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Creation of God.

In the beginning, some good men, being endowed with higher thinking and rationality, saw that mankind needed guidelines for morality and conduct, because they saw that mankind easily followed animal passions and outbursts of immorality (as it continues today).  So, these good men of rationality started creating stories of superior deities and divinity, such stories which brought awe and respect, faith and a sense of humility into otherwise wild men.
So, as man evolved and its societies around the world did so as well, then came divine writings and myths; from The Sumerians and Egyptians to India and to all of Christianity, these books or writings were known as “Holy” because they indeed transformed the human creature, they brought the sacred unto man–that is, the sacred divinity WITHIN man already.  It guided men and women into ways of morality and love, and that was the purpose of these universal scriptures.

And so, these universal scriptures which took the beast in man and turned it into a better moral creature were called “the stories or messages of God/from God to man.”  God being this sacred entity in man which was reminded to them by these scriptures and the holy messages they carried.  Now, it so happened then that these myths and stories which exulted or sanctified man gained mayor popularity in their cultures and traditions; that is, there was an impact in each country, for all the countries sought some sort of divinity.

And so, man in his ego formed institutions called religions; as they had institutions for material goods all over the world already, and now they had institutions for “spiritual goods” all over the world as well–each religion (institution) adopted its own stories and myths.  But it so happened that as man and society developed, man forgot that these were just stories and myths, and so strict and vain dogmas and rules appeared in religions while making this same man obey them without choice; and religions then became more a dictatorship of the world than a liberation of the spirit inside man.

Now, of course, these stories and myths were written based on something real; for the GREAT creativity of the mind of man does this, it creates based on something it sees and/or experiences in life.  So we can say these scriptures are tremendously important for the higher morality in us, because they bring hope and faith, and belief in the divinity inside us all; however, we must remind ourselves that these are still stories created by man and his imagination, and so we must seek also truth in science and fact–unite the two into one, thus guide your life and fill your body with light…  “The light of the body is the eye; if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” ~ Matthew 6: 22.



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Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Kundalini Awakening: The godly Fire Within.

Ah yes, the old “Kundalini Awakening.”  But what is it…??  Although the term Kundalini is from Sanskrit and is associated with Indian mysticism, Tantra, and Yoga, the word refers to a living element in nature (so, within us, within our nature) and is thus known in all religions by different names.  In Judaism and Kabbalah, it is called Shekinah.  In Christianity, it is the fire of the Pentacost that illuminated the apostles and it is also where Moses acquired The Ten Commandments from God–that is, God gives to each one of us the commandments to purify ourselves and illumination to live better lives in the heights of our mind (mount Sinai) through Kundalini Awakening.  And in Buddhism it is known by many names, such as Candali.

So, Kundalini, the serpent power or mystic fire, is the primordial energy or Sakti that lies dormant or sleeping in the Muladhara Chakra, the centre of the body.  It is called the serpentine or annular power on account of serpentine form in the spine.  It is an electric fiery occult power, the great pristine force which underlies all organic and inorganic matter.  Kundalini then is the cosmic power in individual bodies; and it is not a material force like electricity, magnetism, centripetal or centrifugal force, but a SPIRITUAL POTENTIAL Sakti or cosmic power.  So, in reality it has no form.

The human being wakes all his senses–outer and inner ones–via the cleanse and reanimation of The Third Eye (which is located biologically in the center of the brain, at the height and between the eyes, which is also called the pineal gland).  When the pineal gland is illuminated all the IN-SIGHT and IN-TUITION is enhanced in the person and The Kingdom Of God is seen at the end of the ladder (at the end up the spine, in the awakened conscience of man) by the person who was before sleeping in The Third Dimensional state of existence (the plane of confusion and suffering/the fallen Adam and eve state) and now is awake in The Fourth Dimensional state of existence (the plane of wholeness and bliss/of Adam and Eve in The Paradise and walking with God).


This means a full animation, or RE-animation, of all the senses–intelligence beyond intellect and intuitive wisdom–swallows the whole interaction of the person.  It is when man reaches illumination through the purity and cleanse of the mind, higher morality, and the union of intellect and heart.




