffs at homeless people on the street. He hates people who are not important and wealthy like he is. Would you say this man is a decent human being now..??

So, the point I am trying to make here is that what makes us decent human beings is not how we look to others or how others see us, but it is moral attitude every day. How I talk to my neighbor. The example I give to my kids. The daily habits I practice. Moral character shines in our small day tasks. Do I keep a good attitude in my difficult times or do I become intolerant and hurtful to others. So, whatever you think of yourself, however cool and charming you believe you are, nothing matters if you do not strengthen your moral character.


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