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The Father of ALL Commandments.

The world, its societies, its religions, has taught you that the purpose of this life is to do for others, to “go the extra mile for others”, to “put the other cheek”, to make others feel loved and happy; however, this is very simplistic and ignorant, sanctimonious and founded on religious beliefs.

You, as an individual, as a human being, experience love and happiness through your mind, thus your mind (including your whole body) being the sacred temple you must worship and which you must take care above all other things; therefore, your attention must not go to others, must not go to the world, it must stay in your own mind and working on itself in order to create love and happiness as real experience for yourself.


If your attention is directed outwardly then you will neglect your own temple.  And even, to love others and bring happiness to others you must be and feel whole yourself, which is to keep your attention inwardly; and now, once you are truly feeling whole, you may help others and give your example.  The only great mistake or “sin” is to worry and be depressed for the world while you neglect your own mind–i.e., your source for freedom, love and happiness.

Forget about the stupid commandments invented by average men in The Bible, because these commandments may only be acted as true if you are whole yourself first; thus, the first and foremost commandment, The Father of ALL Commandments, is to “TAKE CARE AND WORK ON YOUR OWN MIND”–i.e., which is loving yourself and the divinity of your own temple.

This first and most important commandment is what shall truly give you capacity to fulfill all the other commandments.  This first and most important commandment is what shall keep you self-aware, healthy, in love and in bliss to experience the best life–i.e., to create the best life.  And this first and most important commandment is what brings true conscience and moral values to your very own human existence.


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The Historical Side of Jesus.

What most people knows about this great character called Jesus is what the scriptures and religions tell them, because the scriptures and religions are meant to raise spirit, faith, hope, and all morality in the human being (or they should); however, truth is, the scriptures were written by people who loved Jesus dearly, Christians, and people who were not historians but good people who desired to build a myth or an uplifting story for you.  And the early Christians were mostly illiterate, and stories about Jesus were passed on orally; thereby growing in the telling of imaginative invention or adding personal beliefs by the individual telling the story.  And they weren’t written down until at least 30 years after Jesus’s death, and often much later. Then, in subsequent decades, the gospels were repeatedly edited.

1) On the one hand (the scriptures side), we have the divine being preaching salvation, the perfect God-man who abhorred any kind of violence against the tyranny of The Romans.

2) On the other hand (the texts of history side), there is a wise yet rebellious man in the TRADITION of Jewish popular revolution; that is, a good and strategic man who heard the cries of The Jewish people, was strongly moved by them, and honestly desired to free them, not only spiritually but physically as well.  And historically there is good evidence that this 2nd man was more real than the first:  For example, the earliest of the New Testament gospels, Mark, does not describe Jesus’s birth or infancy.  The story of the virgin birth is found first in Matthew and Luke, who were attempting to show that Jesus’s birth fulfilled Old Testament prophecy, and thus that he was the messiah–the promised leader who would free Jews from the Romans.  And personally, I see this as an attempt to create a greater divinity and heavenly myth around the man called Jesus, to give future generations hope and faith and a way to believe in something greater than themselves.

Luke also says Joseph (Jesus’s father) was descended from King David, from whose line the messiah was supposed to come; and so build the story of a Roman census so Jesus seems to be born in Bethlehem, King David’s birthplace.  Now, the scriptures say that Mary and Joseph traveled to their place of origin for the census; however, there is no historical record of a census at that time, and the idea that the Romans would require people to return to their place of family origin to be counted is not accurate at all.  And various more inaccuracies appear in the scriptures’ accounts.


Now, historian Josephus says about the Zealots–who were a political movement which sought to incite the people of Judea Province to rebel against the Roman Empire and expel it from the Holy Land by force of arms:  “They persuaded the Jews to revolt, inflicting death on those who continued in obedience to the Roman government, and plundered the houses of this great men.”  So, these revolutions or rebellions were often led by many self-proclaimed Messiahs and men who honestly preached salvation–something common in those days because everybody was waiting for a messiah already.  Josephus then of these men states, “Deceivers and impostors, who under the pretense of divine inspiration fostering revolutionary changes, persuaded the multitude to act like madmen.”

Jesus was not born poor, as the scripture paints this image of great material humility or scarcity.  Joseph was a carpenter, and in those days the whole of society was rock and wood; so his skills in carpentry were well paid, and history tells us that he was in charge of other carpenters as well.  Jesus then inherited his land and his company when Joseph died; he was an artisan who traveled vastly and also became wise in all knowledge.  But Jesus was close to peasant society; all of the images in his parables and his aphorisms are firmly rooted in peasant society and call upon everyday things like a sower, or sowing seed.  But they also call upon images of land owners and relationships between slave owners and slaves, masters and servants.  So Jesus seems to have been aware of that level of the socio-economic mix.  So, he was a very well-known and respected artisan and wise man before starting his ministry as teacher.

History points to the fact that he was prepared to lead the way into a revolution, and that being loved by the great masses he did lead them against the Romans.  And so, think to yourself, why would The Romans kill a lowly spiritual teacher if he was not an actual threat to their POLITICAL rule then…??  But it makes sense that Jesus was crucified for being a physical revolutionary.  By the way, The Jewish people had nothing to do with Jesus’s killing on history’s account; because by Jewish law death by crucifixion was NOT permitted back then.  The fact that Jesus was made into a martyr, gives people a better, more faithful and emotive story; and this helps religion to grow more members.