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Stories to ponder.

Jacob’s Ladder and You.



10- Jacob left Beersheba and set out for Harran.  11- When he reached a certain place, he stopped for the night because the sun had set.  Taking one of the stones there, he put it under his head and lay down to sleep.  12- He had a dream in which he saw a stairway resting on the earth, with its top reaching to heaven, and the angels of God were ascending and descending on it.  13- There above it stood the Lord, and he said: “I am the Lord, the God of your father Abraham and the God of Isaac.  I will give you and your descendants the land on which you are lying.” ~ Genesis 28: 10-13.


Jacob laid his head on ‘The Coronation Stone’ and dreamed of a ladder (the human spine), and angels ascending and descending (illumination to the mind as we begin ascension through purity), he saw God there at the end (he saw potentiality for illumination/enlightenment), and he called the place Bethel (Luz/light/Pineal Gland).


Okay, so ‘The Stone of Scone’, or also called ‘The Stone of Destiny’ or The Coronation Stone,’ is an oblong block of red sandstone that was used for centuries in the coronation of the monarchs of Scotland, and later the monarchs of England.  Let us understand, ‘Monarch’ from late Latin monarcha, from Greek monarkhēs, from monos ‘alone’ + arkhein ‘to rule.’  ‘Monarch’ then: to rule alone/to rule yourself alone, individually.  Monarch: a patron deity or presiding genius (genius of intelligence/genius of light/genius of enlightenment, etc) – “Come, thou, monarch of the vine, and ruler of your own vine”.  Also monarch as in ‘MON (man/mankind) – ARCH (ark of the covenant/Arkanum). Etc.  This is also the representation or symbolism of the stone Jacob put under him and from where he dreamed and saw the ladder to heaven (the sacral bone/sacrum bone/sacred bone/also sacred bone of animals offered in sacrifices back then.  See what is written below).

This is ‘The Coronation Stone’, where Jacob rested and had his dream; and then he saw angels ascending and descending, and he saw God/Light/Illumination.


Transport yourself inside your own body now, stand on your sacral bone (sacrum bone/sacred bone/also sacred bone of animals offered in sacrifices back then) at the base of your spine, see your own light, observe your own ladder inside the temple of God (your body):  What would you see…??   You would see your spine going up, bone after bone as steps ascending, as Jacob’s ladder ascending.  What would you see on top…??  What did Jacob see…??  Jacob saw God, The light of The Sun, Enlightenment, Heaven.  Jacob saw the potential in man for illumination, the ‘place of the skull’, the light of the pineal gland, the human mind in illumination.

He saw God there at the end (he saw potentiality for illumination/enlightenment), and he called the place Bethel (Luz/light/Pineal Gland).

Jacob’s Ladder is a direct reference to our own heaven, our own mind, by ascending the steps of the spine (and angels are found there to help us ascend further) we reach Golgotha (‘place of the skull’ in Aramaic; ‘skull’ in Hebrew) and we find God/Illumination/The light of The Sun.  From the base of the spine (‘The Stone of Scone’, ‘The Coronation Stone’), we start our ascend into bliss, into illumination, into heaven; through the purity of mind and health of our bodies slowly the human being is transformed, slowly the ascension up the spine begins through the attainment of purer energies–and then we reach it.  This is Jacob’s dream; a hidden message for the world.


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A strong mind.

It is not knowledge per se that which illumines the mind or pollutes it, expands it wisely or shrinks it stubbornly, but it is the state and capacity of the mind itself; that is, if the mind is kept pure and away from the seven capital sins, if the mind is self-aware of its own violence, if the mind is kept strong by good food and drink energy, then the mind is ready to absorb good knowledge and make the person truly wise.  This is why some people who study and read, who have acquired much knowledge, are not wise at all; and so, they can display their intellects showing off their colorful feathers like a peacock, but when it comes to temptations and good actions they are weak and not an example of love at all.

