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The better man.

What’s the essence of love?? ‘Empathy.’ Compassion for those around us. The better person connects through compassion, not intellect, not overthinking. Too much thinking leads to judging too much.

The person who seeks wisdom is always opening his heart to life, to people, to all creatures. Don’t let your past dictate the measure of your love in the present. That’s all we have, love and compassion; because if we don’t then we have the opposite, hate and pride.

Leading yourself.

It’s not about leading others, but about leading yourself. And we truly lead ourselves by moving on and opening our hearts. Opening our hearts to new experiences, to new people, to new habits, to new places. Being compassionate with yourself then is allowing yourself to love, so you can move on, and you can build the new, and you can be an example to others so they may lead themselves as well.


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A better life

It is true that we are One, in the sense that we are all going through suffering and an inner struggle to find value in this life. We are here, alive, with our flaws, with our past mistakes and current burdens because we must learn as we experience our journeys here. And to see and understand this, and to take it to behavior, is wisdom. That is why to help somebody else, or to motivate somebody else, is to do the same for ourselves. Because inspiring others makes us feel better about our own worth as human beings. Inspiring others also connects us, it opens possibilities to become even better in other aspects of life and to influence others further. Doing this creates self-confidence, and self-confidence is indeed required to grow in life in any aspect.

A life well lived is a life where you feel value within you, where you feel love, compassion, truth, and confidence in your own humanity. Your humanity is your innermost. Your humanity is your essence and what makes you connected to others. It is what gives you that compassion, that love, that link to their suffering and to whatever they are experiencing. This is the value we all seek, but that many bury under heavy layers of ego and pride. Now, to truly look within yourself and awaken is to see past your ego and pride. In order to better your life, as that of others with your example, you must understand that your ego and pride are enemies, that these are not helping you but blinding you from the truth and from making your life better.

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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!





Man is trapped by delirium, a sort of self-inflicted, narcissistic codependency which shrinks his awareness and critical thinking process in life–unbeknownst to him, of course:

-He feels empty and lonely, even though he might be surrounded by people.

-He feels he found the truth, even though all he does is go to a church or temple building and read scriptures written by some other men who do not know themselves either.

-He claims to be happy, even though he complains about his life and gets jealous and anxious all the time.

-He claims to be highly moral, even though he kills the environment just to fulfill his own pleasures and expects others to change but not himself.

Now, the ego is the content of someone’s mind.  You mustn’t desire to kill the content of your mind, for it is who you are as a human creature, thus your motivations, your desires to be better. 

You must seek to find these above-mentioned, toxic patterns within your ego, bring high awareness of its activity, and so change your behaviors accordingly; on the other hand, if you do not change your behaviors then you will repeat the same errors and patterns of failure and anxiety.

But if you do, only then, conscience is free from the extremes of the ego activity.  And only then, you can allow your mind to expand and enlighten itself with higher awareness in your behaviors.  And only then, Nirvana state of Buddha, or the Heavenly state described by Jesus can reside in the now highly moral person.




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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Creation of God.

In the beginning, some good men, being endowed with higher thinking and rationality, saw that mankind needed guidelines for morality and conduct, because they saw that mankind easily followed animal passions and outbursts of immorality (as it continues today).  So, these good men of rationality started creating stories of superior deities and divinity, such stories which brought awe and respect, faith and a sense of humility into otherwise wild men.
So, as man evolved and its societies around the world did so as well, then came divine writings and myths; from The Sumerians and Egyptians to India and to all of Christianity, these books or writings were known as “Holy” because they indeed transformed the human creature, they brought the sacred unto man–that is, the sacred divinity WITHIN man already.  It guided men and women into ways of morality and love, and that was the purpose of these universal scriptures.

And so, these universal scriptures which took the beast in man and turned it into a better moral creature were called “the stories or messages of God/from God to man.”  God being this sacred entity in man which was reminded to them by these scriptures and the holy messages they carried.  Now, it so happened then that these myths and stories which exulted or sanctified man gained mayor popularity in their cultures and traditions; that is, there was an impact in each country, for all the countries sought some sort of divinity.

