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Creation of God.

Now, of course, these stories and myths were written based on something real; for the GREAT creativity of…

In the beginning, some good men, being endowed with higher thinking and rationality, saw that mankind needed guidelines for morality and conduct, because they saw that mankind easily followed animal passions and outbursts of immorality (as it continues today).  So, these good men of rationality started creating stories of superior deities and divinity, such stories which brought awe and respect, faith and a sense of humility into otherwise wild men.
So, as man evolved and its societies around the world did so as well, then came divine writings and myths; from The Sumerians and Egyptians to India and to all of Christianity, these books or writings were known as “Holy” because they indeed transformed the human creature, they brought the sacred unto man–that is, the sacred divinity WITHIN man already.  It guided men and women into ways of morality and love, and that was the purpose of these universal scriptures.

And so, these universal scriptures which took the beast in man and turned it into a better moral creature were called “the stories or messages of God/from God to man.”  God being this sacred entity in man which was reminded to them by these scriptures and the holy messages they carried.  Now, it so happened then that these myths and stories which exulted or sanctified man gained mayor popularity in their cultures and traditions; that is, there was an impact in each country, for all the countries sought some sort of divinity.

And so, man in his ego formed institutions called religions; as they had institutions for material goods all over the world already, and now they had institutions for “spiritual goods” all over the world as well–each religion (institution) adopted its own stories and myths.  But it so happened that as man and society developed, man forgot that these were just stories and myths, and so strict and vain dogmas and rules appeared in religions while making this same man obey them without choice; and religions then became more a dictatorship of the world than a liberation of the spirit inside man.

Now, of course, these stories and myths were written based on something real; for the GREAT creativity of the mind of man does this, it creates based on something it sees and/or experiences in life.  So we can say these scriptures are tremendously important for the higher morality in us, because they bring hope and faith, and belief in the divinity inside us all; however, we must remind ourselves that these are still stories created by man and his imagination, and so we must seek also truth in science and fact–unite the two into one, thus guide your life and fill your body with light…  “The light of the body is the eye; if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” ~ Matthew 6: 22.



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