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New worlds of magic.

Quite often, it so happens that people fall into fascination–fascination for TV celebrities, for the politics battle, for lifestyles of this and that, unhealthy food commercials, etc. This takes over their lives. Of course, without them realizing it; because it is a subconscious takeover. They claim to choose to do what they do in order to feel good about themselves, but the reality is that they are prisoners of what the TV has put into their minds.

But outside this prison, there is much more to discover. I know, I was there; and now I am outside the prison. Books. Stories. New information. Philosophy which makes us think. Adventures to expand our own imagination. This is my world now, and it is why I write this post and all that I write. The greatest asset we have as human beings is the capacity to steer our lives and be happy, to be conscious and learn. Well, great part of this is what good books do, because they expand your awareness. Let’s say, for example, you are having a bad day, you are hurting, you lost someone special, you are somehow troubled. How do you move on…??

Well, if your mind is full of society’s turmoil, anxiety, and nonsense, be it from TV or any other gossip, then you have not much opportunity to move on. But if your mind is powerful, imaginative, filled with great knowledge from books, then you can have the strength and imagination to immerse into other activities instead of wallowing in your hurt. This goes hand in hand with spiritual growth, because spiritual (not religious) growth is about greater awareness, thinking for yourself, and detaching yourself from society’s influence.


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Through the physical first.




People always seek, and ask, and remain confused about some aspect in self-development in their lives, because they have not studied themselves; therefore, all the knowledge they carry from others, from reading, does not fulfill them.  Know yourself.

Self-knowledge does not come to the mind due to reading books, following scriptures, listening to religious noise, and good and honest desires to be so-called “spiritual.”  Awakening, enlightenment, is the result of paying close attention to one’s body.  This process is your most sacred key.

Know your body and mind.  Its chemistry.  Its biology.  Its conscious and subconscious programs.  How it works.  Its composition at the physical scale.  Then you can really understand the spiritual realm.  The spiritual (energy) can only be understood by going through the physical first.





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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The Miraculous Birth.




What is to be free and a better human being…??  And what is to be spiritual…??  And what is to be highly conscious in life…?? 

They are the same, even though ignorance in the world, beginning by religions, tell you differently.

Being spiritual has no relation with The Bible or with any religion or “sacred” text.  Being spiritual is something that you carry inside, whether you are a saint or a murderer; however, to experience that intelligence, goodness or spirituality that you are, you must focus on creating it in your mind, or in becoming conscious/aware of it.

Hitler was not aware of it.  Pedophiles, even “religious” ones, are not aware of it.  Trump is not aware of it.  Many people are not aware of it, because they allow their environments and activities to reveal a “spiritual identity.”

So, people reads The Bible.  Or go to their damned churches.  Or listen to Sadhguru or any other.  And this means they are spiritual and conscious…??

Being spiritual, conscious, aware, is about integrity, morals and ethics through your daily behaviors, because exactly this changes your inner state, your mental state to a liberated and heavenly state–i.e., a state in which you create yourself and your life due to your higher integrity.

And that is when the superior human being is born, the intelligent creature who feels whole and does not lean or seeks his identity in his environment–in his religion, in his so-called “sacred” texts, in his lies and beliefs.

The greatest miracle in life is indeed to realize this and become integrity in all you do–i. e., realize that by eating meat you help kill the environment, realize that any lie tears relationships apart, realize that religions cannot bring salvation or truth, realize that love is not a desire, realize that all politics are games of power, realize that society will change when you start by changing yourself, realize that you are responsible for all that happens to you, etc. etc.






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Anatomy and physiology of life Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

A Journey of Self-mastery.


So what do you think a spiritual really journey is…??  Because most people, maybe even you, poisoned by the religious collective mindset and philosophy created in the world, think that spirituality is reading scriptures, listening to the egos of people talking about angels and demons, traditions, burning incense and nonsense, talking about energy and auras, and all this other superficial foolishness.