And so, man in his ego formed institutions called religions; as they had institutions for material goods all over the world already, and now they had institutions for “spiritual goods” all over the world as well–each religion (institution) adopted its own stories and myths.  But it so happened that as man and society developed, man forgot that these were just stories and myths, and so strict and vain dogmas and rules appeared in religions while making this same man obey them without choice; and religions then became more a dictatorship of the world than a liberation of the spirit inside man.

Now, of course, these stories and myths were written based on something real; for the GREAT creativity of the mind of man does this, it creates based on something it sees and/or experiences in life.  So we can say these scriptures are tremendously important for the higher morality in us, because they bring hope and faith, and belief in the divinity inside us all; however, we must remind ourselves that these are still stories created by man and his imagination, and so we must seek also truth in science and fact–unite the two into one, thus guide your life and fill your body with light…  “The light of the body is the eye; if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” ~ Matthew 6: 22.



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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

What does it mean to be human…??

What does it mean to be human…??  Science tells us that if your DNA corresponds to that of the homo-sapiens you are human, which is true; but still a little rigid.  The message is still unclear, people’s minds take this as truth; however, this is half truth, for you may only know your humanity by a deeper, individually private exploration.  The true self is more mysterious than the loud ego, and is case why most of the world only knows their humanity through their egos; therefore, the faint voice of truth can only be heard in a state of tranquility and inward attention, while the ego is loudly seducing you all your waking hours–thus leading your life and painting a false picture of what it is to be human.  Do you follow this…??

What does it mean to be human…??  The struggling and demanding voices only get louder and louder in the dark dimension of your mind, and it can enslave a human being just living there every day hoping for life to get easier or to offer a mere break from suffering and monotony.  But living in a one-dimensional, or purely egoistical, mind cannot give you fruit more than the everyday grind of what happens in our society.  This living in your mind only blinds you to the depth and richness of life–living in your mind makes everything worse because the mind is a program, it is built to work based on a set pattern which decays and gets boring and is bounded to make you angry and frustrated.

What does it mean to be human…??  To be human is to realize for yourself that your tools for a better life lie beyond mind, that is beyond the struggle and the loud voices within the dark dimension of your mind.  It is as if we are many people inside our minds–i.e., the saint, the pervert, the crazy, the genius, the happy, the depressed, the lover, the hater, etc. etc.–and we get lost in the crowd; thus, confusion and frustration set in.  But the freedom, the answers, the constant happiness, the positive moods and attitude, the true love in all–these are indeed part of your humanity as well, spiritually, but human; but not many people find these because these are not in their minds full of noise and struggle, these are found only in the silent and sacred exploration of the self.




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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!


God (which is the same as love, as freedom, as happiness, etc.), for the whole planet, is just a made-up concept, it is a design of the intellect, of the ego; so, because it is a design of the ego, a thought, a concept, a story from The Bible and whatnot, an entity built by the insecure idiots of the world, God is truly non-existent. A thought, a concept, a belief, comes from the conscious mind/from the ego of man, doesn’t it…??  Therefore, God is a mere thought for the world.  God does not exist out of people’s own convoluted imagination.  God is love (their own vision of love).  God is anger (the anger they feel specifically).  God is jealous (a jealousy created out of ignorant attachment).  God is right and just (their vision of what is right and just).  And all this God nonsense differs from people to people, from religion to religion, from nation to nation.
This is the meaning of bullshit, isn’t it…??  Pure garbage!  Jesus–  Can you even blame intellectuals and people who do not believe in this pitiful God of the rabble…?!  But there is something sustaining and gluing the atoms together, isn’t there…??  I mean, if anything at all exists, if you can be alive right now, if experiences are real, then something exists beyond what you see in the mirror each morning.  Forget about the damned word “God” for a moment; too much imagination and stupidity around it–it doesn’t let your mind see clearly…  So what are you really…??  Your humanity is just atoms glued together; and these give you shape, character, gender, a great capacity to interact in this ignorant world full of idiots who claim to know God.  But even though this is important, you may agree this is just the shell, the structure which holds everything together.  Yes, women look beautiful, luxury is alluring, men look strong, buildings look solid, water is life, etc. etc.  But still, the shell.  So what is beyond the structure or shell…??…
Nobody can really give you the experience of knowing that, can they…??  You may read, you may pray, you may surround yourself with Buddhas and Christs; but all this knowledge is not yours, is borrowed.  You can’t ever know God (the same as love, peace, freedom, happiness) if you follow the ways taught to you by the world…  So, how would you actually know God, the energy which holds atoms together and fills the same atoms…??  How would you know..??  Or perhaps you want to follow the idiots of the world and remain an idiot yourself??…  You must find the answer yourself….


