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The Father of ALL Commandments.

Forget about the stupid commandments invented by average men in The…

The world, its societies, its religions, has taught you that the purpose of this life is to do for others, to “go the extra mile for others”, to “put the other cheek”, to make others feel loved and happy; however, this is very simplistic and ignorant, sanctimonious and founded on religious beliefs.

You, as an individual, as a human being, experience love and happiness through your mind, thus your mind (including your whole body) being the sacred temple you must worship and which you must take care above all other things; therefore, your attention must not go to others, must not go to the world, it must stay in your own mind and working on itself in order to create love and happiness as real experience for yourself.


If your attention is directed outwardly then you will neglect your own temple.  And even, to love others and bring happiness to others you must be and feel whole yourself, which is to keep your attention inwardly; and now, once you are truly feeling whole, you may help others and give your example.  The only great mistake or “sin” is to worry and be depressed for the world while you neglect your own mind–i.e., your source for freedom, love and happiness.

Forget about the stupid commandments invented by average men in The Bible, because these commandments may only be acted as true if you are whole yourself first; thus, the first and foremost commandment, The Father of ALL Commandments, is to “TAKE CARE AND WORK ON YOUR OWN MIND”–i.e., which is loving yourself and the divinity of your own temple.

This first and most important commandment is what shall truly give you capacity to fulfill all the other commandments.  This first and most important commandment is what shall keep you self-aware, healthy, in love and in bliss to experience the best life–i.e., to create the best life.  And this first and most important commandment is what brings true conscience and moral values to your very own human existence.


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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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