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Do the work yourself.




Being the best you can be can get confusing at times.  Being highly ethical and moral is something to really pay attention in the way you think, feel and behave daily.

You can be better than what you are right now, always, no matter your circumstance; but you need to recognize your own ego and the excuses you use daily.

If you do not do the work, if you do not recognize your own faults daily, in each moment, then, no matter what you read and what you believe, you will not develop yourself in awakening and as a better human being.

Don’t ask others!  Don’t ask me!  Do not lean on any teacher!  Do not lean on any book!  Analyze yourself, no matter how old and awakened you think you are.  Lead yourself through life knowing, as a fact, that you deeply understand all your dark corners.





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Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The man of truth.


You reach truth by forging yourself, not by following society and doing what they are doing.


People do not live by the truth, but they tell themselves that they do.  People drink alcohol, smoke, they become addicted to drugs, to sex, to partying, they become attached and obsessed with other people, with material things also, they eat meats and fill themselves with all types of unhealthy foods.  And yet, they tell themselves that they are highly moral and seeking to be better human beings.  How pathetic is this?!

The man of truth is the ONLY one who is not afraid, the ONLY one who is truly confident, and the ONLY one who illumines his path by himself and without falling into the pleasures and miseries offered by society.

When he speaks his mind, having before analyzed himself and what he claims to know, he does it without prejudice, without anger, without anxiety, and without seeking the approval from others–from family, friends, or from whomever.

When you do something unhealthy for yourself, and when you say or think something negative or unhealthy for yourself as well, you are denying yourself.  Why…??

Because by being egoistical, prideful, and by bringing into your mind fear, confusion, negativity, any type of immorality, you are then denying your true self, the one which resides beyond your petty ego, your corrupted choices, and your self-inflicted sufferings about yourself and the world around you.

So, never worry about people’s reactions, never be attached to that, because that is not your concern; however, your ONLY concern must be your own morality in thought, word, and in action.  Tell and do truth, kindly, respectfully; but firmly, with confidence.

No traditions.  No religions.  No cultures.  No pleasing others.  ONLY truth.  See this fact!  Learn to see the reality of life!





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