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Creating how you feel.

You project into the world what you are inside, or how you feel inside; therefore, if…


What builds character…??  What gives man and woman their self-respect…??  What gives you honest integrity and capacity to create a heaven for yourself…?? 

What builds the soul of the human creature, what creates value in him, what gets rid of feelings of emptiness and misery, is unquestionably his behavior in the personal and public life.

His strength of character in difficult or challenging situations is everything, because it makes him feel mighty, because it inspires him to feel that he is strong and truthful within himself.

These boosted feelings of strength and truth that he feels when he behaves with integrity in his life, create great self-respect, great self-love; and so, this evaporates any emptiness or darkness within himself.

See, heaven is a state within you which makes you feel whole and truly happy with yourself, with your life in general; and for this you must dedicate your time to behave with integrity in ALL you do, which means to discipline your mind to think in moral values for yourself and in your behaviors towards others.

You project into the world what you are inside, or how you feel inside; therefore, if you feel lazy, or empty, or miserable, or lonely, or immoral, then you will project that same state into your behaviors as well.  And so, your life will always be what you bring into it.

Your life then is a mere reflection of what you are, how of you feel within; hence, it is pointless for you to complain and act out whenever your life turns out depressing or your situations challenging, for your inner states create your outer experience of life.

Your inner states then are managed and kept well nurtured when you choose self-discipline in your actions, through behaviors of integrity, even if you do not feel like it.  Doing good, honest, and noble actions will create that love and happiness you need in order to feel a much better inner state constantly.




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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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