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Clouds of Dreams.

This can be called Wakefulness as it is the eternal condition of our souls, of what we truly are; and this is why…

“Write about the dream you see during wakefulness.”  ~ Debasish Mridha; American physician, philosopher, poet, and author.

“With the known, you simply repeat the process.  With the unknown, you access the new doorways to life.”  ~ Roshan Sharma; meditator, self-help blogger, and author.

Deep beyond our thoughts and desires, our perceptions and feelings, there are waters of light, within each of our atoms, within us all, within all; and so, these spaceless and timeless waters of light refresh us, give us the inner energy, the fuel to create whatever we are passionate about in this physical life.

This can be called Wakefulness as it is the eternal condition of our souls, of what we truly are; and this is why we cannot fail at anything in this life if we train our mortality, our ego-minds and our corrupted bodies, to sail these illumined waters into the right direction, the direction of our dreams and goals.


The sailing of these waters, through patience and faith, with self-love and self-inquiry, shall awaken us into new perceptions and horizons more like the dreams we carry with us at night; such dreams of mystery and, quite often, new enlightenment into many things lived in our waking days, and dreams which carry the reality of our innermost beings.

You must trust your path then and not be swayed back and forth by the turbulent waters of your life, by the pressures imposed by your own ego and the ego of others around you; and you must hold on to your inner dreams and reach for strength and passion to endure the superficiality of this physical manifestation we call life.

So, make your dreams wake, let them carry you along and manifest what you truly are, namely the fresh waters of light.
The fear you can encounter along your path is just the superficial manifestation of your physical life and not the reality of it all, because your dreams are.


Clouds of Dreams
And who are we?  The conscious or the unconscious…??
And what is reality?  The world of form or the Clouds of Dreams…??
And whoever said we are the appearance of a thought-form…??
And whoever said we are the very experience in the dream…??
They walk tired and frustrated amongst the myriad of shapes,
The shapes and colors in the vain places are all they see;
The dreams are real but far from the vain places they visit,
For the essence of dreams are within the shapes and colors.
I experience Clouds of Dreams while they try to see it with their eyes.
Dreams are eternal clouds behind the shapes and colors in disguise.
                                                                              ~ Asa.
_In clouds of dreams we introduce birth and death. In clouds of dreams we experience pain and pleasure. Life is eternal and it gives life to the experience of our everyday experience. If

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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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