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Awaken to your own experience…

Nothing coming from the outside is your reality; it might resonate with you, it might be…

Is highly important to realize and accept the abysmal differences between religiousness and spirituality, because many people believe in much ignorance that by reading scriptures, by praying at their churches, by repeating their mantras, by following a bishop and being obedient of what he teaches, they are truly spiritual, awakened, and in the path of truth.  Isn’t the ego powerful in these people…??  This I know, as all I write here, from my own experience, because I was religious, now I am spiritual; I was man-made and my mind was full of the idiocies of man, now I emptied my mind and communicate with that Source of Divinity in me which does not belong to any man.


And it is simple, is it not…??  When you read this, or when you read scriptures, or when you go to church, even though you might feel “divine love” or “spirituality” being born in you, this is just your mind creating beautiful feelings; this is not a spiritual awakening but just the desire in you to be spiritually awakened.  This means you are reading or listening to the experience or to the beliefs of others.  Now, this, as beautiful and divine might sound to you, as loving the belief in Jesus or Buddha or some saint, comes from outside of you.  Nothing coming from the outside is your reality; it might resonate with you, it might be romantic or spiritual, but that is as far as it goes–just more knowledge stored in your mind and conditioned by your mechanical brain.

Now, can you see for yourself what truth, what spirituality really is…??  It has to wake you up, not wake you up intellectually, because intellect is the ego-mind, and intellect is mere knowledge; but wake you up as in coming from beyond your intellect and the feelings it creates, it has to be you, a deeper realization–which is what awakening is, which is a wholeness in you that changes not only your mind but all your intentions and daily behaviors, and which is your own experience.  To be spiritual means to stand up on your own and not follow the crowd, it is to empty your mind from all man-made mentality and to rebel against it–so you can find yourself within yourself, and you can awaken to your own experience.



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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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