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The aura is just the different levels of self-transformation, the different levels of energy intensity. What are you doing to transform yourself…??

So, auras. What are they…?? Plain and simple explanation. No average, fantastical explanation. It is just the intensity of the energy inside your atoms. The intensity is the purity of this energy. The intensity or purity glows and goes through all the tissues, it moves outwardly. And, through intuition, people can feel the glow of another as a strong aura through skin and all tissues. So, we all have what we call auras, because we all have energy; and all energy radiates or glows, even at a molecular level. But what about great auras, great intensity of energy…?? Most people do not have this, because this requires ever more awakening, enlightenment.

This requires good nutrition of body and mind. This also requires individuality and great moral character. Great moral character goes hand in hand with the essence of true love, the essence of deep intuition. You must be creative and open-minded. Creativity and open-mindedness liberates the mind from the ego. You must be honest with yourself and with others, no exceptions. You mustn’t wallow in self-pity and doubt either. Without this, the intensity and purity of the energy inside your cells (your aura) decreases and becomes polluted, you attract negative people and experiences, and your mind becomes dull and of small understanding in life.

Have you ever come in contact with people who bullies others, who is greedy and shady in their dealings, and drinks lots of alcohol, and that smokes, and does drugs, and has other really self-damaging addictions…?? They do not attract. They repel. Why?? Because their characters, their self-love, their moral values, their self-transformation has dwindled or disappeared completely. The energy that they are has become polluted. And this can easily be felt, perhaps not understood at first glance; but people tend to notice how repellent or repulsive these persons are. I’m not here to judge. I’m just here to bring awareness, so maybe self-transformation is truly understood. With self-transformation one changes in all aspects in life, and this attracts good things otherwise can never be attracted if pollution remains.

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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder.

Strengthen yourself.



Be aware of what you eat and drink.  From this will develop your mind and body.  From this will develop your energy to take on your day and the strength to overcome your obstacles. 

The chemistry in your body is affected in great manner by your immune system–its healthiness or toxicity.  Life is about quality.  A great life requires great quality indeed.  Great quality is great energy from a healthy biological system.

What is your current energy level…??  How do you feel about yourself??  Can you fight illnesses??  Are you addicted to toxic foods and drinks??  It is called self-love.  It is called self-respect.  Be self-aware and prepared, specially in these times.


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Anatomy and physiology of life Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Do we attract…??



Do you chase…??  Or do you attract??  Is your mind obsessed and fixed on something…??  Or are you a magnet in your personality of detachment towards life??  We are energies–psychological, emotional, spiritual energies.

We connect to whatever we think about with persistent feeling, as a long-time commitment.  What does this mean for you…??  Does this hold any real meaning in your life??


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Join our new family, “Ascension through self-mastery.”  Every-day motivational and inspirational posts.  Awakening posts shared by other like-minded people.

Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Through this Energy.


We can build or destroy through words, we can be freed or enslaved, people can be inspired or hurt, and situations can be understood or made worse through them.  But most people seem to ignore these facts, do they not…??

So, pay attention to what you say and how you say it, be true to how you feel but also be true to how you manage to express it.  The creativity and the understanding first have to fill your mind, then you may proceed with intelligence.

For it is all about energy.  Thoughts, feelings, words–energy, vibrations, dimensional language which has to be used properly through self-control and self-discipline.

Try to make sense of yourself and of your environment by focusing on your use of words (mental and otherwise), by not gossiping, by not following your anger and frustration, by being patient and inquiring into how you feel before you speak, by being highly conscious of absolute truth over simple belief.

Sometimes is better to keep quiet.  In silence there is much to learn, much understanding, much energy to recharge us and lead us to new and deep insights.  And a wise man knows this, because he observes himself acting through this glorious energy, and so he manages it properly to gain reality.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Beyond the biological machine…




The Breath keeps us alive, it maintains the mortal shell and the “illusion” of the physical.  Oxygen enters our bodies and fills us with life energy in order to function properly within the interactions of this machine we carry.  The gateway to the other dimensions is breathing.  The bridge between what we call life and death.

Once breathing is stopped then, our biological system stays with a few reserves of this life energy so it takes from our cells and its storage to continue brain function; however, soon it runs out and brain starvation occurs due to oxygen lack and this life-giving force (prana).

Now, and this is the interesting part, when we consciously avoid the breath for a few seconds repeatedly the brain becomes strengthened, the mind self-aware–and all this increases brain capacity and emotional connection within the machine.  This is what happens in deep meditation when done properly.

Spiritually wise, we may say that this act or process connects us to what is beyond this physical reality or this very real substance of “illusion.”  Most of the time we live while our subconscious controls breathing, but when we consciously control and break the barriers of mechanical breathing we walk the bridge between this reality and the next.