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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Greater insight.

For as long as I’m alive in this mind and body of decay, ignorance at some level will exist in me.  Nothing is perfect in this physical realm; the only perfection is life, love, but we humans make it imperfect.  And people live different experiences and they are all unique, each one of them; however, to have different experiences makes us have different views, different ways of doing things.  Perhaps one is wise in this, or maybe one is unwise in that, or ignorance fills our minds, or ignorance has been lowered due to a conscience illumination; but, that is exactly why we must learn to accept each other as we are, because we carry different understandings, levels of ignorance, and experiences.

Do you understand that no one is really superior or inferior, that life is not a competition…?? Can’t you see that competing against each other, you are widening the gap and destroying any chance of illumination in you and in the other person…??
If someone has their beliefs, ideas, and understanding; but it is a misguided path, it is not your job to break this person but help him/her to see more. To argue and to try to win, to break or humiliate the person is selfish, it is great ignorance rooted on a subconscious or conscious fear.

You may not want to admit it but still deep inside you these words resonate with you, because we all carry the truth inside of us–but some carry more darkness/ignorance than others which covers the truth/which covers love and greater understanding.

Always remind yourself that we are all ignorant at some level. We are all different and must learn to appreciate this difference in the world, in one another. To rise and not to put others down! To create our path to a greater place and not to step on others to get there! 🕉️💖🙏


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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

What is being filled right now…

What are you allowing yourself to be each moment you live, right now, for the next situation which arises, for this and the next thought…?? You choose how you project yourself and how you behave in each moment, do you not…?? What percentage of you is love, understanding, and moral character, would you say…??–And do you act or behave accordingly in all situations (not in the situations which you like, but in all of them)…??

Your moods, your mental stress and frustration, your indecision, your poor choices–they all are about you, about the essence you allow to fill your mind.  Of course, life challenges you, you feel pressures, you feel loneliness, neglect, the past coming back to you; however, all that you are as a human being is your own mind, so you allow yourself to be love and live or to be fear and die in your mind.  For example, I may regret my marriage, or my hurtful words to someone, or my overall poor education, or my current health status, but what defines me is really my mind right now preparing for my next step, my next choice. 
That is, what defines me is my present mind content, my present feel, my present behavior; because all this is the content that will project me and take me onto a better behavior in the next step I take or situation in which I will be.


The proportion of your being, of your humanity, of your character, is measured by what fills your mind right now, either fear or love; and so, that is why self-awareness is so important, because you must know the very content of your own mind in order to be truly free.  If you neglect to fill your own mind with love and understanding each moment and so choose to allow your outer circumstances and situations to dictate your mind’s content instead, then you will make terrible mistakes and fail over and over again–and, worse, you will be confused as to why your life is not progressing and you are suffering.

You are what your mind is at this moment, so remember that all the time:  You may lie with your words to someone, you may even tell yourself that you are fine, perhaps you smile all day and show yourself nice to the public, you may go to group meditation and follow all the nonsense they teach you there; however, this is superficial, a pitiful front, a mere facade, the beauty of a red apple which perhaps is rotten and filled with worms inside…  Don’t wait for a better situation in your life to fill your mind’s content with love and understanding; life is right now, your mind must be right now…

Every situation, every second you live is measured and dependent on what your mind contains right now, thus your life is right now.  Forget and forgive what happened a moment ago, if you do not it can only infiltrate your mind and corrupt the next moment you live.  Learn to fill your mind with a rich content of greater love for what you do and a deeper understanding of your happiness right now.  Not a moment later, not when things get better, RIGHT NOW.