You must understand that your mind and its capacity to absorb knowledge is the sum of all the things you do to keep it pure daily; for ‘pure’ in this case means clear, away from impressions which may disturb it and create unwelcome thoughts and images.  A strong mind is able to access knowledge which strengthens reality, and when reality is strengthened then you internalize that knowledge and it gives you a confidence out of love which does not boast and which does not make you prideful.

The mind becomes prideful, arrogant, self-absorbed, when the knowledge is not internalized and it does not give you reality; so, when the knowledge you acquire gives you blind beliefs, fantastical imaginations, feelings of superiority in any way, then it means that something is wrong, it means that your mind is weak and that it is not properly nourished to absorb reality from knowledge–just like a seed (knowledge) planted into a barren and weedy field (the weak and polluted mind) cannot give good crop or any at all.


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The Great Knowledge.

Gnosis is best defined by the word “Gnostic:” the one who studies and lives Gnosis.  Gnostic comes from the Greek gnostikós, of gignookein: to know.   So the word comes from the Greek and it means knowledge, an “illuminating knowledge,” a “salvific knowledge,” which saves from ignorance the one who comes to know himself.  And this is why it is stated that Gnosis is a very natural function of the awakened consciousness, a Philosophia Perennis et Universalis. A synthetic knowledge, with its own values, that allows for the sincere seeker to achieve the Being and universal Knowledge.

The term Gnosis is related to direct knowledge of one’s own consciousness, rather than a theory or belief.  Now, the word psychology relates to the psyche, which is the soul in Greek.  And the word Ology (in psych-ology) or Logos is Greek for “the Word,” or in other words “God” (psychology: “the Word of the Soul,” meaning “God”), an eternal aspect of the creative impulse in the human creature.  Gnosis then is knowing God, the god within you.  “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”  ~ John 1…   Gnosis is the Word then, and so it was in the beginning. So whoever has gnosis knows the beginning itself…   Do you follow this…??

Now, imagine 3 colored plastic cups–one red, one blue, one colorless or transparent.  You pour water into each cup–now you see water that looks red in the red cup, blue water in the blue cup, and transparent or colorless/pure water in the transparent cup.  Your consciousness is the water–i.e., transparent, colorless, pure substance of creative impulse or life in man.  And the cups with their different colors is your mind and its different states–i.e., fear, stress, anger, anxiety, peace, lust, joy, etc.  Now, gnosis, the Word, the Beginning, The Infinite itself, resides beyond these aggregates or states of the complex mind.

The information, the books, the knowledge you acquire, penetrates into your mind and it becomes part of the aggregates or states of your mind–i.e., the colored cups.  But in order to know God, to get gnosis, to know the Beginning and the Infinite, you must find a way to see past the turmoils of your own mind, travel past the colors of the cups; in short, during your days of struggle and stress, focus on one point past these, meditate to clear your head for as long as it takes, and float towards the transparency and purity of your consciousness…  This is the process you must master daily…



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The purest.

Love is vastly misunderstood in society, in the world, by women and men; because it has been made a concept fitting philosophies and individual opinions tied to moods and circumstances.  Ignorant people, most people, good people, perhaps even you, love based on their changing feelings–i.e., I love you if you share my point of view, I love you if you respect my feelings, I love you if you do this for me, I love you if you appreciate what I do for you and you thank me and respect me, etc. etc.  Their “love” has expectations, a quid pro quo, a political battle for emotional recognition and worship; however, this shadow of love designed by society and by your own mind is flawed, imperfect, impure, and not free.  This is bondage, is it not…??

But true love has no designed quality and feel of the mind, and that is why it is free.  It does not belong to you or to me, but it is there.  It is not something you create by having any relationship with someone else.  It is not that you have to deserve love or that someone has to be intimate with you.  Love is the Cosmic Consciousness of the great and divine Process of Creation, and so it is in you, there, and everywhere else.  Love gives as air is there for all breathing, so do not allow your mind to confuse you on this: The highest form of love is support, giving, sharing without expecting, friendship.  Love is existence, and you exist not to take but to experience; so, when you love, you just do it for the experience and opportunity to love.

