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In order to better your life…

Everything and anything that enters the mind must be studied, discovered, analyzed and recognized as true or untrue. Does it come from tradition?? Is it a belief, an opinion, a pattern of thinking and feeling that has been created by other people for me to follow blindly??

Do I have real facts that I can prove for it?? Is it rational, logical, real; or is it just my thought and desire for it?? Is it based on anger, frustration, loneliness, lack of identity?? Is it actually helping me grow in the understanding of myself and life, or is it just another illusion believed by billions of empty souls around the world?? Ask yourself all this without making excuses.

Society, and all its systems around the globe, creates illusions to keep on feeding the ego and its emptiness. The economy. The way one should feel and act in certain situations. Traditions. Cultures. The many religions. Politics and its superiority complex. The way everything is romanticized. Fanaticism in all level. Every reality is replaced or buried by a quick illusion that makes people feel less empty.

In consequence, people follow their abominations with a smile, claiming to have the truth and attached to their blind stupidity. Each group does this without even understanding. But only learning to think for yourself will help you see through this abomination.

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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

On your own terms.




To follow ideas, philosophies, beliefs, just because you heard it somewhere, or because the scriptures say it, or because it fits your vainglorious search for entertainment and fantasy is no more and no less than being sheep and escaping your own emptiness, running away from your own capacity for awakening.

To be able to inquire into one’s thought, into one’s beliefs, into one’s philosophies, is to illuminate yourself, which is to cut the attachment and begin critical thinking into freedom to KNOW instead of just believing.


Do you believe in an entity which you must worship and put above you because scriptures say you must do so…??  Are you thinking for yourself entirely??  What is the FACT for that belief??

Do you believe The Earth is flat because it is a conspiracy theory and you like whatever goes against the establishment…??  Is there any SCIENTIFIC evidence, or just science-wannabe people writing articles out there??

A mind must be free of blind beliefs and non-factual theories or ideas, because illumination and wisdom cannot be in that same mind if there is thought based on fear and unbalanced ego.

And, needless to say, thoughts of fear are those which have no factual base, which have no deep contemplation and self-inquiry, which seek always for an escape from reality through mysticism and fantasy.

Thus, to educate yourself in the path of all prosperity in life, your mind must be pristine, healthy, confident and based on facts, reality-based thinking, such being the great mark of constant critical thinking and rationalization in man and woman.




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Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!





Man is trapped by delirium, a sort of self-inflicted, narcissistic codependency which shrinks his awareness and critical thinking process in life–unbeknownst to him, of course:

-He feels empty and lonely, even though he might be surrounded by people.

-He feels he found the truth, even though all he does is go to a church or temple building and read scriptures written by some other men who do not know themselves either.

-He claims to be happy, even though he complains about his life and gets jealous and anxious all the time.

-He claims to be highly moral, even though he kills the environment just to fulfill his own pleasures and expects others to change but not himself.

Now, the ego is the content of someone’s mind.  You mustn’t desire to kill the content of your mind, for it is who you are as a human creature, thus your motivations, your desires to be better. 

You must seek to find these above-mentioned, toxic patterns within your ego, bring high awareness of its activity, and so change your behaviors accordingly; on the other hand, if you do not change your behaviors then you will repeat the same errors and patterns of failure and anxiety.

But if you do, only then, conscience is free from the extremes of the ego activity.  And only then, you can allow your mind to expand and enlighten itself with higher awareness in your behaviors.  And only then, Nirvana state of Buddha, or the Heavenly state described by Jesus can reside in the now highly moral person.




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