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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Perfect mirror…

Life is you, and you are life.  There is no other experience to you but yours, and that is how you live the best life–by following your own experience.  Sadly, there are people out there who live guided by the experience of others instead of by their own; and so, religion is born, politics is maintained by the ignorant rabble, and wars on nations are thriving due to idiots who follow their unwise masters.  And all this happening in the world is relationship, atrocious and misguided relationships with society; such stupidity going back and forth, seeking a “solution,” seeking “truth,” reaching for “justice” in the very depths of hell, so no one has a good relationship with oneself.  If you have a good, honest, truthful, loving relationship with yourself then you have all the love, understanding and happiness you need–i.e., you have found God and the eternal, you have found paradise and all source of strength.  Have you found all this in you yet…??  (Be honest with yourself).

If you have a good and loving relationship with yourself you do not need religion, and you do not need to sustain and argue about politics, and you do not need to support any wars, and you do not live eating meats and fats, and you do not live pleasing your family, and the rest of the nonsense people do.  So, I ask you again, have you found true love within yourself yet…??  Do you really have a good and honest relationship with yourself…??

Relationship then is being human.  Why…??  Because being human, the reality of it, is behavior, not a thought or a feeling or an intention.  Only through relationship, through behavior you live experiences and know yourself; this is life, ongoing adventure, exploration, progress, shaping your character, learning how to treat yourself and others.  But if you are just living without learning, without actually improving and observing your own behaviors towards yourself and others, then what is the point…??  Just living without learning, without becoming better and progressing in character in relationship, is poverty, human poverty, poverty of mind, poverty of character (a weak woman, a weaker man); thus, the mirror is cracked and you only see yourself distorted, ugly and ignorant in the relationships you have in life–in your job, in your family, with your husband, with your wife, with your kids, with yourself, without love, without deeper understanding of what you go through, suffering over and over again and feeling depressed each time.

Look around you, whatever or whoever is nagging you, whatever or whoever is stressing you or making you suffer in any way, is the relationship you have with life and with people; and you have no one to blame but yourself, even though your ego will find excuses and put guilt on others.  You project into the world, into your situations, into people, what you are and how you treat yourself; for all life is, indeed, is a relationship–i.e., your divinity is in relationship with your humanity, and your humanity with the world you experience with your physical eyes…  So, focus on yourself and the most important relationship, and the rest will mirror it perfectly…

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Business mind. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Who are you…??

Are you your name…??  Are you your appearance in the mirror…??  Do you know who you are by the people around you, by your relation to them, by your past with them, by the education you have, by your ideas…??  So, who are you…??
And the problem is that people seek their value, their identity, themselves, in what they do, in what others say, in their constant thinking, in the ideas and traditions, the beliefs and memories of a past.  Constantly thinking thus makes one a slave of thoughts, such a mechanical thing bound to stress and anxiety, to many forms of confusion; consequently, man lives in frustration and confusion.
Most people walk around using their minds so much, and for so long, every day without breaks, that they actually believe they are what they think; so, whatever thought pops up, whatever feeling is created by their minds, they believe it is them, so they follow it, they praise it, they even receive instructions through it by God or by some “Heaven”, and thus they believe that truth is intellectual, rationalized, pondered and created by the mind.

The brain is under the powerful conditioning of its past, of society, of family, of what happened, of what was, of what other people did, of the beliefs and traditions instructed into it; thus, it is not a free mind, it cannot think clearly.

This is the greatest corruption of the world, the ignorance which creates wars, prejudice, animal killing, rape, political subterfuge, religious blindness, famine, etc. etc. 

But is this the real human identity…??  Are human beings then just a thought of confusion, hatred, jealousy, pleasure, and the rest which brings agitation to the mind…?? …  Not.  To know yourself is to go beyond this petty surface, past the glamour and darkness of thinking; and so, the wonderful trip is without effort, because it is already there, who you are, what you are, inside you.  You discover it for yourself… alone… in silence…

To bring peace and harmony to your daily thinking, to see beauty and truth in the world, to know yourself as the energy and light you could bring out into your life, you must observe yourself from within and not just look at the reflection on your mirror or hear your name being called by someone you love.  To transcend, to see past your daily thoughts and feelings, you must discover the source of energy within you, the eternal one which gives birth to your whole humanity…

So, will you take the time and discover it for yourself…??


“Know yourself to improve yourself.”  ~ Auguste Comte; French philosopher.


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