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Out of the cave: Revolution of The Mind.

But the superior amongst us will grab that strong desire for moral and ethical growth, smash the…

“There are people in a cave who have been chained and are unable to turn to any other direction except for the wall they are facing.  Because of the chains they cannot see anyone besides themselves, nor can they see the cave’s exit; such exit which is directly behind their backs.  The only source of light in the cave is a campfire.  Beyond the chained people and this fire there is a cover behind, where there are other people that go about on their own business.   They are walking past, carrying stone and wooden statues of men and animals, etc.  The chained ones are observing a blank wall and can see, because of the fire, the shadows of themselves and of that which is happening behind them–i.e., the movements and the shadows from the other side…

As they are walking by, some of the people behind the cover are talking to each other while others are silent.  The voices echo in the cave while the shadows dance on the wall; so this activity makes it appear to the chained ones as if the shadows are real and talking.  Those in chains have no other things to do except for talking about the shadows they see and hear, judge the shadows, gossip and invent stories about these same shadows, and even add their own ideas for the origin of these shadows.  So they try to guess which shadows shall pass next and in what order, and in ignorance they even invent all kinds of beliefs about the shadows.  Those that are the best at guessing and inventing are granted with honors, praised for their fantastical stories, and get more acclaim than the others.”  ~ Plato, allegory of the cave.”


So, what does this tell you…??  It is your reason, your conscience chained in a cave still…??  Are you trapped by your own opinions, conspiratorial philosophies, dogmatic beliefs, cultural superstitions, ignorant ideas of the world and of what truth really is…??  Or do you dare exit the cave in which you live to explore the outside knowledge and free yourself…?? 

The truth is out of this cave.  Exiting the cave means the soul’s rising into a world of ideas and facts, truth and higher conscience.  One can accomplish this by learning with reason and a mind clear of delusions.  And you must be your own teacher for this, explore alone, have your own curiosity guide you; do not ask others, do not follow others, but seek and find yourself.

Some of us will remain in the cave with fear of exploring and learning new things outside which can make us feel uncomfortable in our egotism.  Some of us will break the chains and explore out there, but when the sunlight of truth hits us we will run back inside the cave, back to our ignorance and comfortable beliefs and ideas with the rest of the slaves. 



But the superior amongst us will grab that strong desire for moral and ethical growth, smash the chains, and INDIVIDUALLY run outside to learn all the factual knowledge and expand our minds, so enlightening ourselves until our last breath on this earth; because we realize that life is a chance to free ourselves, create our life, and walk ALONE into enlightenment. 

We are not satisfied with the gossip and stories about the passing shadows told by other chained people inside the cave, so we decide to live that cozy imprisonment to seek the truth and stand up for the superior human creature within us (for The Higher Self within).  And we do not do it to follow other groups in the search for truth and knowledge, but we do it, each one of us, INDIVIDUALLY, to explore the ability in us to perceive and think differently–i.e., a revolution of the mind.




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“Limitations live in our minds, but if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” ~Jamie Paolinetti; writer and director.

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