This is the highest understanding, but not an intellectual understanding; for everybody in the world if you ask them would agree, but the fact is that nobody lives it.  Nobody lives by this truth.  This truth, when actually lived in your own life, brings great illumination and awakening.  Of course, you may not see it and so make up excuses why you cannot love this way in your own life; but the mind begins to accept the truth with practice.  Practice makes perfect.  And that is what love really is: Perfection.  The purest.


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Anatomy and physiology of life Poetry and prose from the heart. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Free Will and Natural Law.

If I were to ask you if you are free to choose, what would you say…??  Let me guess: You would say ‘yes.’  In fact, everybody thinks they are free to choose. don’t they…??  But the human being works out of a program, and in this program they can only see what the content of that program is; therefore, they choose with the “freedom” they see in this program–in other words, they are fenced in or caged within this program, where they see and experience only its content and so choose based on this.  This program is their “I” and their illusion of freedom.

These human creatures work under the laws of their environments (outer pressure), and under the laws of their inner states of the “I” (inner pressure).  And because of this, the mind is blinded and distanced from Natural Law, their egos build a hidden but selfish desire in them to make their choice based on temptations and the programing they carry.  The truth, free will, divine illumination, is only known and experienced when the human being works under Natural Law; for Natural Law is not the “I” or the ego, Natural Law is the law of the divine beyond the laws of man/of the ego and its polluted programing.

The true spiritual path to illumination is Natural Law, and it must be freedom.  This higher path can be walked by man if there is only the true desire for goodness in him–but the question is who answers or tells that man what is good for him….??  If an ego entity does, then it is not good, it is not true freedom, it is not the path of the divine.  Do you eat meat…??  Do you tell “small” lies sometimes…??  Do you seek revenge…??  Do you argue with people to feel superior…??  Do you seek love and happiness in your family and friends/in the world of form…??  If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’–then you are not truly free, because you are choosing what is in the content of that program, and because these choices are attachment to that program.

Can you see that your selfish ego chooses all this…??  Can you see your own cage…??  Free Will only shines in man’s conscience, in his whole being, when he recognizes this and learns to step away from his own ego; because the path to illumination is absolute truth, it is a sacred path walked only under Natural Law.


The truth can only be known by the creature only when the mind is absolutely free from the influence of impressions–i.e., inner and outer pressures.


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Things as they are.

People tends to always follow this romantic concept of soulmates.  Romanticism tends to be what love is for people.  A soulmate is someone who people think is their most perfect fit, the end of struggle, the heart of happiness for them.  But they miss the point due to ignorance and due to following all these concepts based on romance which are floating out there.  Do you seek perfection, uninterrupted happiness…??  What do you think a soulmate really is…??

Physical life is never-ending challenges, always a reason to live better, and the best way to exist and explore your own existence; and thus there is romance, friendship, family, etc.–all bases for our constant psychological and emotional evolution.  And nothing and no one is ever a solution or perfect.  All one must do is to see beyond the flaws and imperfections, and then you may experience the magic of love, of happiness.  And a soulmate is there to help us, a mirror of ourselves, someone to shake our ego and teach us or point us to a deep realization within ourselves; however, this so-called “soulmate” is not tied or limited by romance, or any other label society has designed for your ignorant and egoistical needs.

To learn to see this is to have a realization which elevates you.  To learn to see this is illumination to your conscience.  Because the mind is always looking into perfection and constant bliss, but this is not real–just an egoistical comparison influenced by society.  So, stop looking for perfect, stop looking for yourself, stop dreaming and creating exactly what your ego wants; expand your views, your mind, step away from the influence you carry from society and start seeing things as they really are in life.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The Illumination!

What is being a whole human being if not embracing all you are, including all your experiences–good and bad…??  If you hate something in your past, doesn’t it mean you hate some part of you…??  If you hate some part of you then, can you truly know and embrace yourself…??  The memories you have, the cruel past, the joyful past–it is all you are as a human being, is it not…??