But they all miss the whole point due to fantastical ignorance and the scheme of their own egos, and that is that a spiritual journey is a better human being journey–no more, no less.  It is about higher principles, higher ethics and morals; for if you rule your life by higher ethics and morals then you rule your life by truth.

So what is it…??  How do you reconcile this…??  Living a truly good and healthy life, respecting other beings, no judging, no gossiping, no supporting any politics which separates people even if it is good for the economy, not supporting any war, meditating about your own thought and feel, working on your mood swings or emotional reactions, cultivating love and tolerance at all times, etc.  All this is being spiritual; thus working on being a better human being.

It is simple if you make it a holy system individually.  Instead of worrying about a collective mindset, about keeping your attention outside yourself, you worry about transforming yourself from within, you work on your inner self daily, without excuses, thus keeping your attention into yourself, growing from within.  The work must be personal, not collective.


Avoid what is outside, because the origin of God, of life, of divinity itself, is inside; however, the many fools of the world look for all truth and reality in the outside, and it is why the world is just an empty husk of competition and intolerance today–and the worst offenders of this are religion and politics.  You must raise yourself above all this petty nonsense if you want to truly better yourself.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Inner traits.

The psyche is mortal, dual, material, obtuse, and in denial of itself; thus, of the two forces man contains within, one is developed stronger than the other, either that of the feminine or that of the masculine.  The mind then is its own ruler, sick or healthy; therefore, the mind creates the violent and absurd man, the warmonger, the unfaithful lover, the saint, the peaceful, the homosexual, the lesbian, the heterosexual, the libertine, the enlightened one, the wicked one, etc. etc.  But the successful and blissful life is attained once you have reached beyond this rigidity of mind–  Can you not see that yourself…??

The higher moral character, the divine traits of the innermost, the most decent and truly superior human being is embraced and it takes over when you go beyond the programming of your own mind–i.e., beyond the absurdity of the unholy and reactive mind.  This is for women and for men.  But it is specially a duty for men to awaken from slumber, because men tend to be in most cases the troglodytes who worship the knowledge of the mind and its delusional beliefs.

It is necessary, absolutely vital for any true enlightenment, to reach within and bring the divine traits of the feminine to the surface; thus, you must unite the sacred knowledge of the mind with that essence of The Divine Mother.  You will not feel whole unless this happens as an experience within you.

  Honest, creative, compassionate, empathetic, trustful, teachable and humble, patient under suffering, individual in thought–these are the traits which reside deep within each person (woman and man), and the traits you must strive to embrace and make conscious each day of your life.





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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Awaken to your own experience…

Is highly important to realize and accept the abysmal differences between religiousness and spirituality, because many people believe in much ignorance that by reading scriptures, by praying at their churches, by repeating their mantras, by following a bishop and being obedient of what he teaches, they are truly spiritual, awakened, and in the path of truth.  Isn’t the ego powerful in these people…??  This I know, as all I write here, from my own experience, because I was religious, now I am spiritual; I was man-made and my mind was full of the idiocies of man, now I emptied my mind and communicate with that Source of Divinity in me which does not belong to any man.


And it is simple, is it not…??  When you read this, or when you read scriptures, or when you go to church, even though you might feel “divine love” or “spirituality” being born in you, this is just your mind creating beautiful feelings; this is not a spiritual awakening but just the desire in you to be spiritually awakened.  This means you are reading or listening to the experience or to the beliefs of others.  Now, this, as beautiful and divine might sound to you, as loving the belief in Jesus or Buddha or some saint, comes from outside of you.  Nothing coming from the outside is your reality; it might resonate with you, it might be romantic or spiritual, but that is as far as it goes–just more knowledge stored in your mind and conditioned by your mechanical brain.