Having said that,  this article or writing is not about making you believe anything but about sharing what history says about him.  To really illuminate yourself, you must have in mind all views and not just the ones you like; for THE GREATEST SIN, if we may call it that, is ignorance, which means a mind that is small and attached to one viewpoint.

I just found this picture and I thought it was funny.  It is called “Shotgun Jesus.  Your Argument is Invalid.”


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The Miraculous (not immaculate) Conception.

Sages, Divine Prophets and Healers, true God men, Holy Masters, and all men and women of highly divine understanding must be born untainted, born in the environment and embrace of true, respected, sacred and deep love–i.e, the deep bond between a man and a woman without ties to lustful thoughts but a real motivation through the sexual act guided by pure love.  When man and woman join in the sexual act, their flesh and minds do not connect only but their consciousnesses/their divine energies as well do; this means, that in the single moment of Divine Creation in the womb when the seed (sperm cell) gives the spark of life (meeting the ovum) the two consciousnesses of the woman and man in the act meet and give birth to the new consciousness (the baby’s) out of the mentioned two:  The spark of great understanding, the power of a being, the greatest capacity is designed in this single moment then.  The very Cosmic Creation of a human being happens in this single moment of miraculous conception.

The story in The Bible:  “And in the sixth month, the angel Gabriel was sent from God unto a city of Galilee, named Nazareth, to a virgin espoused to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David; and the virgin’s name was Mary.  And the angel came in unto her, and said, Hail, thou that art highly favored, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women. And when she saw him, she was troubled at his saying, and cast in her mind what manner of salutation this should be.  And the angel said unto her, Fear not, Mary: for thou hast found favor with God.  And, behold, thou shall conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son, and shall call his name Jesus.  Then said Mary unto the angel, how shall this be, seeing I know not a man? (meaning she never had sex before).  And the angel answered and said unto her, The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee: therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God.”

Now, in ancient times, the entire human species conceived their children by the will and grace of the Holy Spirit; back then, there was no pain in childbirth–meaning that true love and divinity guided the sexual act of man, no lust and perversion for the ordinary sake of orgasm.  Later on, humanity fell from the Grace of God (due to Adam and Eve).  But Mary had been following the path of chastity and holiness, and therefore she was surprised when the angel announced that she would conceive a son.  By her example she taught the path of chastity.  Now, it is important to remember that most people in this day and age, for them marriage had become a license to fornicate. Men and women were multiplied merely by animal pleasure, not caring one bit about the Holy Spirit and true love.  But, as mentioned, Mary was chaste and got married truly in love with a man of the same high consciousness, so the symbolism is that the Holy Spirit (true, untainted love) gave them a saint and divine being from the heavens because their sexual act was unblemished by carnal lust and any perversion of the mind.

An immaculate conception is one of no touch, one of no sex, no semen and ovum divine creation; and this is what everybody in the religious world and also with a religious mind interprets–the surface of the story.  But the story goes beyond the simple interpretation of the ignorant mind, it is a symbolism for the sacredness of the sexual act and pure, untainted love; thus miraculous, one that really knows the union between woman and man as divine.


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God (which is the same as love, as freedom, as happiness, etc.), for the whole planet, is just a made-up concept, it is a design of the intellect, of the ego; so, because it is a design of the ego, a thought, a concept, a story from The Bible and whatnot, an entity built by the insecure idiots of the world, God is truly non-existent. A thought, a concept, a belief, comes from the conscious mind/from the ego of man, doesn’t it…??  Therefore, God is a mere thought for the world.  God does not exist out of people’s own convoluted imagination.  God is love (their own vision of love).  God is anger (the anger they feel specifically).  God is jealous (a jealousy created out of ignorant attachment).  God is right and just (their vision of what is right and just).  And all this God nonsense differs from people to people, from religion to religion, from nation to nation.
This is the meaning of bullshit, isn’t it…??  Pure garbage!  Jesus–  Can you even blame intellectuals and people who do not believe in this pitiful God of the rabble…?!  But there is something sustaining and gluing the atoms together, isn’t there…??  I mean, if anything at all exists, if you can be alive right now, if experiences are real, then something exists beyond what you see in the mirror each morning.  Forget about the damned word “God” for a moment; too much imagination and stupidity around it–it doesn’t let your mind see clearly…  So what are you really…??  Your humanity is just atoms glued together; and these give you shape, character, gender, a great capacity to interact in this ignorant world full of idiots who claim to know God.  But even though this is important, you may agree this is just the shell, the structure which holds everything together.  Yes, women look beautiful, luxury is alluring, men look strong, buildings look solid, water is life, etc. etc.  But still, the shell.  So what is beyond the structure or shell…??…
Nobody can really give you the experience of knowing that, can they…??  You may read, you may pray, you may surround yourself with Buddhas and Christs; but all this knowledge is not yours, is borrowed.  You can’t ever know God (the same as love, peace, freedom, happiness) if you follow the ways taught to you by the world…  So, how would you actually know God, the energy which holds atoms together and fills the same atoms…??  How would you know..??  Or perhaps you want to follow the idiots of the world and remain an idiot yourself??…  You must find the answer yourself….


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