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Where is it…??

Confidence is the strength we gather through faith and commitment, and this confidence must be born within; therefore, it is something you must discover within and not without.

If confidence is obtained from your environment, from your job, from the people who surround you, from your looks, then it is not confidence; because it will not last, you are chained to time and to outer circumstances, and when you lose people around you, or lose your job, your looks, etc. etc.–what is left of that confidence…??

Confidence is the strength within you saying that you can be patient, work on yourself and on your goals, and be fully aware of where you are going without any external expectation.  Expectation then is what slowly kills confidence, because expectation is an attachment to something, and confidence is a part of your Higher Self which must be truly free and without attachments.

Attachments bring suffering, frustration, doubt, confusion; but confidence has no attachments whatsoever, because confidence lives in The Now–i.e., where there is absolute freedom and pure love.

So many times people confuse confidence with intellect due to our education system, such education system in society which values a human creature based on the content of their egos–i.e., on their knowledge.

And, sure, knowledge, a good education, can open doors in society; however, knowledge, education, I.Q., cannot give you happiness, cannot give you the experience of true love, for only your inner commitment and strength to achieve something can.

So, anything which is spiritual or of high morals and ethics can and will wake up your conscience for you to discover your own confidence and stand up on your own, through patience and faith, and through keeping your attention within you and not on your environment comparing your life to that of others.



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Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Conscious education.

To grow, develop, mature, and to bring illumination to embrace higher morals as a human being is to educate yourself; but not in the manners of the world with teachers and lots of memory filled with book knowledge, but a conscious education which means to study yourself, to not just read but discover the secrets and messages occult, to leave your ego aside and learn for the only sake of your betterment–i.e., without competition, without any selfish desire to be above others.  Your only task in conscious education is to liberate your trapped consciousness from the tyranny of your own ego/from the tyranny of all your opinions, knowledge, and beliefs.

Consciousness is not just something of the mind, of your head; but consciousness is the collective unity/essence of the universe guiding your steps through your minds/through your conscious and subconscious.  And the subconscious forces then may be hidden from plain sight, making you act in a manner unknown, damaging, or strange to you; but, however, these obscured forces are guiding you, there is a divine purpose for whatever happens–i.e., for the loss, for the mistake, for the disease, for the loneliness you feel now, etc.  Your task is to make these subconscious forces conscious to you, slowly, through self-awareness, through studying your actions carefully, so you become filled with knowledge of self, love, understanding, wisdom, and light unto yourself and unto others.

Vibrations are our very energy, our source either for happiness or misery, love or fear; and so, this must be revealed to the conscious in order for you to see it and become one with the higher planes of consciousness. It can be daunting, even not considered “normal.”  But what really is normal…??  To follow and be like others??  Or to be uniquely you, know yourself, and raise yourself above your lower self/above your sanctimonious ego??




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Greater insight.

For as long as I’m alive in this mind and body of decay, ignorance at some level will exist in me.  Nothing is perfect in this physical realm; the only perfection is life, love, but we humans make it imperfect.  And people live different experiences and they are all unique, each one of them; however, to have different experiences makes us have different views, different ways of doing things.  Perhaps one is wise in this, or maybe one is unwise in that, or ignorance fills our minds, or ignorance has been lowered due to a conscience illumination; but, that is exactly why we must learn to accept each other as we are, because we carry different understandings, levels of ignorance, and experiences.

Do you understand that no one is really superior or inferior, that life is not a competition…?? Can’t you see that competing against each other, you are widening the gap and destroying any chance of illumination in you and in the other person…??
If someone has their beliefs, ideas, and understanding; but it is a misguided path, it is not your job to break this person but help him/her to see more. To argue and to try to win, to break or humiliate the person is selfish, it is great ignorance rooted on a subconscious or conscious fear.

You may not want to admit it but still deep inside you these words resonate with you, because we all carry the truth inside of us–but some carry more darkness/ignorance than others which covers the truth/which covers love and greater understanding.

Always remind yourself that we are all ignorant at some level. We are all different and must learn to appreciate this difference in the world, in one another. To rise and not to put others down! To create our path to a greater place and not to step on others to get there! 🕉️💖🙏


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Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

The Elevated One.

“The brainy class is made up of individuals who think for themselves and beyond formal education are continuous learners who tend to be self-taught.”  ~ Maximillian Degenerez; author, philosopher, and entrepreneur.


Do not let your ego veil you from reality, do not let your mind trick you into thinking that society’s education, society’s knowledge will awaken you, give you a better life, spiritually, mentally, and financially.

Most people become depressed and discouraged for not having formal education, but if they were to look into great men in all aspects of life in history–Jesus, Buddha, Edison, Rockefeller, Ford, etc.–then they would find out that the minds of men and women are only as good as their true divine desire to progress in life. Formal schooling had nothing to do with their success, but their own self-taught journey did.


Be yourself and do not put your trust in the world, in what the world teaches; the human mind’s only value is the one you give it by your own hard work and dedication, and it is not given by books or other minds (that can be of help but it won’t bring true success and happiness into your life).

Life is not a destination but a journey, and so happiness is; therefore, mental elevation and all self-education is the same.  Many people stop learning and creating ways to learn just because they finished college or high school and went on to a good job–and this won’t bring the experience of true happiness just because you feel good in your field, because you went to a good college, and because you make good money now, even if you are a good person. 

What makes for the experience of happiness, not pleasure but happiness, is your own directive and determination to learn for yourself throughout your life; because this is life’s true purpose:  Mental elevation and your own individual progress.

Analyze this and be wise.



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