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Where is it…??

So many times people confuse confidence with intellect due to our education system, such education…

Confidence is the strength we gather through faith and commitment, and this confidence must be born within; therefore, it is something you must discover within and not without.

If confidence is obtained from your environment, from your job, from the people who surround you, from your looks, then it is not confidence; because it will not last, you are chained to time and to outer circumstances, and when you lose people around you, or lose your job, your looks, etc. etc.–what is left of that confidence…??

Confidence is the strength within you saying that you can be patient, work on yourself and on your goals, and be fully aware of where you are going without any external expectation.  Expectation then is what slowly kills confidence, because expectation is an attachment to something, and confidence is a part of your Higher Self which must be truly free and without attachments.

Attachments bring suffering, frustration, doubt, confusion; but confidence has no attachments whatsoever, because confidence lives in The Now–i.e., where there is absolute freedom and pure love.

So many times people confuse confidence with intellect due to our education system, such education system in society which values a human creature based on the content of their egos–i.e., on their knowledge.

And, sure, knowledge, a good education, can open doors in society; however, knowledge, education, I.Q., cannot give you happiness, cannot give you the experience of true love, for only your inner commitment and strength to achieve something can.

So, anything which is spiritual or of high morals and ethics can and will wake up your conscience for you to discover your own confidence and stand up on your own, through patience and faith, and through keeping your attention within you and not on your environment comparing your life to that of others.



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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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