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Is it so…??

If someone disturbs you, annoys you, or is constantly making you uncomfortable, then stop and ask yourself why is bothering you so much. How is it really affecting my daily living??

How is it really hurting me?? Is it really interrupting my life and my activities?? Or is it just my ego attaching itself to what somebody else does?? Am I being overdramatic?? Judge yourself and find out the real root of your anxiety and frustration.

Do not let your mind remain proud and vainglorious in this. Do not just say to yourself, “Oh I’m not doing anything wrong here, but it is all somebody else’s fault and annoying attitude!” Be more than this. Take a good and meditative look into yourself.

Stories to ponder. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god! Business mind.

Your mental health

It requires from you full honesty

If you struggle with depression, or anxiety, or any negative pattern of thinking. If you sometimes feel unworthy, or less than another, or somehow unable to reach certain goals or dreams for yourself. Ask yourself why this is.

But seek the real answer. Don’t blame your genetics fully. Or your childhood fully. Or your surroundings fully. Human beings tend to look outwardly for answers to their issues–from their doctors, from drugs, from genetics, from other people who suffer the same issues, etc.

It requires from you full independence

And that’s what, unbeknownst to you, makes you addicted, and adds to your feelings of inadequacy. If your mind seeks answers outwardly, it becomes dependent on what’s out there. Always.

It becomes an addiction, an obsession, a source for you to seek excuses for your own lack of health. Don’t deny this. By denying it, you are making yourself worse. By denying it, you are dumbing yourself down and neglecting yourself.

It requires from you real change

By neglecting yourself, your psychological and emotional issues grow bigger. So, they grow bigger. You deny some more. You keep seeking answers on the outside.

You keep suffering with no health. And then, because of all this, the cycle continues, your DNA and your subconscious patterns never change. So, avoid yourself all that nonsense. Seek the real answers. Not out there.

Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god! Business mind.

Room to grow

“Could I be wrong..??”

This is a question most of us fail to direct to ourselves. Most people think that they know what they know. They trust their opinions, philosophies, judgments, ways of seeing issues in life, and especially when it comes to judging and labeling other people.

But the wisest among us know that life is different at each turn, and it is a different experience for each one of us. We cannot stay rigid in our minds and expect everything to be white or black. We must be psychologically prepared to be open, to question ourselves and understand that there is much to learn.

Question yourself

By questioning yourself, you expand your awareness, you free yourself from attachment and find true psychological freedom. And this, of course, comes with success in terms of your life in general. Others see that you remain open-minded and they respect you for it more, they trust you more and they connect to you more.


Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

The right one

Analyze carefully

How do you know if the person by your side, or the one you are pursuing, is your true love?? How can you see beyond your own needs–whether phisical, emotional, psychological needs?? Ever asked yourself these questions…?? Very important. Analyze your situation carefully.

The right person does not play any mind games. Games belong to the player. The player follows established rules he makes to win, to satisfy himself. The player then, no matter the charm or intentions claimed, knows no love or true affection. Pay attention to the signs.

The right one inspires you

The right person inspires you to better yourself, not just give you a desire to be with him/her. The right person makes you see and accept your own worth, and it also helps you see your own flaws and accept them as well. The right person, in short, is your higher self, your best version, projected onto another.


Business mind. Poetry and prose from the heart. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

Mental routines…

Mental routine and depressive states

One of the greatest, and also most tragic, things of the mind is that it creates a routine, it gets used to a thought, a feel, a lifestyle. So, it happens that if you are raised a certain way, or told you’re not good enough, then your mind will start making it a reality for you.

Or if you lose someone important for you, and the people around you only bring you down and do not try to help you out of depression, your mind will get used to it and spread this depressive state and make you negative in other aspects of life.

And if you are deceived, treated unfairly, cheated on a relationship, then your mind will make you feel ugly, or worthless, or like you have no meaning; and it will make you afraid of other people, distrusful, and even negative regarding a future life.

Change your mental routine

Is love something only somebody else can give me?? Is my worth really given to me by my parents, by academic education, by my past relationships, by the established norms in society?? Why do I actually think and feel the way I do?? Do I constantly feed my self-pity??

What is the point of remaining in this self-victimization state, and how is it helping me to be truly happy and feel successful?? Ask yourself these questions daily. You need only to answer them with honesty and without bias. If you do, then you will rewire your brain and free your mind from the negative routine to thus create a new and better one.


Business mind. Self-help life truths. Stories to ponder. The free mind of a human god!

Becoming wise

Blind belief

I find that it’s very difficult to judge, choose, see the truth of something if we are bias. If we hold on to our beliefs, to our opinions, to the way we see things, then our minds become stubborn and blinded to reality. Take for example, a religious person.

A person blinded by certain scriptures and by what has been taught in their tradition may believe that Jesus is the savior and the only way. And that person grows attached to this blind belief. And the same could happen with another religion and their beliefs.

This blinds their minds from what is: Themselves. They are the saviors of their own lives, as their attitudes and personal habits. What saves them is their own personal habits of healh and wisdom.

Examine everything

Of course, the same goes for all politics and all sorts of personal philosophies, cultures, traditions. Don’t let your childhood, or what they have taught you, or what you have experienced in the past, make your mind rigid and unable to entertain and respect other people’s views.

But better be open-minded and expand your awareness. To do this, you have to examine and dissect all thoughts you have. Study all beliefs and ways of seeing things. Ask yourself questions: Why do I believe this or that?? What proof more than my feelings do I have??

Does it really make sense?? It’s my opinion or belief separating me from other people?? Is my opinion or belief only good for one group while excluding another?? Never stop asking yourself questions. This is how you know yourself and grow in wisdom.


Anatomy and physiology of life Business mind. Self-help life truths. The free mind of a human god!

On your own terms.




To follow ideas, philosophies, beliefs, just because you heard it somewhere, or because the scriptures say it, or because it fits your vainglorious search for entertainment and fantasy is no more and no less than being sheep and escaping your own emptiness, running away from your own capacity for awakening.

To be able to inquire into one’s thought, into one’s beliefs, into one’s philosophies, is to illuminate yourself, which is to cut the attachment and begin critical thinking into freedom to KNOW instead of just believing.


Do you believe in an entity which you must worship and put above you because scriptures say you must do so…??  Are you thinking for yourself entirely??  What is the FACT for that belief??

Do you believe The Earth is flat because it is a conspiracy theory and you like whatever goes against the establishment…??  Is there any SCIENTIFIC evidence, or just science-wannabe people writing articles out there??

A mind must be free of blind beliefs and non-factual theories or ideas, because illumination and wisdom cannot be in that same mind if there is thought based on fear and unbalanced ego.

And, needless to say, thoughts of fear are those which have no factual base, which have no deep contemplation and self-inquiry, which seek always for an escape from reality through mysticism and fantasy.

Thus, to educate yourself in the path of all prosperity in life, your mind must be pristine, healthy, confident and based on facts, reality-based thinking, such being the great mark of constant critical thinking and rationalization in man and woman.




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