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This is the meaning of bullshit, isn’t it…?? Pure garbage! Jesus– Can you even blame intellectuals and people who…

God (which is the same as love, as freedom, as happiness, etc.), for the whole planet, is just a made-up concept, it is a design of the intellect, of the ego; so, because it is a design of the ego, a thought, a concept, a story from The Bible and whatnot, an entity built by the insecure idiots of the world, God is truly non-existent. A thought, a concept, a belief, comes from the conscious mind/from the ego of man, doesn’t it…??  Therefore, God is a mere thought for the world.  God does not exist out of people’s own convoluted imagination.  God is love (their own vision of love).  God is anger (the anger they feel specifically).  God is jealous (a jealousy created out of ignorant attachment).  God is right and just (their vision of what is right and just).  And all this God nonsense differs from people to people, from religion to religion, from nation to nation.
This is the meaning of bullshit, isn’t it…??  Pure garbage!  Jesus–  Can you even blame intellectuals and people who do not believe in this pitiful God of the rabble…?!  But there is something sustaining and gluing the atoms together, isn’t there…??  I mean, if anything at all exists, if you can be alive right now, if experiences are real, then something exists beyond what you see in the mirror each morning.  Forget about the damned word “God” for a moment; too much imagination and stupidity around it–it doesn’t let your mind see clearly…  So what are you really…??  Your humanity is just atoms glued together; and these give you shape, character, gender, a great capacity to interact in this ignorant world full of idiots who claim to know God.  But even though this is important, you may agree this is just the shell, the structure which holds everything together.  Yes, women look beautiful, luxury is alluring, men look strong, buildings look solid, water is life, etc. etc.  But still, the shell.  So what is beyond the structure or shell…??…
Nobody can really give you the experience of knowing that, can they…??  You may read, you may pray, you may surround yourself with Buddhas and Christs; but all this knowledge is not yours, is borrowed.  You can’t ever know God (the same as love, peace, freedom, happiness) if you follow the ways taught to you by the world…  So, how would you actually know God, the energy which holds atoms together and fills the same atoms…??  How would you know..??  Or perhaps you want to follow the idiots of the world and remain an idiot yourself??…  You must find the answer yourself….


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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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