The ego is sustained, like all our biological functions, through breathing, so it is evident that when we hold our breath and starve our brain for a few seconds repeatedly, in a daily fashion, the ego loses power or influence over the mind because it is not sustained anymore–at least for a moment.

This is what fills us with new cosmic energy and resurrects us every time from the deadly toxins of the ego activity; a break from thought which awakens our whole being and connects us directly to what we truly are beyond our biological machines.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The magical journey…


So, there are thoughts in you which drive you to make bad choices, mistakes, to feel bad, to feel worthless, to design all sorts of fear-based behaviors.  We all have these, of course; otherwise, physical existence, matter formation, the pursuit of the better life here wouldn’t be accessible to us or even of value.

We learn from these thoughts, we either raise ourselves above them or die with them by slow self-destruction.  That is the great and wonderful challenge we all face, isn’t it…??

Imagine if all you had all the time were constantly perfect, blissful, inspiring, clean thoughts.  This would mean no ignorance exists in your mind, this would mean no duality signs, and this would mean no challenges and no opportunity to become a better person, no darkness to give birth to light.  Would you find value in this perfect scenario…??

So, let us reach freedom, which indeed can be reached, even though perfection in thoughts cannot be.  Freedom is the liberation of your consciousness from the imbalance of your ego.  Because obviously the ego (the content of your mind) serves a true purpose in shaping your consciousness and put it to good use in this physical experience, to create physical reality.

But the problem is when the ego has no balance, then it happens that consciousness remains trapped in a polluted mind which is filled by ignorance and darkness, which brings us confusion, fear, depression.

And this imbalance of the ego occurs due to our daily thoughts, which are influenced by the energy in foods, by the things we allow ourselves to watch, by the people and the environments given our attention, etc. etc.

These negative energies enslave our minds, trap our consciousness behind steel bars of much ego activity which distorts our reality; so, this takes one to make bad choices, and to commit serious mistakes, and to fall prey of fears and miseries in life.  The whole journey of life must be then to raise oneself above all this.




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Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

A contagious connection.



The music we listen, the people around us, the things we watch, the situations in which we take part, as is the foods we ingest–it all gets introduced into us, it soon becomes a part of us for better or for worse.

Quite often you desire to be with a particular person, or be in certain situations, or to eat something you like, or so on and so forth; but this is your ego, your mind’s content, and it might not be wise for your own well-being to follow these cravings without questioning them further.

You must always remember that everything which enters your mind and body, anything which enters via your physical senses, is energy that will become who you are as a person–regarding your intelligence, your wisdom, your mental health, your understanding, and all that which is your physical composition.

You must choose wisely, putting aside your ego or your simple desires; and you must choose wisely the time and energy you give to the people with whom you engage.  It is not easy most of the time to choose the people in your life, like family for example; but as a mature adult you can indeed choose the conversations or activities to which you give your time.

It is about your mind and its content, and not about pleasing others or even pleasing your own ego; for it is about your maturity to choose better, which is the connection to your Higher Self.  Do not make excuses for this; for, if you do, you are just harming yourself and distancing from self-love and wisdom.  Avoid stress, frustration, sickness, and problems galore, by focusing on the right energies for your own personal growth.





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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

See Death for what it really is.

Death is something profoundly significant, a wonderful mystery; and it is by discovering the true meaning and wonder of death that we discover true life–i.e., the secret to bliss in life and the meaning of each moment we are alive (whether moments of joy or of sadness).  But that which we call “death” can ONLY be truly understood and accepted, welcomed and even loved, by a consciousness which is ABSOLUTELY free–i.e., by an awakened consciousness.
This awakened consciousness then is not under the tyranny of the ego, filled with beliefs and traditions, opinions and superstitions around death; hence, the content of the mind has gotten rid of fear and attachment, or transmuted them into pure love and understanding.

Why do people fear death…??  People fear and become violent to what they do not understand.  For example, many times it has happened to me here, and in my life outside here, that I have commented the truth of humanity’s behavior, but people seemingly paying attention to my words, in their vain egos, swallowed and enslaved by their egotism, have become defensive, reactive and event verbally violent.  Thus, in the same sense, people fear death because their minds are not free, their minds being obsessed and attached to their own material pleasures–i.e., attached to environments, to people, to activities, to thinking and feeling, to their own opinions and views (all causes of suffering trapping consciousness).

We all know that when the body ceases function, and so does the brain with its electrical conductivity, we die and later disintegrate in the grave; however, our consciousness (the conscious energy inside our disintegrated atoms) is now free from the mind and its ego, and so it travels or it goes back to the “luminescent origins.”  Thus the soul of the deceased continues to live within the superior dimensions of nature; and this means in fact that the disembodied souls can “see” the Sun, the Moon, the stars, the rivers, the valleys, the mountains, just like we, but in a more splendid manner.