Now, can you see for yourself what truth, what spirituality really is…??  It has to wake you up, not wake you up intellectually, because intellect is the ego-mind, and intellect is mere knowledge; but wake you up as in coming from beyond your intellect and the feelings it creates, it has to be you, a deeper realization–which is what awakening is, which is a wholeness in you that changes not only your mind but all your intentions and daily behaviors, and which is your own experience.  To be spiritual means to stand up on your own and not follow the crowd, it is to empty your mind from all man-made mentality and to rebel against it–so you can find yourself within yourself, and you can awaken to your own experience.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

What is real about you…??

Whatever is brought on by matter, whatever is matter, is it of eternal value…?? What is of eternal value then…?? What is the eternal value of a human being, or of a flower, or of the earth underneath your feet, or of the shining stars above you…??
The surface or facade of things, of human beings, of the earth, is all an illusion, a mere pleasantness who travels a journey tied to time and space.  Prestige, physical attractiveness, a mind full of knowledge, beliefs, traditions, and so on and so forth, is all decaying, isn’t it…??  One year relevant and attached to opinions of the trend, the next not so much….


Life passes, you get old, society changes, economy falters, you experience moments of joy and moments of loss, and you must then make the mature decision of inquiring, of exploring deeply and find out within yourself what is vital and what does not leave you; therefore, you must meditate seriously into yourself, analyze life deeply and find out for yourself what is the eternal value in you.  Religion, scriptures, spiritual groups, prayers, so-called “sacred” statues, and even philosophies from great ancient Masters cannot make you aware of this in your heart.

You might fill your intellect with all this enlightening data, but you must awaken in yourself to actually know the truth, the experience of what is your value, eternal value; however, does not matter what anybody has told you or what you have read, knowledge is not the actual experience, so it is imperative that you meditate and seriously self-inquire.  If you do not do this, then you cannot really live this life the way it must be lived, with pure love and freedom; and you will neglect yourself and your value as well, which shall bring you great fear of physical death and confusion about what really lives and what really dies…  Are you anxious about aging…??  Are you wondering about a better life before you die…??  Problems keep you up at night…??  What are you going to do about it…??–Just exist and survive like an ignorant and subservient coward…??–Or find out on your own like a courageous Master…??

“The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival.”  ~ Aristotle; ancient Greek philosopher, poet, writer, and scientist.


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Poetry and prose from the heart. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Clouds of Dreams.

“Write about the dream you see during wakefulness.”  ~ Debasish Mridha; American physician, philosopher, poet, and author.

“With the known, you simply repeat the process.  With the unknown, you access the new doorways to life.”  ~ Roshan Sharma; meditator, self-help blogger, and author.

Deep beyond our thoughts and desires, our perceptions and feelings, there are waters of light, within each of our atoms, within us all, within all; and so, these spaceless and timeless waters of light refresh us, give us the inner energy, the fuel to create whatever we are passionate about in this physical life.

This can be called Wakefulness as it is the eternal condition of our souls, of what we truly are; and this is why we cannot fail at anything in this life if we train our mortality, our ego-minds and our corrupted bodies, to sail these illumined waters into the right direction, the direction of our dreams and goals.


The sailing of these waters, through patience and faith, with self-love and self-inquiry, shall awaken us into new perceptions and horizons more like the dreams we carry with us at night; such dreams of mystery and, quite often, new enlightenment into many things lived in our waking days, and dreams which carry the reality of our innermost beings.

You must trust your path then and not be swayed back and forth by the turbulent waters of your life, by the pressures imposed by your own ego and the ego of others around you; and you must hold on to your inner dreams and reach for strength and passion to endure the superficiality of this physical manifestation we call life.

So, make your dreams wake, let them carry you along and manifest what you truly are, namely the fresh waters of light.
The fear you can encounter along your path is just the superficial manifestation of your physical life and not the reality of it all, because your dreams are.


