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Remain free.

Your life and the activities you take on must feel clear and purposeful to you, with no grudges or…


Whatever you are going through right now, whatever you are postponing, whatever you fear or doubt doing, is keeping you enslaved, in a very real sense; and when there is this fear or anxiety, as small and non-threatening as it might be to you, festering inside your psychology then it soon becomes part of you, seeping into your subconscious and into your character as a person.

Many people, due to this psychological process, live in fear and doubt, their behaviors and lifestyles, characters and ways of thinking are ruled by a subconscious fear and also a value lacking in them; however, they do not think so because, like mentioned, it acts in them subconsciously, like a mental program, so for them is really normal to think, react, and behave the way they do.

Life is to be lived free of any fear, free of any confusion or doubt which can cripple you even a little; for life should be to you like a clear, smooth, rich and large body of water, where there is no fear to drown or to be victim of anyone or anything disturbing you.

Your life and the activities you take on must feel clear and purposeful to you, with no grudges or animosity with anyone or anything, and without you having to look over your shoulder or worrying about what is going to happen next.   It is indeed possible to actually live a life without fears and anxieties.

So, do not live your life ran by a subconscious mental programming, but take matters into your own hands.  Clear your mind from fear and anxiety.  This decision you make is one which is not only going to change you and free you to become a happier individual, but it also educates others through your very example in the way life should be lived.



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By thegodwithinblog

“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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