I have said many times before, as a human being all you are is your mind, and that is a bundle of memories–i.e., you think and live the way you do because of the influence and things taught to you by family and society, you like what you like because you have been programmed subconsciously since childhood, you react emotionally the way you do because you have learned from others.  All this is you!  The past has shaped you into who you are today.  Your character, your beliefs, your traditions, your lifestyle, the way you handle your hurt, the way you handle your joy, etc.—it is all borrowed.  Unless you are truly awakened, truly enlightened, you remain attached to all this–or maybe to some part of it.  Realize this within yourself through self-analysis and wisdom.  Do not agree or disagree with me about this; it is irrelevant if you do, for only truth matters, not opinions.  Opinions are of the ego; truth is of the heart or of that which is eternal in you.

If you are, as a human being, memories and all past experiences, does it truly make sense to hate or fear any memory or experience you have lived…??  The death of my father is why I am who I am today; if he was alive I would still be religious and my mind still would be confused and lost.  If you got divorced–that experience helped giving you lessons.  If you got sick–that leads you to overcome that pain, the aim is to make you wiser and stronger.  If you still pay school and you never finished–that is a lesson as well.  In order to understand your difficult or cruel past, or any past at all, you must love it, you must love the whole of you; opposite to this, if you try to escape it or fear it, talk badly about it or hate the experience, then you will remain broken, in pieces, not whole.

Accept that as a human being you are your past and the memories and experiences which shaped you, so then you can entirely love who you are and who you have become…  When you entirely love who you are and who you have become, then you shall hurt no more and great and divine understanding will illumine your conscience…

Illumination is the lighting of your human conscience, no more and no less. It is started or experienced in you when you forgive your past and see or realize that all you have gone through–whether it was forced upon you or not–serves a purpose. Once you truly realize and embrace this you become whole–which means you do not see memories as hurt anymore, you love your memories because you understand that you are them as a human. And so, now you are not confused and damaged by your past, there is no pain in you and no more superficial masks to hold for yourself and for others–because you are free to be yourself 100%. Emotionally free! Psychologically strong! Spiritually illumined!


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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

I discovered that I am a god…

Thanks to difficult experiences we can all learn from mistakes and from the very hell of our situations, our choices are meant to be superior each time; thus, you must pay attention to all you hate, all you dislike, all you suffer, find the illumination to your very conscience, even a tiny flicker will do–something which can help you expand your mind.  Step by step you become awakened in your situations, and patiently you may really discover that you are as well a god…


I discovered that I am a god…

Such miserable night my heart felt broken,
And after that great pain you left me in tears;
Alive in me are the last words and bitter kiss,
Cursed, alone, depressed, stalked by my fears.
O there was time in silence which grew in me!
Many days of blindness existing without glee!
And in those moments of misery I saw a light,
O ’tis was finding lovely heaven in my sight,
You see, I saw the place where angels prod…
Far my tears, I discovered that I am a god…

I felt empty around lovely flowers without you,
I lived in hell even through happy memories;
My desire consumed my freedom back then,
Loneliness was death in my confused reveries.
O there was time in silence which grew in me!
Many days of blindness existing without glee!
But in meditation I learned the magic of true love!
O, Love, I was transfigured into a divine dove!
Yes, I found perfection even though I was flawed…
Saw the truth in me, I discovered that I am a god…

Nagging images in my mind kept me as your slave,
I thought it was love the attachment to my passions;
So cruel those minutes without my pride beautified,
Then forgive me, Love, mine were ignorant actions.
O there was time in silence which matured in me!
I am not that silly boy anymore who took our glee!
For that pain I caused was my blessing in disguise,
And, O Sweet, I learned about my own ego and lies.
I freed myself from the constant demon’s prod…
I know love now, I discovered that I am a god…


The sacred road to self-discovery is the best and the most intelligent one can take in life, because life is all about inner growth. Don’t be a naive fool and think outer achievements will make you a better human being, but be self-aware, learn from your mistakes, pay attention to all you do to rise as a new being of illumination, as a very god of wisdom and great understanding.


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