So, you see, one must not fear death but seek to understand it, as one must seek to understand it all which is possible to understand, in order to expand our minds, free our consciousness, and become more confident, blissful, and less ego-driven individuals.




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Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Kundalini Awakening: The godly Fire Within.

Ah yes, the old “Kundalini Awakening.”  But what is it…??  Although the term Kundalini is from Sanskrit and is associated with Indian mysticism, Tantra, and Yoga, the word refers to a living element in nature (so, within us, within our nature) and is thus known in all religions by different names.  In Judaism and Kabbalah, it is called Shekinah.  In Christianity, it is the fire of the Pentacost that illuminated the apostles and it is also where Moses acquired The Ten Commandments from God–that is, God gives to each one of us the commandments to purify ourselves and illumination to live better lives in the heights of our mind (mount Sinai) through Kundalini Awakening.  And in Buddhism it is known by many names, such as Candali.

So, Kundalini, the serpent power or mystic fire, is the primordial energy or Sakti that lies dormant or sleeping in the Muladhara Chakra, the centre of the body.  It is called the serpentine or annular power on account of serpentine form in the spine.  It is an electric fiery occult power, the great pristine force which underlies all organic and inorganic matter.  Kundalini then is the cosmic power in individual bodies; and it is not a material force like electricity, magnetism, centripetal or centrifugal force, but a SPIRITUAL POTENTIAL Sakti or cosmic power.  So, in reality it has no form.

The human being wakes all his senses–outer and inner ones–via the cleanse and reanimation of The Third Eye (which is located biologically in the center of the brain, at the height and between the eyes, which is also called the pineal gland).  When the pineal gland is illuminated all the IN-SIGHT and IN-TUITION is enhanced in the person and The Kingdom Of God is seen at the end of the ladder (at the end up the spine, in the awakened conscience of man) by the person who was before sleeping in The Third Dimensional state of existence (the plane of confusion and suffering/the fallen Adam and eve state) and now is awake in The Fourth Dimensional state of existence (the plane of wholeness and bliss/of Adam and Eve in The Paradise and walking with God).


This means a full animation, or RE-animation, of all the senses–intelligence beyond intellect and intuitive wisdom–swallows the whole interaction of the person.  It is when man reaches illumination through the purity and cleanse of the mind, higher morality, and the union of intellect and heart.




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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

What is your direction in life…??

Whether you are 20 years old or 90 years old that title poses a very deep and important question to you, to all of us.  Because it is not about your distant future, but about what you are doing this moment; that is, what is your energy trying to accomplish, what is your direction, what drives you, what motivations you have to do this right now.  You have to find out what is your reason for doing what you are doing, find the light and the marvel in all you do; otherwise you will lose interest and confidence in your direction in life, thus your energy will be depleted and thoughts of depression and meaninglessness will enter your mind.

In each moment we are transforming energy and directing energy.  Of course, this energy is creative; we create with our thoughts, we create with our feelings, and we create with our actions…  “Wherever we direct our attention, we expend creative energy.”  ~ Samael Aun Weor…  The “goal” or essence of life in this physical realm is structure, structure guides us and maintains us focused; so in any spiritual path (moral path of the human being) to learn how to properly manage that energy is our “goal”, to use that energy in the right way, in order to stop trapping the energy in the ego-centers of the mind, to cease that bad habit which one might be constantly performing even without awareness.

And for that, to direct and structure these energies, to step out of the ego and tame or wild and wayward thoughts, discipline is the key.  It is freedom to be ourselves and express what we really have inside us; thus, a good, illuminating, healthy discipline focuses the mind and maintains it focused and directing its energy in something of value, so transmuting energy which can be otherwise wasted in trivialities and unconscious endeavors we now turn into value and identity from our inner selves.  And isn’t the most gratifying and greatly blissful thing to know that we have value within us and actually see that value every day…??

So, do not pay attention to your situation but focus on your discipline and on creating value within yourself, for yourself; not to be praised or admired by others, but to be recognized and loved by yourself, to see the value you actually have right now within yourself–otherwise you will lose interest and lose your own way in life.


And I would say the most important part of your life, the one that builds character and morals, health and confidence are practices of discipline.  For example, I get up every morning at 5 am to meditate one hour, then I check my messages from email and Facebook, then I exercise, then take a cold shower, and so on and so forth. 

But discipline must be built in practices you see as important and healthy for you, individually just for you, nobody should tell you; and if you do this, in time, you will develop a routine and build your confidence and strength.  Everything you do in life must be made with determination and confidence, and a set of discipline in small things in life molds your mind to have determination and confidence in all other aspects of life.



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