Clouds of Dreams
And who are we?  The conscious or the unconscious…??
And what is reality?  The world of form or the Clouds of Dreams…??
And whoever said we are the appearance of a thought-form…??
And whoever said we are the very experience in the dream…??
They walk tired and frustrated amongst the myriad of shapes,
The shapes and colors in the vain places are all they see;
The dreams are real but far from the vain places they visit,
For the essence of dreams are within the shapes and colors.
I experience Clouds of Dreams while they try to see it with their eyes.
Dreams are eternal clouds behind the shapes and colors in disguise.
                                                                              ~ Asa.
_In clouds of dreams we introduce birth and death. In clouds of dreams we experience pain and pleasure. Life is eternal and it gives life to the experience of our everyday experience. If

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The Magical Core.

“Empty your mind of all thoughts.  Let your heart be at peace.  Watch the turmoil of beings, but contemplate their return.  Each separate being in the universe returns to the common source.  Returning to the source is serenity.  If you don’t realize the source, you stumble in confusion and sorrow.  When you realize where you come from, you naturally become tolerant, disinterested, amused, kindhearted as a grandmother, dignified as a king.  Immersed in the wonder of the Tao, you can deal with whatever life brings you, and when death comes, you are ready.”  ~ Lao Tzu.


Meditation is the core or essence of life, contemplation, the absorption of wisdom, the reflection of your inner being to strengthen your outer being and the one living in the world of form and deception.

During meditation you do not engage with any thoughts, you just flow in peace and harmony, one with Source, and see thoughts rise and vanish; you focus upon the breath of life, your breath in the moment.  This is life.

For the awakened one, the true sage, life is just like meditation; you keep yourself immersed in peace and harmony, mind without heated thoughts and tempests that could rattle your meditation, flowing with what is, not rejecting whatever happens but accepting it, watching your emotions and reflecting upon the content of those emotions.


This process of meditation in life vanishes fear, because all fear comes from an agitated and perturbed mind, an unruly and rogue mind, a mind who always wants to be in control; therefore, if the mind in question is under meditation, then there exists no agitation and perturbation, for the mind dwells in peace and harmony, one with what is, and so there is no energy agent creating fear or great confusion.

And this higher mind, which is in meditation, reflects inwardly, watches the movements of Nature inwardly; and so, there is no beliefs and distractions from the outside, because this mind knows that whatever is outside is the illusion tied to space and time, tied to moods and changes, tied to all creation of man.

And this mind knows that the eternal reality is only inside, outside there is just a window into physical experience; and it knows and understands that all evolution and elevation happens from the inside.

Remind yourself to keep watch on your own mind, maintain an inner attitude of meditation every day, and erase all fear from your thoughts and actions.




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Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

As pure gold.

“To free us from the expectations of others, to give us back to ourselves—there lies the great, singular power of self-respect.”  ~ Joan Didion; American journalist and writer of novels, plays, screenplays, and autobiographical works.

“That you may retain your self-respect, it is better to displease the people by doing what you know is right, than to temporarily please them by doing what you know is wrong.”  ~ William J. H. Boetcker; German minister and motivational speaker.

As pure gold
As the concealed mysteries of the deep seas,
As the creatures which no eyes have ever seen,
There is the glorious purity of your soul
As profound and valuable as pure gold;
For it is in thee that life is appreciated,
For it is in thee that such is elevated.
All the kind people one loves and cherishes
May be as the light bulb which flickers in the dark,
The light which changes intensity as mood,
The light which guides and obscures the truth.
They may ask and demand, rob you of your option,
Where the light is faint, where truth is distortion.
The rose blooms under the light of the warm Sun;
You and I develop under the warmth of self-respect.
To master the space and the planets is nothing;
To master the Eternal Love in thee is everything.
Why give knowing that they will just take and take…??
If you always give, play the fool, your love is fake.
The repeated mistakes of good and decent people,
To give and forgive about the love for themselves,
To expect the beast to change when it lives by instinct.
But to love oneself is the glorious purity of your soul,
To know that you are as profound and valuable as pure gold.
~ Asa.
Don't you know yet...__Your light shines by beingnourished with self-love.Enrich yourself first, not others.

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